War is illegal

Against a background of escalating ecological crises, and the fact that large parts of the world´s population are being exposed to extreme poverty, inhuman working conditions and increasing social tensions, the annual global military expenditure has risen to more than 1000 billion dollars.
The military-industrial complex of just a few G8 countries is responsible for the overwhelming part of this spending, causing incalculable social and ecological consequences.

Unequal distribution of global resources, increasingly controlled by large multinational companies, global debt policy and unfair international trading practices ultimately could not be maintained without military security. In many countries the military is used to repress critical opposition.

The terror attacks of September 11, 2001 are increasingly used to justify systematic surveillance and the dismantling of constitutional rights. Even European countries have helped to establish Guantanamo-like secret prisons, where torture in all probability takes place.

Iraq was attacked based on falsified evidence causing the death of hundreds of thousands of people, widespread destruction, destabilization and contamination with cancer-causing depleted uranium munitions.
Now plans to attack Iran and the possibility of a new World War have been made public, meeting resistance even from moderate elements within the military due to the unforeseeable consequences.

Faced with the choice between a war, that according to some western leaders, will last for many years or a possible peaceful transformation we support the following demands:

1) Prosecution by the International Court of Justice of G. W. Bush, R. Cheney and other officials from various countries for waging wars of aggression contrary to international law and committing crimes against humanity, a demand raised in solidarity with large parts of the US public and some members of US Congress. ( * )

2) International investigation of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. They are used as the central justification for the "War on Terror," but well documented evidence shows that the official explanation of 9/11 cannot be correct. International personalities in science, politics, and culture, including high-ranking military veterans, have called for a new investigation.

3) Immediate military withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq, and no attack against Iran. International prohibition of war as a means of conflict resolution. Military intervention and export of weapons should be criminalized.
In a civilized society torture must be prohibited in any form.

4) Conversion of military industries to civilian purposes and the development of ecological and sustainable energy resources. According to the UN environmental agency, a fraction of the annual global defence expenditure could ensure that all humans have access to clean water and a basic supply of food and healthcare.

This statement is based on a commitment to non-violence and tolerance of all ethnic groups and religions. Two devastating World Wars and historical catastrophes like the Nazi Holocaust must always remind us of the worst consequences of nationalism, racism and incitement to war.

Sign this statement, pass it on, whatever we can do. It is up to us.

( * ) After US-President Obama took office the demand for impeachment in #1 has been erased.

to sign please use the form at the top right of this page or send e-mail to:support@war-is-illegal.org
or warisillegal@fastmail.fm

close to 4000 signatures from November 2007 until the end of 2011

Coop Cafe   Heinrich Buecker - Art Cafe - Berlin, Germany   www.CoopCafeBerlin.de
David Swanson   Co-founder Impeachment Coalition USA   www.afterdowningstreet.org
Cynthia McKinney   US Presidential Candidate, Green Party 08 USA   runcynthiarun.org
CODEPINK Women for Peace   co-founder Gael Murphy USA   www.codepinkalert.org
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Ayleen Gil   student - Bolivar, Venezuela  
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Dr. Motte   Founder Loveparade, Musician, DJ - Berlin, Germany   www.drmotte.de
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Koffein Zentrale   Cafe Mainzerstr.19 - Berlin/Germany  
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Dr. Maximilian C. Forte   Ass. Professor, Anthropology - Montreal/Canada   website
Dr. Matthias Beier   Psychoanalyst, Scholar of Religion -NYC/USA   E.Drewermann-Pages
Mike Montavon   Artist - USA  
Raffael Trimmel   Klostermarienberg/Austria  
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Mar Sande Lestan   Art Publicist- La Coruña/Spain  
Deborah Cunningham   Housewife- Mountain Home, Arkansas/USA  
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Paola Nugnes   architect - Neapel, Italien  
David King   physician - Brisbane, Australia  
Herbert J. Hoffman   Candidate for U. S. Senate - MA USA   HoffmanForSenate.us
Cora Wüthrich   Musical actress - Berlin/Germany   www.corawuethrich.de
Manel Aisa Pàmpols   Bookseller - Barcelona/Spanien   www.manelaisa.com
Susan Dorothea White   Artist, Author - Sydney/Australia   www.susandwhite.com.au
Glenda Allen   Jacksonville, Fl./USA  
Vermont Town Petition to arrest Bush/Cheney   Kurt Daims, Brattleboro, VT/USA  
E. Wayne Ross   Educator - Vancouver/Canada   www.ewayneross.net
Matthias Schott   Actor - Berlin/Germany   website
Environmentalists Against War   Gar Smith, co-founder - SF, CA/USA   website
Nicole Baker   Student - Calgary/Canada  
Ricardo C. Remmert-Fontes   Teacher - Berlin/Germany   cristof.remmert-fontes.de
Edith Bell   Pittsburgh, PA/USA - member of   WILPF
Axel Zimmermann   Berlin/Germany  
Dankward Sidow   Author - Hamburg/Germany   website
Farah Notash   Artist, Left Unity - Vienna/Austria   www.farah-notash.com
Angie Zelter   Peace & environmental campaigner - UK   Trident Ploughshares
Ukhampacha Bolivia   Indigenous Journalism - La Paz/Bolivia   website
Julián Méndez   Transports - Madrid/Spain  
Liane Klozarova   Translator - Pilsen/Czech Republic  
Tapesh   O.Yousefi - Worldmusic - Bochum/Germany   www.tapesh-2012.com
Demokratische Linke   Landesverband Berlin/Germany   www.dl-berlin.de
Ali Jalaly   Director & Author - Cologne/Germany   www.alijalaly-ensemble.de
Christine Drawer   heater Studies/Culturemanagment - Berlin/Germany  
Axel Köhler-Schnura   Economist, self-employed - Düsseldorf/Germany  
Christiane Schnura   Deputy - Düsseldorf/Germany  
Dragon   Painter - Tokyo/Japan   www.dragon76.net
ethecon   Trust - Ethik& Ökonomie - Berlin/Germany   www.ethecon.org
Anti-Quariat   Bookstore - Oranienstr.45 - Berlin/Germany   www.anti-quariat.de
Hara Cafe   Dresdener Str.120 - Berlin, Kreuzberg/Germany  
Barbara Munson (Oneida)   Artist - Mosinee, Wisconsin/USA   indianmascots.com
Daniel Weissroth   Theater props - Berlin/Germany   www.daniel-weissroth.de
Marita Simon   Humanist - Düsseldorf/Germany  
Augie Touloupis   Writer, photographer, artist, translator - Athens/Greece   website
Freischneiderloge   (Hair)Art - Eisenbahnstr.8 - Berlin Kreuzberg/Germany  
Philip White   Translator - Australia/Japan   Member of website
Takashige Miyawaki   Musician - Tokyo, Fukuoka/Japan   website
Akimoto Koji   Saitama/Japan  
Alison Hunt   Administrative Officer- Oxford/UK  
Dirk Schödel   Berlin/Germany  
Natalie Moon   Singer/Musician- Cologne/Germany  
Koichi Hanafusa   Journalist/Photographer - Tokyo/Japan   www.lovepeace.org
Soul Flower Union   Nakagawa Takashi, Musician - Osaka/Japan   website
Nobuyo Yagi   Musician, writer - Tokyo/Japan   www.nobuyoyagi.com
Koh Okabe   Photographer - Tokyo/Japan   www.koh-okabe.com
Dai Owen   Illustrator - Chester/United Kingdom  
Clif Morton   Educator - New London, Wisconsin/USA  
Mar Seoane   A Coruna/Spain  
Fumikazu Nishiya   Journalist, Iraq Children Support Ass.-Osaka/Japan   nowiraq.com
doppel   Painter - Nara,Tokyo /Japan   www.doppel.to
Jürgen Gottschling   Journalist - HeidelbergGermany   www.rundschau-hd.de
Ita Ziegs   Theater manager assistant - Berlin/Germany  
Vips Jochimsen   Krankenschwester - Foerde, Norway  
Mouvement Chrétien pour la Paix   Edouard Brion, chairperson - Brussels/Belgium  
DNS Music   Record Store- Eberswalder Straße 30 Berlin/Germany   www.dns-music.de
Sandy Maliga   artist/administrator- Los Angeles CA/USA  
Bianca Lübbe   political/communication scientist - Berlin/ Germany  
Claudia Puhlmann   student- Barcelona/Spanien  
Annette Blum   Filmproduction- Berlin/Germany   www.mystery-film.com
Cornelia Werner   actress- Berlin/Germany   www.frauwerner.de
Dana John   Berlin/Germany  
Shermin Langhoff   film curator & producer - Berlin/Germany  
Stefano Martelli   artist - Berlin/Germany   www.martelli-art.com
Victor (Vyasa) Landa   Bethesda MD, USA   www.schooloflife.org
Peter Schäfer   artist, project developer - Eisenach/Germany   kunstpavillon.info
Nickolette Stephanova   law student - Veliko Turnowo/Bulgaria   website
Christian Gartner   software developer - Wien/Austria   www.mindloveproject.net
Lars Barthel   cinematographer - Berlin/Germany  
gaffer & grip   Michael Schehl filmmaker - Berlin/Germany   www.gafferundgrip.de
Neue Rundschau Heidelberg   periodical   www.rundschau-hd.de
Dr. Gabriele Hooffacker   Journalistenakademie - München/Ger   journalistenakademie.de
Peter Maier   sculptor - Zurzach/Switzerland  
Margeaux Marshall   teacher - Byron Bay/Australia  
Elke Zwinge-Makamizile   documentary maker- Berlin/Germany   nato-tribunal.de
Café Zapata   Club, Café - Oranienburgerstr. 55 Berlin/Germany   www.cafe-zapata.de
Wolf Lindner   film director, Gestalt-therapy- Berlin/Germany   www bbfilm.net
Mohawk Nation News   Sovereignty for the Kanionke:haka   mohawknationnews.com
Sebastian Reuter   sounddesigner - Berlin/Germany  
Ralf Mischnick   filmproduction - Berlin/Germany   www.elementarfilm.de
Schulz und Korn   Health Food Store - Koepenikerstr.190 - Berlin-Kreuzberg/Germany  
Dirk Szuszies   ilm- & theatre director - Berlin/Germany   www.dirkszuszies.com
Middle East Children\'s Alliance   Barbara Lubin - Berkeley,CA/USA   mecaforpeace.org
Vicki Ryder   peace activist - Rochester, NY/USA  
Steve Gavin   newspaper vendor - Berlin/Germany  
Robin Latkovich   nonprofit worker, artist - Cleveland, OH/USA  
Felicity Figueroa   educator, activist, OCEC, Advocates for Peace & Justice - Irvine, CA/USA  
Pete Anderson   Social Documentary filmmaker- Vancouver, WA/USA   website
Ben Manski   Attorney at Law - Madison, WI/USA   www.LibertyTreeFDR.org
Darrell Koerner   Boulder, Colorado, USA   www.grassrootsamerica4us.org
Kelly Cofield   Activist for peace, truth and justice- Colbert, Oklahoma/USA  
Martha's Vineyard Peace Council   Tisbury MA/USA  
Benjamin Geissler   filmmaker - Hamburg/Germany   www.benjamingeissler.de
Rumahkiri Net   Media Organisation - Indonesia   www.rumahkiri.net
Sabine Linz   mother - Hamburg/Germany  
Hajo Liebig   Hajo Liebig - carpenter & teacher - Hamburg/Germany  
Kelly Cofield Dyer   Colbert, Oklahoma/USA  
Allison Lennox   Vermont/USA  
David Agnew   educator - Cape Cod/USA   www.capecodpeaceandjustice.org
Dennis Schmidt   Billings, Montana/USA  
Federico Nier-Fischer   Journalist - Vienna/Austria  
Peter Petersen   Flensburg, Germany  
Claudia Troßmann   writer - Reichelsheim/Germany   www.trossmann.eu
Wolfgang Jung   Editor - Kaiserslautern/Germany   www.luftpost-kl.de
Gerry Lykins   citizen turned 'active'- Ft.Thomas, Kentucky/USA  
Jörg Streese   filmmaker - Bremen/Germany   www.streese-film.de
Maryland United for Peace & Justice   Annual Peace Conference - USA   www.mupj.org
Klaus Stampfer   computer scientist - Bonstetten/Germany  
Max Obuszewski   peace activist- Baltimore, MD/USA  
Friedrich Westphal   musician - Berlin/Germany   website
Friedensinitiative Bruchsal   Bruchsal/Germany   www.friedensinitiative-Bruchsal.de
Bernhard Trautvetter   Teacher, Photographer - Essen/Germany   www.essenart.de
Ellen Diederich   Oberhausen/Germany  
Ulf Hundeiker   nurse - Muenster/Germany   www.hundeiker.de
Elke Lison   Peace Group Reutlingen - Germany   www.reutlinger-friedensgruppe.de
Internationales Frauenfriedensarchiv Fasia Jansen   Oberhausen/Germany  
Leslie P. Salgado   Peace activist - Columbia, MD/USA   friendsoflatinamerica.org
Johannes Kraut   deacon, educator - Reutlingen/Germany  
Norwich Stop the War Coalition- P. Offord   Norwich UK   www.norwichstopwar.org.uk
Leon Grosskopf   Student - Berlin/Germany  
Christian Grosskopf   artist - Berlin/Germany   www.grosskopf-painting.com
Carola Goellner   artist - Berlin/Germany  
Tom Auffarth   musician - Berlin/Germany   www.tomauffarth.de
Wolfgang Bastian   Journalist - Lauterbach/Germany   Vogelsberger Online Zeitung
Volker Mundt   Lawyer - Berlin/Germany   www.rechtsanwalt-mundt.de
Michael Behrendt   political science, peace activist - Berlin/Germany   kampagne.de
Ineke Deruyter   registered nurse- Portland, OR  
Zion Train   Dub/Reggae Band - London/UK   www.wobblyweb.com
Hartzboykott Archive   social rights initiative - Berlin/Germany   www.hartzboykott.de
Rolf-R. Noack   PAX AN, AK Peace Network Cologne/Germany   www.paxan-koeln.de
Joerg Buechner   Friedenskreis Weimar/Germany  
L Johnson   Tacoma,Washington/USA  
Val Davis   homemaker for peace - Alton, Iowa/USA  
Bill Davis   Alton, Iowa/USA  
Txus Parras   artist - Berlin/Germany   webseite
East of Eden   International Books Schreinerstr.10-Berlin/Germany   www.east-of-eden.de
Bob Reynolds   retired/activist- Orange Park Florida/USA  
Bernd Messmer   Heidelberg/Germany  
Lou Bernieri   teacher- Andover, Massachusetts/USA  
Siba Pujan   linguist -Hamburg/Germany  
Jennifer Christie   Bay City, Michigant/USA   webseie
Gerhard Kern   retired teacher. - Nottuln/Germany  
Uwe Banton   Reggae - Bielefeld/Germany   www.uwebanton.com
Dub Is A Weapon - Dave Hahn,   musician- New York/USA   www.dubisaweapon.com
Reinhard Gebhardt   Anticapitalist Peace Movement - Germany   www.lili-mannheim.de
Bernd Luplow   DIE LINKE - Deizisau/Germany  
Portland Radio Authority   Alternative Radio - Portland, OR/USA   www.praradio.org
Marva H. Kuebler   synwork artist - Berlin/Germany   www.marva.de
Phil Runkel   Archivist -Waukesha, WI, USA  
Reinhold Zuz   lawyer -Prenzlau/Germany   www.razuz.de
Heidelberg Forum gegen Militarismus & Krieg   Germany   antikriegsforumheidelberg
Thomas Haschke   cook/ member die Linke - Stuttgart/Germany  
Carmen Mc Closkey   unemployed   Mannheim/Germany
IFK Ass. of Independent Cultural Workers   Göppingen/Ger   freie-kulturberufe.de
Edward Craig   Eugene, Oregon/USA  
Gaby Bermreuther   die LINKE management Freiburg district - Freiburg/Germany  
Rainer Hafenrichter   student - Thierhaupten/Germany  
Gisela Weimann   artist - Berlin/Germany   www.giselaweimann.de
Uschi Spirk   company employee- Bergkirchen/Germany   www.bioenergie3000.de
AVC Inc.   Trifon Haitas (Green Party) -Toronto/Canada   www.avcmedia.ca
Marie-José Fortis   writer- Shippenville, Pennsylvania /USA  
Michael Knoch   company employee - Mannheim/Germany  
Hendrik Van den Berg   Professor of Economics- Lincoln, Nebraska/USA  
Klemens Rhode   structural engineer- Wandlitz /Germany   www.k.rh.claranet.de
Herbert Hofmann   editor - Hamburg/Germany   www.medienmacherei.de
Curare e. V.   human rights organisation- Köln/Germany   www.curare-ev.de
Shawna Doran   ARNP /Green Party -Alachua/Florida/USA   www.alachuahealth.com
Scott Doran   HN -Alachua/Florida/USA  
Michael Canney   Green Party - Alachua, Fl/USA   www.gp.org
Ludger Spellerberg   unemployed - Wuppertal/Germany  
Waldemar Hammel   retired- Kreuzau/Germany  
Claudia Duran Lopez   actress - Santiago/Chile  
Larry Lauro   San Jose, California/USA  
People for Peace in Africa   J. A.Ngala, journalist/shalom prize winner - Nairobi/Kenya  
Joerg Rupp   Spokesperson Green Party LAG Oeko BW-Malsch/Ger   joergrupp.de
Reiner Rusch   IT developer- Berlin/Germany   www.rusch-hour.com
Wieland von Hodenberg   Bremer Peace Forum- Bremen/Germany  
Frank Bessinger   Colorado Veterans For Peace- Denver/USA  
Sebastian Seifert   Member German Pirate Party - Hannover/Germany   www.piratentv.de
Siegfried Boehringer   retired pastor. -Nagold/Germany  
Malvin Gattinge   Student- Marburg/Germany   www.illuminatus.eu.org
Jonathan Eibisch   self-employed -Chemnitz/Germany  
Elizabeth Barger   Artist for Peace -The Farm, Summertown, TN/USA   peaceroots.org
Christina Lipps   teacher, member attac (activist organisation) -Baden-Baden/Germany  
Line Rouyet   student, mouvement des jeunes socialistes - Switzerland  
Imre Szeman   cultural theorist - Hamilton/Canada   www.alternativeculture.org
Fr. Bernard Survil   Pax Christi Greensburg- Pennsylvania/USA  
Peter Wassmer   engineer- Waldshut/Germany  
Christina Hennig   student, member Young Greens - Rotenbg/Germany   gj-rotenburg.de.tl
Klaus-P. Schleisiek   engineer, member attac -Aachen/Germany   www.attac.de/aachen
Jochen Bahrenberg   nurse -Werne/Germany  
Gerhard Knollmann   attac member (activist organisation)-Enger/Germany  
Gert Tautenhahn   master brewer- Pöhla/Germany  
Juergen Borchers   teacher- Hamburg/Germany  
Ute Matthaei-Becke   attac member, retired- Berlin/Germany  
Annika Ewe   Bachelor of Business Law -Braunschweig/Germany  
Hartford Catholic Worker Community   Christopher J. Doucot -Hartford CT/USA  
Yves Le Métayer   teacher - Berlin/Germany  
Henner Ritter   psychotherapist- Stuttgart/Germany   www.padma-institut.de
Anni Pott   translator -Aachen/Germany  
Brigitte Ostmeyer   PV Die LINKE - Holzgerlingen/Germany  
Christian Antonio   student - Houston, TX, USA   www.houstontruth.org
Siegfried Fleiner   priest, retired -Kirchanschoering/Germany  
Azéla von Goeler   textil artist- Eschenau/Germany  
Ingeborg Graf   gymnastics teacher, retired -Bingen/Germany  
Louise Legun   ret. US-Air Force, member Veterans for Peace- Lehigh Valley, PA/USA  
Joyce Asfour   old woman, Catholic Worker -Cincinnati, Ohio/USA  
Nancy Klare   editor/proofreader, grandmother - Franklin, Tennessee/USA  
Will Thomas   Retired History Educator- Auburn, NH/USA -   www.veteransforpeace.org
Otto, Gisbert   retired - Stettfurt/Switzerland  
Sabine Toelke-Rückert   teacher, GEW -Bretten/Germany  
Thomas Reinert   steering committee B90/Green Party KV Coesfeld - Germany  
Rob Mulford   Veterans for Peace - Fairbanks, Alaska/USA  
David Thomas   Vietnam Veterans for Peace - Pennsylvania/USA  
Thomas Dittmeyer   teacher - Freising/Germany  
David LaCarte   health care worker - Gansevoort NY/USA  
Theodore Otteson   member Veterans for Peace- Kansas City, MO/USA  
Tomas Oschmann   Buendnis 90/ Green Party- Kiel/Germany  
Iona Conner   Publisher, Green Party member- Shade Gap, Pennsylvania / USA  
Chris Myers   Veterans for Peace, Chapter 95- Shelburne Falls, MA/USA  
Tobias Scholz   Student- Köln / Germany  
Stephanie Emmert   Bluffton, South Carolina, USA  
W.G. Weidkuhn   Soziotherapy - Loerrach/Germany   www.offenesbuero-loerrach.de
Rolf Sterzinger   Journalist- Muenchen / Germany  
Heinz Rellermeier   Schopfheim/Germany  
Doris Koch   Marketing - Buende Germany  
Mark Reback   Public Advocate - Los Angeles, CA, USA   www.wearechangela.org
Seth Snapp   Social Activist- Bellingham, USA  
MJ Muser   Human Rights Activist -Cleveland Ohio,USA   ohioworldcantwait.blogspot
Mike Ludwig   Chapter 39, Veterans For Peace - Cleveland, Ohio/USA  
Terrence Zander   Veteran for Peace- Olympia,WA/USA  
Christine Pohl   Brussels/Belgium  
Glen Anderson   Retired - Lacey WA/USA  
Robert Poteat   retired - USA  
Juergen Schuebel   Massagetherapist - Suhl/Germany  
Rita Schuebel   Ayurvedatherapist- Suhl/Germany  
Marie-D. Vernhes   Hamburg/Germany  
Jerry Malamud   peace activist- La Jolla, CA/USA  
Brad Cotton MD   Emergency Physician,Former Lt. U.S. Army - USA  
Thomas Trueper   employee/ DIE LINKE Mannheim- Mannheim/Germany  
Rebekka Willow   activist for social change -Euclid, OH/USA  
Edith Meyer   teacher- France  
Helmar Lorenz   assistance for handicapped -Roerdalen/Netherlands  
Mike Ellison   Educator - Vancouver, Washington/USA  
Jeannette Bartelt   Teacher -Frederick, MD/USA  
Jane Gay   Clinical Audiologis -Pasadena, CA, USA  
Klaus Schober   Buggingen/Germany  
Olaf Pester   Ruesselsheim/Germany  
Gareth Blake   chocolatier -Cardiff/United Kingdom   www.hipohyfryd.co.uk
Jennifer Reichenberger   Call-Center Agent-Nuremburg/Germany  
Stephanie Riccobene   Grad School Student -Cleveland, OH USA  
United-For-Peace.org   Network for Peace -Germany   www.united-for-peace.org
Julia Snyder   Los Angeles/USA  
Malachy Kilbride   President Board of Directors, USA   www.washingtonpeacecenter.net
Fritz Letsch   psychotherapist - Paulo-Freire-Society-Germany   www.fritz-letsch.de
Bernd Reißmann   retired - Dresden/Germany  
Wolfgang Bauer   bank employee -Untergruppenbach/Germany  
Eberhard Groesser   attac member (activist organisation) - Gifhorn/Germany  
Gundula Clausen   webdeveloper -Kiel/Germany  
Lauren Bernofsky   composer - Indiana, USA   www.laurenbernofsky.com
Tamara Lorincz   Halifax Peace Coalition - Halifax, NC, Canada   halifaxpeacecoalition.ca
Holger Burner   musician - Hamburg/Germany   website
Kirsten Neubig   Artist- Zobbenitz/Germany   bewegungsbilder.kulturserver-san.de
Markus Schwill   musician - Berlin/Germany   www.dienstbar.de.vu
OgneOpasn Orchestra   Funk / Salsa / Ska Band - Moscow/Russia   www.hlamkin.com
Hans Graef   teacher - Bretzfeld/Germany  
Monica Leavitt   teacher, artist-San Francisco, Calif../USA   www.instituteofpaperhats.org
Theodor Tzantarmas   artist - Greece   www.dotpaints.spaces.live.com
Nicolas Goscinski   musian, singer - Berlin/Germany   www.bassrunner.net
Leo de Groot   peace activist - Heerlen/Netherlands  
Magdalena Hefetz   artist - Jerusalem/Israel  
Titika Koufovasili   artist - Athens/Greece  
Georgia Michaelides Saad   artist, art teacher - Limasol/Cyprus  
Aleksander Balos   artist and Clothing Designer - Petivo   aleksanderbalos.com
Nirav Nadam   peace activist - Caracas/Venezuela  
Leo Schuwirth   teacher of philosophy - Heerlen/Netherlands  
Chris Geerse   civil engineer- Delft/Netherlands  
Ivan Vergara   Poet and Culture promotor -Sevilla/Spain   www.chilangoandaluz.tk
Andréa Silva   educator & plastic art teacher - Rio/Brasil   website
Renato Garone   artist- Agen/France   renatogarone.over-blog.fr
Igor Pretzer   student -Berlin/Germany  
Vanessa Escobar   social development -Bogota/Columbia  
Ingmar Redel   activist -Berlin/Germany  
Eckhard Trems   selfemployed - Berlin/Germany   www.skystripes.info
Jennifer Miller   Massage Therapist - Hendersonville,Tn USA  
Mark Cooley   artist - Washington, DC USA   www.flawedart.net
Mia Lindemann   Union ver.di - Heidelberg, Germany  
Marlene Brandt   Social worker - Cologne/Germany  
Sheldon Casimir   Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica  
Insa Klingberg   Balingen/ Germany  
Gauner   poet, musician - Berlin/Germany   www.gauner.de
Valérie Schmitt   Photographer- Agen/France   www.artmajeur.com/schmitt
Dandar Michael   construction manager - Buchs/Switzerland  
Johannes Klier   musician & author-Hebertsfelden/Germany   www.Johannes-Klier.de
Channing Jones   activist/programmer - Aachen/Germany   www.911komplott.de
Marco Scheidhuber   computer scientist - Berlin/Germany   www.s3edv.de
Holger Dorrenburg   Initiative for social justice -Gera/Germany   www.bj-89.de/isg
Stefan Barth   designer- Juenkerath/Germany  
Alexis Schwartz   member attac (activist organis.) - Guestrow/Germany   www.attac.de
Mariean Schut   asylum crisis centre - Doenrade/Netherlands  
Judith Norell   baker - New York City, USA  
Martin Mart   artist - Lodz, Poland  
Vegan Society Austria   Felix Hnat - Vienna/Austria   www.vegan.at
Ryan J. Nash   artist - Winnipeg, Canada  
Dr Abdul Raziq   Researcher - Lahore/Pakistan  
Hermann Schrader   Magdeburg/Germany  
Jeffrey Shurtleff   San Bruno, California USA  
Alex Tamm   Hamburg/Germany  
People for Peace and Justice of Utah   grassroots movement - UT/USA   utahpeace.org
Sung-Hee Choi   Artist -Korea  
Alice Slater   Nuclear Wage Peace Foundation -NYC, NY/USA   www.wagingpeace.org
Frank Scafani   San Francisco, California, USA  
Gabi Hoppach   self employed- Marburg/Germany  
Pale Music International   Records, Publishing - Berlin/Germany   www.pale-music.com
Juliette Charpentier   Artist - Paris/France   www.gertrude.over-blog.org
Andrée Mergen   educator - Berlin/Germany  
David Slesinger   Rockville, Md USA   www.911courage.org
Charles R.MacIntyre   retired - Vernon B.C. Canada  
Edward Rynearson   Chicago, IL, USA   www.alexjonesfan58.com
Ragen Gillam   Chicago Illinois, USA  
Betsy Metz   9/11 Truth activist - Devon, PA USA  
Christoph Straehle   Physics Student - Heidelberg/Germany  
Harold Saive   Gainesville, Florida   www.gators911truth.org
Jason Northrup   IT Consultant - Richmond, CA, USA   KnowBeforeYouVote.com
Evan Martin   Santa Cruz, CA, USA  
The July 7th Truth Campaign   London, UK   www.julyseventh.co.uk
Else Tonke   Grandmothers against War, Berlin/Germany  
Amy Humanik   Walnutport, Pennsylvania/USA  
Dieter Krogmann   author- Florstadt/Germany   www.denkfabrik-info.de
Dietmar Fröhlich   restorer - Magdeburg/Germany   www.dietmar-froehlich.de
Kathryn Hoffman   Human Services - Allentown, PA, USA  
Bruno Strée   Agen, France  
Jose Martin Albo   Trade unionist - Bizkaia, Spain   www.11-septiembre-2001.biz
Doug Mackenzie   attorney - San Jose, CA, USA  
Australian War Criminal Watch   Sydney, Australia   australianwarcriminals.jitgede.com
Keith Lampe   Retired US Army Officer -Vilcabamba, Ecuador   www.usa-exile.org
Familie Mathis Dittmann   Bremen/Germany  
Roger Buchschacher   Publizist -Basel / Switzerland   www.ronpauleurope.net
Jung Magdalene   Geilenkirchen/ Germany  
Reuben Say   veterinarian (retired) - Woking/England, UK  
Jill Gough   National Secretary CND Cymru (Wales)   www.cndcymru.org
Kevin Herbst   student - Wittenberg/Germany  
Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace   A. H. Matlin, M.D., Cofounder, USA   gvcp.org
Aaron Swisher   patriot - Boise, Idaho, USA  
Ellen Buechner   Finance Director, christian anarchist- Gualala, California/USA  
Jef Schultz   Teacher, christian anarchist- Gualala, California/USA  
Robyn Sheldon   Natural childbirth specialist, midwife- Cape Town, South Africa  
SONAD   Organisation for Nonviolence & Development, Light Aganwa -Khartoum/Sudan  
Pierre Schulz   musician - Hannover/Germany   website
Jesse Winter   air force veteran- Souderton, PA, USA  
Stefan Horvath   Worldpeacehiker -Österreich   website
Nicole Ponsler   Artist/Muralist - Point Arena, CA USA  
Michael Reinelt   retired German military - Berlin, Germany  
Ursula Peters   Berlin, Germany  
Jason King   Graphic Designer - Boston, USA   www.boston911truth.org
Bryan Nelson   finance - Tinley Park, Illinois, USA  
Andres Ludmer   musician - Rosario, Argentina   argentina911truth.blogspot.com
Lisa Clancy   member of Taree Peace Group - Taree, NSW, Australia  
Marlene Obeid   Community Work, Anti-War Activist-Syd., Australia   stopwarcoalition.org
Noémie Latour   Student. -Paris/France  
Art Veritti Kunst & Wohnen   Nadja Gruber - Berlin/Germany   www.art-veritti.de
Stephen Demetriou   commercial photographer - Windham, Maine, USA  
Manuel Garcia   Founder Barcelona11S.org -Barcelona / Spain   www.barcelona11s.org
Ellen and Jef Schultz   CFO and Teacher. -Mendocino County USA  
Anne Dismorr   Norwich, UK  
Emrah Coskun   Student. - Goettingen/ Germany  
Elfriede Krutsch   Medical Doctor, member of ATTAC and IPPNW. - Berlin/Germany  
Lynn Meadows   Green Party, Interfaith Council for Peace. - Chelsea, MI, USA  
Robert Klein   Musician - Mosbach/Germany  
Cameron O'Connor   Salesman, Veteran, 9/11 Activist - FL, USA   fl911truth.org
Karl Braig   Calw/Germany  
Trudbert Grimm   Karlsruhe/Germany  
Angela Al Lahham   Inzell/Germany  
Erika Müller   Obersontheim/Germany  
Bruce K. Gagnon   Coordinator Global Network - Bath, ME USA   www.space4peace.org
Mrs. P. Mc Namara   Guildford, Surrey, U.K.  
Arbab-ud-Din   Developmental worker-. Lahore, Pakistan  
Dr. Gerhard Bott   Author. - Eivissa, Ibiza, Spain   web
Dr Eric Beeth   General Practitioner -Brussels, Belgium   www.patriotsquestion911.com
Nepal Peace Party   Chair Bolaram Pandey - Kathmandu/Nepal  
George Crabb   member Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament - Bridgend, Wales, UK  
Iris Muthmann   business manager -Sinsheim/Germany   www.zentrum-der-gesundheit.de
Roberto Ziera   selfemployed -Dresden/Germany  
Klaus-Jürgen Dieterich   postman/fotodesigner -Walddorfhäslach/Germany  
Danielle Marsden   Aberystwyth, Wales, UK  
Takashi Ikeda   office worker -Kazo Saitama/Japan  
David Bowman   Berkshire/UK   www.berkshire911truth.org.uk
Russ Hallberg   free energy researcher - Oregon City, OR, USA  
John William Wright   dancer- San Anselmo, Cal/USA   www.sf911truth.org
Paul Byrne   Engineer - Wicklow, Ireland  
Chris Shaw   Mining metallurgist - Melbourne/Australia   www.sf911truth.org
Jutta Kramer   selfemployed -Hamburg/Germany  
Michael Egerton   carpenter - Orlando, Florida/USA  
Dominique Larchey-Wendling   Reseacher CNRS - Nancy/France  
Peter Jansen   Graphic designer - Groningen/Netherlands  
Robert Lewis   writer/filmmaker - Montreal, Canada  
Frank Haddleton   Attorney at Law - Burlington, VT USA   www.vt911.org
Udo Walser-Freudenreich   mechanic - Memmingen/Germany   www.g-motors.de
Olwen Baumgart   Berlin/Germany  
Andreas Gesterling   programmer - Neu Wulmstorf/Germany   www.gesterling.de
Stephan Siebenküs   teacher - Dortmund/ Germany  
Bernhard Graf   alternative practitioner - Lützelburg / Germany  
Gunter Breitling   Weinstadt/Germany  
Joachim Schlüter   alternative practitioner - Dortmund/Germany  
Maxim Simonenko   student - Köln/Germany  
Annete Spindler   alternative practitioner - Jena/Germany  
Ulrike Thouw-   physical therapist - Koblenz/Germany  
Wolfgang und Jutta Rödiger   Jena/Germany  
Matthias Maecker   prop master - Berlin/Germany  
Annette Seiz   Konstanz/Germany  
Malte Kohlmeier   student - Gevelsberg/Germany   www.u-turn-sound.de
Marianne Reister   retired - Schwenningen/Germany  
Michael Noebel   graphic designer- Kreuzlingen/Switzerland  
Traudel Kayser   Detmold/Germany  
Detger Neumann   engineer -Friedrichshafen/Germany  
Albert Nitsch   Bad Kreuznach / Germany  
Gerald Rau   physical therapist - Berlin/Germany  
Bernd Föhrenbach   consciousness training - Reutlingen/Germany  
Dr. Jan Leendertz   retired -Ibiza, Spain  
Patrizia Oberauer   Vienna/Austria  
Klaus-D. Strauch   engineering consultant for disabled - Berlin/Germany  
Denis Galic   conscientious objector- Duisburg/Germany  
Angela Contreras   Author -Sevilla, Spain   www.universomatriz.com
Eva Felder   student - Mainz/Germany  
Claire Poyner   Peace networker - London/UK   www.networkforpeace.org.uk
Lisa Gertjegerdes   student. - Bremen/Germany  
Leonoore Margarethe Steinert   personal secretary. - Tallinn, Estonia  
Werner Doblies   Berlin/Germany  
Friendship and Peace Society   President Ellen Rosser -USA   friendship-and-peace.org
Salon Schmueck   Cafe, gallery - Skalitzer Str. 80 - Berlin/Germany  
Doris Gieselmann   Housewife - Hamburg/Germany  
Yan Haidar   media- & language science - Berlin/Germany  
Lynn Aman   painter, illustrator- Rostock/Germany   www.freedom4you.de
Kerstin Frommann   alternative practitioner - Berlin/Germany  
Dario Di Battista   company employee- Berlin/Germany  
Bettina Richter   Ahlerstedt/Germany  
Holger Neumar   businessman -Korb/Remstal, Germany  
Judith Becher   Kiel/Germany  
Isa Sezen   artist - Bocholt/Germany  
John Barclay   animator - Victoria, B.C., Canada   www.thefishshow.com
Nicholas Chiro   Cleveland, Ohio, USA   website
Matthew Naus   Retired Teacher - Milwaukee, WI USA   www.ts911t.org
Thomas Treuner   Saalfeld/ Germany   www.treuni.de
Denis Clijsters   Antwerpen/Belgium   www.phaedrus.be
Greg Burton   GIS Analyst- Chico, California, USA  
Uwe Noack   worker - Frankfurt (Oder) /Germany  
Michael Glabasnia   educator - Essen/Germany  
Dana Habeck   company employee - Niedersachsen/Germany  
Joe Stokes   Teacher/Artist - Dallas, Texas USA  
Michael Wolsey   9-11 activist - Greeley Colorado, USA   www.visibility911.com
Glenn Davis   musician - Wisconsin USA  
Elaine Sullivan   Bethesda, MD USA  
Hans A Hyma-   sales - Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada  
Eugene Martin   Musician -Lowell Arizona, USA  
Marc Krulewitch   Writer - Longmont, Colorado, USA  
Mike Mann   Security - North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  
Martin Hanson   Teacher - Auckland, New Zealand  
Peter Hinners   Real Estate Broker - Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Michael Schembri   physiotherapist - Brisbane/Australia  
Greg Quirion   9/11 activist - Salem, Massachusetts  
Troy Grinbergs   General Contractor - Winters CA/ USA  
Jason Jensen   Writer - Vermont/USA  
Barry Raven   Manager - Chiang Mai Thailand  
Rune Larsson   IT Consultant - Bodo/Norway  
Brian Reed   Business Analyst- Berkeley, CA/USA   www.berkeleypc.com
Matthew Buechler   2008 March On Ottawa-Ottawa/Canada   MarchOnOttawa2008.org
Christian Tutschka   Boston, Mass. USA   www.impeachment-sunday.org
Herbert Jaron   Augsburg/Germany  
G.Krause   Finanzkauffrau - Hosena/Germany  
G.K. Forsman   St Paul, Minesota, USA  
Matt Davies   IT Consultant - Woking/ UK   www.wokinglibertarians.blogspot.com
Mark A. Howard   Physician - Santa Cruz, California USA  
Peter Cleall   Arts - Brighton, UK  
John Bingham   Accountant - Brisbane, Australia  
Martin Hedin   Stockholm, Sweden  
Dr Vania Siderova   General Practitioner - Brussels, Belgium  
James Taylor   Texas City, Texas, USA  
Paul Hobbs   Brisbane, Australia  
Franziska Meyer   Muenster/Germany  
Timothy Zeiders   Postal clerk - Harrisburg PA / USA  
Dorie Southern   peace worker - Richmond, Virginia/ USA  
Maciek Sykulski   computer science - Warsaw, Poland  
Vincent Robeyns   Brussels/Belgium   www.isagoria.org
Dorothy Abraham   9/11 activist - Toronto, Canada  
Gesine Mahoney   artist - Berlin/Germany  
David Torbert   Vendor - New York City, USA  
Christopher Allen Law   Student, Artist - Virginia Beach, VA, USA  
Sandra Taylor   Graphic Designer - Los Angeles, California, USA  
Kevin Ryan   Laboratory manager - Bloomington, IN, USA  
Michael Marino   San Rafael, Ca, USA  
Geurt van Onderen   retired - Amsterdam, Netherlands  
Riad Mahmood   Land Surveyor - Pittsburgh, PA, USA  
Ronald A. Stielau   Retired Disabled Veteran- Tampa, Florida, USA  
Brian Hamilton   actor - West Hollywood, CA, USA  
Evelyn Gilbert   citizen journalist - Auckland/New Zealand   website
Cesar Vomiton   accountant- Madrid/ Spain  
Phol Arnot   Retired vet WWII - Lagunitas. Ca. USA  
Trond Hendriksen   Engineer - Oslo, Norway  
Tracey Ferguson   humanist - Victoria, B.C. Canada  
Janus Putkonen   businessman - Pattaya/Thailand  
Zacharias Cokkinos   New York City, USA  
Jeffri Smith   Maschinist- Bothell, WA/USA  
Guenter Skupin   Riesweiler, Germany  
Paul McArthur   MD - Walkerton, Canada  
Sebastian Gulak   Musician, Producer - Berlin/Germany   www.ambigumusic.com
Nancy J. Walker   retired psychotherapist - San Diego, Cal., USA  
David Quinn   Archtitekt - Halifax, Canada  
Denis Dureux   Software Ingeieur - Elche/Spain  
Marvin Ortel   Professor of Mathematics, University of Hawaii - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA  
Bill Tooke   Lawyer/ Teacher -Ontario/Canada  
M.A.Diwan   physician -Vancouver, BC, Canada  
Scott Ledger   Media Personality -Largo, Florida, USA  
Ken Burgess   Arzt - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  
Manja Pichler   Student - Sandhausen/Germany  
Dale Dewar   Arzt - Wynyard, Sask, Canada  
Nik Green   Multimedia- Santa Barbara, Cal./USA   wot-on-earth.blogspot.com
Rita Pitton   Ret. teacher, writer - Lyon/France  
Aaron R. Ellingson   psychotherapist - Fort Collins, Colorado, USA  
Jason Strope   Mt. Vernon, Illinois, USA  
Christophe Jarry   Student - Nantes/France  
Wayne Janis   Winnipeg/Canada  
Mike Casner   9/11 Truth Radio show Host - Peterborough, NH, USA  
Jason Hamilton   English Teacher - Funabashi, Japan  
Philip Gandley   Technian - Sydney, Australia  
Michael DeBari   retired - New Orleans, LA, USA  
Carlos Berguido   Petaluma CA USA   www.csnetserver.com
Bob Runyon   Power Electronics Hardware Tech - Alameda CA, USA  
Laurence Durand   webmaster - Evian, France   www.ldu5.info
Prof. Michel Ribardiere   France   www.federation-airplane.eu
Katja Gohsmann   Berlin/Germany  
Tony Peacock   Zahntechniker - London/UK  
Ella Baccouche   ESL Content Teacher/Linguist - Ariana, Tunesia  
Franck Hirsbein   Artist - Paris/France  
Donald Stahl   retired -St. Louis, MO, USA   website
Michael Vaillant   Paris, France   www.u-sphere.com
Allan Adams   IT Professional - York/UK  
Emanuel Schuchart   Student -Berlin/Germany   webpage
Gaml Gandalf   IT -Germany   www.foolmetwice.de.vu
Mary Stein   retired railroad - Auburn, Cal, USA  
Gunnar Wolf   Berlin/Germany  
Michael Stöß   Artist - Aachen/Germany   www.himmelsbiester.de
Holger Gebhard   Techn. Zeichner - Rauenberg / Germany  
Kevin Doyle   Ottawa, Canada  
Patricia Peters   Los Osos, CA, USA  
David Meimers   Finance - Bloomingdale, IL, USA  
Carol Cleveland   Dryden, Michigan, USA  
Richard French   Livestock-Agriculture - Dayton,Montana, USA  
Marian Steiskal   White City, Oregon USA  
Bernhard Pelzer   Liege/Belgium  
Doug Wilson   Portland/OR, USA  
Karen Cadiou   Richmond Hts., Ohio, USA  
Nicholas Santoro   American Anarchist Front - Los Angeles, CA, USA  
Mark Welkie   Enola, Pennsylvania, USA  
Jane Engelsiepen   Carpinteria, CA, USA  
Ran Qinn   Musician - Colden, Pennsylvania, USA   website
Gene Macdonald   Austin, Texas, USA  
Alex Borbiro   Brisbane, Australia  
Don Peat   Engineer - Poway, CA, USA  
Debra Nicholson   Ethical Accounting- SF, CA, USA   www.noodlebrain.com
Michelle Cohn   mother/massage therapist -Salt Lake City, USA  
Erich Trapp   Columbia, NY, USA  
Dr. Glenn Dormer   9/11 truth activist -Uppsala, Sweden  
Michel Dardenne   Unternehmer - Brussels, Belgium  
Mark Dickson   janitor - Bridgeton, New Jersey, USA  
Richard S. Bee   Lighthouse Point, FL., USA  
Michele Ottorino   Ghlin, Belgium  
Bryna Hellmann   writer - Amsterdam, Netherlands  
Aaron Clegg   Outdoor Science Instructor - San Jose, Cal. / USA  
Henry George   Writer and speaker - Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA  
Paul Magill   Music Festival Producer - Richmond, Va., USA   www.rockitz.net
Joelle McCrea   retired - Collegeville, Pa. ,USA  
Mac McKinney   Norfolk/USA   mosquito-blog.blogspot.com
David Ruffell   English Teacher - Hong Kong  
Jan M. Duryea   Teacher - Phoenix, AZ. USA  
Susan Capilli   Musician - Sydney, Australia  
Anton Miller   Woodworker - Austin, Texas, USA  
Patrick Humbert   pearl farmer - Russell, New Zealand  
Danny Dyche   Hillsboro, OR, USA  
David Summers   IT business -. Cairns, Australia  
Ed Stahlman   Bellefonte, PA, USA  
Joan Hafeez   Potter - Gabriola Island, B.C, Canada  
Cal Wellander   retired - Santa Clarita Ca., USA  
Peeter Lamp   energy research - New York City , USA  
Anne Johnson   Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA  
M. Brideau   renewable energy - Huntington Beach, California, USA  
Marti Oakley   writer - Minnesota, USA   Proud Political Junkies Gazette
Henry Leyva   retired - Tucson, Arizona, USA  
Larry Retzack   Teacher, Libarian - Phoenix, Arizona, USA  
Michael Valentine Goldsun   artist -San Francisco, Cal., USA   website
Susan Gunderson   Little Rock, Arkansas/USA  
Ron Heringhauser   semiretired - Toledo, Ohio, USA  
Anthony Shropshire   hair stylist - Baltmore MD USA  
Dana & Crystle Salisbury   Spiritual Growth Advisors - Pengilly, MN, USA  
Lynn Stokes   Boerne, Texas, USA  
Patricia Ormsby   Translator - Fujinomiya, Japan  
David Jaeger   Lightworker - Rapid City, South Dakota, USA  
Manfred Wirtz   Brussels, Belgium  
Judy Leach   machinist - Scottsbluff, NE, USA  
Anne de Vore   Psychoanalyst (Jungian) - Mukilteo, Washington USA  
Joan Cui   GuangZhou, China  
Ed Pool   Veteran for Peace - Myrtle Point, Oregon USA  
Andreas Görke   Konstrukteur - Hannover, Germany   www.iguanadesign.de
Joachim Spahrmann   Retired MD - Oberursel, Germany  
Leonas Vilclauskas   Designer - Vilnius, Lithuania  
Sarah Carr   Brisbane, Australia  
Jürgen Bevier   Winden / Germany  
Penttij Niemi   Stavanger, Norway  
Laurent Docquier   engineer -Mons, Belgium  
Donald Bunch   Tazewell Tennessee, USA  
Michel Unger   Filmmaker / Artist - Berlin/Germany  
John Rabideau   retired - Cobourg,Ontario,Canada  
Gerry Smith   Lowell, Mass, USA  
Christian Dittrich   Berlin/Germany  
Rick Saunders   Orthodontist - Charleston, NC, USA  
Sylvia Mann   company employee- Brussels, Belgium  
Sean Yalda   Student in Graphic Design - Detroit, MI, USA  
Julie Hermesse   antropologist- Brussels, Belgium  
Donald Carl Isenman   Napanoch, NY, USA  
M. Hoffmann   retired-Leipzig/Germany  
Rena Goodrich   Technical Support, software - Clearwater, Florida, USA  
Rick Carlson   Veteran, retired - San Diego, CA USA  
Becky Dahm   musician, massage therapist - Columbia, NY, USA  
Christian Gietka   functionary- Nessonvaux, Belgium  
Kenneth Liner   US District Court - Lafayette, Louisiana, USA  
Joanne Louise   singer/songwriter - London, UK  
Joe Weber   economics - Leipzig/Germany  
Robert Koppen   counselor - Phoenix, Arizona, USA  
Peter Bader   Verein der Deutsch-Balten Estlands - Tallinn, Reval/Estonia   www.deutsch-balten.de
Lisbeth Applefield   Spiritual/Intuitive Counseling - Scottsdale, AZ, USA   website
Li Lohninger   Gutenstein, Austria   www.tierra-aura.com
Garrett Dawson   Nashville, TN, USA  
Sylvester Lohninger   Gutenstein, Austria   www.maitreya.at
M. Poellear   Jemeppe-sur-Sambre/Belgium  
Ethel Ernoux   Bruxelles/Belgium  
Yves Thibeau   Bruxelles/Belgium  
Vivian Hiatt-Bock   retired - Half Moon Bay, California, USA  
André Despontin   retired - Brussels, Belgium  
Rick Thurman   Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Gerhard Wisnewski   Author - Muenchen/Germany   www.wisnewski.de
Mark Dermul   Bank manager - Ghent, Belgium   www.911belgium.be
Always Young   Founder Robert John Street - NY/USA   www.AlwaysYoung.com
Rose Vivace   retired - Houston, TX USA  
Brian Fløe   Musician - Aarhus, Denmark   www.i11time.dk
Prof. John Berkley   Fredonia, NY, USA  
Ralf Pandorf   Redakteur LabourNet Germany - Bochum/Germany   www.labournet.de
Richard Weber   Friedensbewegung Murnau,Germany  
K. Bracken   Secretary Victoria Branch Maritime Union of Australia   mua.org.au
Geoffrey Hagopian, MA   Professor of Mathematics, College of the Desert, CA, USA  
Mira Svartnes Thorsen   The Green Party Norway   www.gronne.no
Heidi Kloor   secretary ver.di Union - Berlin/Germany  
Paul Craig Roberts   Frm ass. editor, Wall St Journal - Panama City, FL, USA  
European Agency for Safety at Sea   Anders Björkman - Beausoleil, France   website
Alain Braulio Debruyn   Architect - Vitrival/Belgium  
Bruce Campbell Adamson   Author - Aptos, CA, USA   www.ciajfk.com
Prof. Emmanuel Herchy   political science - Berlin, Germany  
Lindis Percy   disarmament campaigner, Coordinator CAAB - UK   www.caab.org.uk
Verena Cecilia Ochsenbauer   musician - Dresden/Germany  
Daniel Habiger   fine arts - Berlin/Germany  
Michael V. Goldsun   Reverend, 9/11 researcher - Northern California, USA   website
Jürgen Pfeifer   Angestellter - Cottbus/Germany  
Prof. Fritz Vilmar   political science - Berlin/Germany   www.fritzvilmar.de
Prof. J. De Moerlooze   Bruxelles/Belgium  
Richard Levinson   Engraver/Inventor - Leicester NC/USA  
Mia Hamel   9/11 activist - Tampa, FL USA   www.tampa911truth.org
John Sikra   Retired - Pennsylvania USA  
Mary Ann Smale   cook - Steuben, Maine, USA  
Alex Seredin   businessman - Palm Beach Florida USA  
Ramon Puga   teacher, veteran, activist VVAW - Kerhonkson, NY, USA  
Daniel Axton   Houston, Texas, USA  
Debra Simmons   Physician - DeRidder, Louisiana, USA  
Pirotte Robert   retired - Brussels/Belgium  
Joe Gilbertson   game designer- Hong Kong  
Lorne Walters   independant researcher & child rights' advocate- Brussels, Belgium  
Christoph Klinke   Businessman - München/Germany   www.freshbags.de
Gilbert Schönberger   Die LINKE ( Left Party) Rhein-Hunsrück - Germany  
Margarete Skupin   Die LINKE ( Left Party) KV Rhein-Hunsrück .- Germany  
Timo Kaufmann   Berichterstatter - Germany   dielinkspartei-badkreuznach.de
Falbo Gabriela   Translator - Munich/Germany  
Jim and Karen Boyette   peace supporters- Seattle, WA, USA  
CONTEMPL8   Propaganda T-shirt Maker - MN, USA   www.contempl8.net
Thomas Plessing   Holzheim/Germany  
Mohammed Jaabak   Tanger, Marocco  
Patrick Eckert   PATSEC Artist - Reichartshs./Germany   www.patsec.net
Martin Genz   conscientous objector - Langenau/Germany  
Cristina Gay   Speaker UNE AUTRE GAUCHE - Belgium   www.uneautregauche.be
Mario Zorn   IKARUS - Initiative f. Kultur, Arbeit & Soziales e.V.   www.ikarus.bz
Joana Fernandes   Student - /BelgiumBrussels  
Robert W. Halfhill   Green Party, Gay Activist-MN, USA   RedLavenderInsurgent.blog
Freie Linke Trier   Wolfgang Schmitt (Free Left)- Trier/Germany   www.freielinke.de
Zang Torsten   Student - Bad Kreuznach/Germany  
Catherine Sallier   Writer - France   webpage
Ryan Wispinski   Musician/Activist - Edmonton, Canada  
Sabine Schwenk   DIE LINKE Kreisverband Alzey-Worms   www.pds-worms.de
Roger Dubiel   Diplom-Ingenieur - Berlin/Germany  
Ercik Inan   Musician - Muenchen, Germany   website
J. Ganny   Writer - Amsterdam/Niederlande  
Harold Hilton   9/11 activist, Visibility Project - Sandpoint, Idaho, USA   www.mahajan.de
Emil Schlenz   electronics engineer, musician - Heidenau, Germany   website
Heike Weingarten   aktive citizen- Berlin, Germany  
Ingo L'Hoste   Musician -Dortmund/Germany   website
Adina Hammoud   training representative - Berlin, Germany  
UBI KLiZ e. V.   Tenant Counseling - Berlin, Germany   www.ubi-mieterladen.de
Tawfik Hadjadji   Civil Engineer - Lissabon, Portuga  
Bernd Klettner   Hamburg, Germany  
Timo Krall   conscientous objector -Bürstadt / Germany   www.conzoomer.de
Jorn Glantzlen   IT Support Technician - Dublin/Ireland  
Giovanni Esposito   Vietri, Italy  
Giovanni Esposito   Vietri, Italien  
David Cetre   Consulting - Le Sentier, Switzerland  
Walter L. Beljaars   Longueuil, Qc. Canada  
Haraldur Olafsson, PhD   Professor of Atmospheric Sciences - Reykjavik, Iceland  
Finnur Gudmundarson Olguson   Reykjavik / Iceland  
Nita Garvin   Writer -West Des Moines, Iowa, USA  
Henning Mittendorf   pensioniert -Frankfurt am Main, Germany  
Alberto Magno Pestana   Escriturário- Funchal, Madeira, Espana  
Thomas Trueten   Metalworker - Esslingen / Germany   www.trueten.de
Lucy Hartmann   Student -Duesseldorf/Germany  
Gillian Norman   Dir./Prod. Avante Films - Sydney, Australia   www.shadowplay.info
Margaret Wiley   Professor - Hanover, NH, USA  
Birgitta Jonsdottir   Writer, publisher - Reykjavik, Iceland   www.this.is/poems
Will Thomas   Member of Veterans for Peace - Auburn, NH USA  
Peter Jauernig   IT-Services - Vienna / Austria  
Jon Thoroddsen   elementary schoolteacher - Reykjavik, Iceland  
Klaus der Geiger   K. v. Wrochem, Musician - Koeln, Germany   www.klausdergeiger.de
Eva-Maria Hoepfl   Berlin, Germany  
Britta Smolarek   employee - Berlin, Germany  
Evelio Dominguez   Student - Madrid, Spanien  
Rolf Ehlers   Lawyer/Producer of Food Products - Erkrath/Germany   www.aminas.de
Kadi Lukas   Student - Wien, Österreich  
Mike Wegrzyn   sprinkler fitter - Lancaster, CA, USA  
John Payne   Social Worker - Sydney, Australia  
Mahajan Oliver   Managing Director - Munich, Germany   www.mahajan.de
Fred Valkenburg   Amsterdam, Netherlands  
Dirk Scholz   Berlin, Germany  
Petra Zeyen   Geologin - Elbingerode, Germany  
Jackie Kolbe   Painter - Jonesborough, Tennessee, USA  
J. Plaschka   filmmaker- Vienna, Austria  
Lehni Christian   Businessman - Basel, Schweiz  
Pia Smyra   employee - Recklinghausen, Germany   website
Tim Heise   Leipzig, Germany  
G. Lange   La Palma, Spain  
Francoise Defoix   secretary - Genf, Switzerland  
Benjamin Hornung   apprentice - Hamburg, Germany  
Bernie Bosson   Co-Founder, Reopen 911   11septembre.ch
Christian Neubert   IT-Technician - Bochum, Germany  
Aaron Gerwert   Activist - Frankfurt, Germany  
Sheldon Rotenberg   Musician - Boston, MA, USA  
Hilde Rotenberg   Artist - Boston, MA, USA  
Joyce Short   Artist - Vancouver, Canada  
Otte Stéphanie   Bruessels, Belgium  
Julie Franco   Truth activist - Ferney-Voltaire, France  
Florian Gross   Co-Founder, Reopen 911 - Geneva, Switzerland   11septembre.ch
Daniel Silva   computer technician - Lisbon, Portugal  
Marco Wiechmann   Free Musician - Rinteln, Germany   website
Riho Baumann   Journalist - Tallinn, Estonia  
Robert Layton   Internat. Arbitrator - Lakeville, CT & NYC, USA   www.laytonlaw.net
Roger Mallmenn   DIE LINKE Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis   die-linke-hunsrueck.de
Dennis Bricker   Engineering professor, retired - Iowa City, IA, USA   website
Dissident Voice   editor- Anyang, Korea   www.dissidentvoice.org
H. Lange   Tajuya, Spain  
Amal Sayed   Cairo, Egy  
Igor Bradley   decorator - Muenchen, Germany   website
Nina Schmitz   Berlin, Germany  
Jens Bücher   Delmenhorst, Germany  
Johannes Loew   Music Instruments - Berlin, Germany   www.africanguitars.de
Bruno Cêtre   computer scientist - Yvelines, France  
Andrea Sea Namaste   Healing Arts - Los Angeles, CA, USA   www.andreasea.com
Ef Kaplan   Hippie Mensa Mom - Vernon, NJ USA   www.artpolitics.blogspot.com
Joseph M. Davis   Citizen - Easton, Maryland, USA   www.quakerorts.blogspot.com
Nina Kronjäger   Actress - Berlin, Germany  
Ingrid Hacker-Klier   Translator & Author - Germany   Ingrid-Hacker-Klier.com
Judy Sheppard Bierbaum   Therapist - Albuquerque, NM, USA  
Raoul Bhambral   Political Campaigner - Brussels, Belgium  
Marie Kullman   Coordinator Buffalo War Resisters League - Buffalo, NY, USA  
Rev. Robert Mills   Rev. Robert Mills  
Emma King   Peace Activist - Darwin, Australia  
Verwimp Satya   Student - Brussels, Belgium  
Helene von Kolontay   DIE LINKE KV Daun - Germany  
Klaus Overkamp   Dipl. Soz. Päd. - Reichelsheim, Germany  
Gudrun Kaufmann   Food & Health consultant - Crumbach, Germany  
Ayla Kaufmann   Student - Fränkisch-Crumbach, Germany  
Stefan Plechinger   social worker - München, Germany  
Nicola Zammit   Photographer - Malaysia   www.nicolazammit.net
Maike Kaufmann   Student - Fränkisch-Crumbach, Germany  
Peter Bürger   Catholic Theologian, Publisher-Duesseldorf, Germany   friedensbilder.de
Michael Steiner   Bonn, Germany  
Dr. Kerstin Wolff   historian - Kassel, Germany  
Gabi Meyer   Seevetal, Germany  
Charlotte Fockenberg   Berlin, Germany  
Bertrand Vaudeville   Bordeaux, France   website
O. Manges   Luxemburg  
Nicole Hofen   Essen, Germany  
Sebastian Büenfeld   mechatronics technician - Arnsberg (Westf.), Germany  
Daniela Schwarz   Managing Director - Berlin, Germany   www.das-drehmoment.com
Ken Kleffman   Middleburg, KY, USA  
Christian Lüdde   administration secretary-Haldensleben, Germany  
Dennis Unger   Duisburg, Germany  
Timm Merlin   Essen, Germany  
Kristina Krüger   dministration secretary - Schermen, Germany  
Ludger Klein-Ridder   Gütersloh, Germany   www.ludger-klein-ridder.de
Corey Mondello   Boston, Massachusetts, USA   www.CoreyMondello.com
Jutta Bennemann   Köln, Germany  
Andrea Bertaglio   Milan, Italy  
Carlo Zbinden   Luxembourg  
Timothy Harada   musician, writer - Sendai, Japan   www.timharada.com
Richard Fuchs   Duesseldorf, Germany  
Jana Gettel   Student - Buxtehude, Germany  
Gabriele Bischoff   Editor WIR FRAUEN e.V.- Düsseldf., Germany   www.wirfrauen.de
Irina Sels   Director - European School Parents Association.- Brussels, Belgium  
Marie Kullman   Buffalo, N.Y., USA  
Adam Kokesh   Iraq Veteran, US Marines -Santa Fe, NM, USA   kokesh.blogspot.com
Rick Pickett   Designer - Berkeley, CA, USA   www.scandalist.info
Angelika Schneider   peace work, Palestine solidarity - Lilienthal, Germany  
C. Main   Computer Programmer - London, GB   www.julyseventh.co.uk
Lieselotte Kirstein-Maetzold   Mitgl. Versöhnungsbd. & GFK-Trainerin-Hann., Germany  
Frithjof Mätzold   member Versöhnungsbund - Hannover, Germany  
Helmut Jaskolski   Writer - Erftstadt, Germany   www.jaskolski.de
Peter Simpson   Co-founder, Futenma-Henoko Network - Okinawa, Japan   www.fhan.org
Bob & Adele DellaValle-Rauth   Missionaries to Haiti, Coord. Pax Christi Virginia - USA  
Nancy O’Byrne   Coordinator, Pax Christi Northeast Florida - St. Augustine, USA  
Rosemarie Pace   Director Pax Christi Metro New York - New York, NY, USA  
Joseph A. Volker   Pax Christi LBIC - Point Lookout NY, USA  
Claudia Karas   Aktionsbündnis f. einen gerechten Frieden in Palästina-Berlin, Germany  
Joachim Guilliard   Journalist, Author - Heidelberg, Germany   www.iraktribunal.de
Thomas Schuster   Activist - Glinde, Germany  
Daniel Tillias   Peace Worker - Haiti   www.thetainos.com
Heidrun Weykam   Health Consultant - Berlin, Germany  
John Downing   Pax Christi Pentagon Area -Arlington, VA, USA   Paxchristimetrodc.org
Ruth Luschnat   Homeopath -Berlin Women Forum - Germany  
Ronald Posselt   Social Worker - Bremen, Germany  
Phil Runkel   archivist.- Waukesha, WI, USA  
Annette Bauer   construction biologist - Grevenbroich NRW Germany  
Nancy Peck   Faith, Love, Peace - Brooklyn, New York, USA  
Magda Foster von Frankenberg   ver.di Union Frankfurt - Germany  
Turgut Okkaya   engineer - Koeln, Germany   www.ozgurlukvedayanisma.com
Julie Lewis   Social Worker & member of PaxChristi -Brooklyn NYC, USA  
Rev. Charles H. Straut, Jr.   Consultant in Ministry - Brooklyn New York City, USA  
Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility   Chair R. Larson -USA   oregonpsr.org
Eva Meckbach   Berlin, Germany  
Landesvorstand der Berliner Freidenker   E. Dobias -Germany   berliner-freidenker.de
Association for International Solidarity   P. Betscher- Germany   Soli-International.de
P.R.E.S.S.   Resident Petition f. Environmental Safety & Security Ohio -USA   nnwj.com
GreenNet   Ethical Internet Service Providers - London, UK   www.gn.apc.org
Martina Knappert-Hiese   B90/Die Grünen KV Bodenseekreis - Stuttgart, Germany  
Felix Dania   Stuttgart, Germany  
Cathrin Schuetz   Author for Junge Welt (Daily Newspaper)- Frankfurt a.M., Germany  
Peter Heckman   retired pastor - Schwörstadt, Germany  
Oliver Murza   trainee - Berlin, Germany  
Genoveva Brandenburger   „Bahn von unten" - Kaiserslautern, Germany  
Andi Weinreich   Filmdirector. - Berlin, Germany  
Theadora de Soyza   Retired Teacher - New Rochelle, NY, USA  
Elaine Chan   chaplain - New York City, USA  
Reza Shirazi   Radio Producer - Fairfax, VA, USA   www.fcac.org
Mary Anne Muller   pastoral Associate - Brooklyn, NY, USA  
Patricia Constantino   Pax Christi Metro New York - New York, NY, USA  
Paul Barbara   cab driver - London, UK  
Ian Henshall   Chair, INK, author 911 The New Evidence- London, UK   www.ink.uk.com
Dipl.-Theol. Winfried Belz   Seelsorger am Uni-Klinikum Heidelberg - Germany  
Bertrand Backeland   artist - Bruxelles/Belgium  
Daniel Sullivan   Liscensed Addictions counselor/peace activist- Cincinnati, OH, USA  
Jocelyne E. Maalouf   Legal Consultant- Beirut, Lebanon  
Anna Pannek   journalist, author, independent artist - Berlin, Germany   www.artalk.de
Eugene Moretta   Brooklyn, NY, USA  
Jarek Kupsc   writer/director "The Reflecting Pool"- USA   reflectingpoolfilm.com
Glen Anderson   Lacey, WA, USA  
Holger Wiegandt   actor & clown - Berlin, Germany   www.holger-wiegandt.de
Dennis Morgan   Darlington, UK  
Gottfried Dernbecher   Büsingen, Germany  
Resistance for Peace   Human-Earth-Animal Rights-Austria   resistanceforpeace.org
Moritz Rehmet   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Phyllis Townley   Pax Christi Metro NY - New York, NY, USA  
Karin Gehrke   "Stop deportation campaign"-Herford, Germany   gegenabschiebehaft.de
Elke Boumans-Ray   Duesseldorf, Germany  
Christoph Fuhrken   Artist -Darmstadt, Germany   www.kamelogana.org
Anna Wood   Musician, Brussels, Belgium  
Linda Myers   Energetic Healer-Tucson, AZ USA   www.crystalpathways.com
Klaus E. Lehmann   Translator for Spanish - Munich, Germany  
Eva Kaletsch   Lawyer & Mediator - Duisburg, Germany  
Conrado Ochoa Larrauri   Oiartzun, Spain  
Law office Hoemann, Schmitt, Schwab, Schenk, Muzikant   Duisburg, Germany  
Germute von Müller   Health Food Sales - Solingen, Germany  
Osman Aydin   Streetworker - Heidelberg, Germany  
Erik Loew   Technical Officer - Geraldton, Australia  
Emma Loew   Food and beverages attendant - Geraldton, Australia  
H. H. Ritz   Berlin, Germany  
Hans Peter Klein   music instrument maker- Kirchberg, Germany   somachord.de
Doris Petras   Kulturmanagerin - Dülmen, Germany  
Risha Mateos   housewife - Boynton Beach, Florida USA  
Rinske van Zijderveld   physician - Berlin, Germany  
Eco-Creative Consulting Services   Irucka Embry - TN, USA   www.ecoccs.com
Nord-Sud XXI   Ahmad Soueissi, director- Geneva, Switzerland   nordsud21.org
Kopfgeldjäger   Hairstylist - Stargarderstr.76 - Berlin, Germany  
Gerd Büntzly   teacher- Herford, Germany  
Marion Leonhardt   Berlin, Germany  
Roland Heurig   Diplom-Biologe - Fürth, Germany  
Sebastian Seifert   Hannover Germany  
Grace McCaughey   Member SAWA - Castlemaine Australia   sawa-australia.org
Christina Dreifert   Berlin, Germany  
Darci Rodenhi   Coordinator, Atlanta WAND - Atlanta, GA, USA   atlantawand.org
Natalie Duarte   Brisbane, Australia  
Beatrice Kunath   Eventmanagement - Berlin, Germany  
Karl-Heinz Kaun   Halle, Germany  
Walter Strobl   Company employee - Nürnberg, Germany  
Reza Kananian   computer scientist - Hannover, Germany  
Klaus Windoeöller   teacher - Wattenscheid, Germany  
U. Graefe   designer - Berlin, Germany  
Albert Schneider   Biederbach, Germany  
G. Busch   retired - Berlin, Germany  
Zentrum f. ganzheitl. Lebensführung   M. Herrmann - Berlin, Ger.   wamos-zentrum.de
Jean-Marc Fanon   engineer - Lyon/France  
Audrey Franklin   Master in Biochemistry -Brighton, CO, USA  
Fatima Mevs   Concerned Citizen - Miami, Florida / USA   www.floridaimpeach.org
Rolland Miller   Financier - Powell River, BC Canada  
Bo Filter   Author, M.A., Psychology-Court., BC, Canada   globaljusticepublishing.com
Chantal Bayout   retired -Lomé, Togo  
Marie Ringlet   photographer - Belgium   www.marieringlet.net
Philippe Moretti   artist - Castelsagrat, France   semainesanstele.over-blog.com
Robin Wellman   Nurse pracitioner - Estes Park, Colorado, USA  
Filippo Incorvaia   freelance worker- Vercelli, Italy  
Maura Orro   architect - Firence, Italy  
Paolo Sollier   soccer trainer, writer - Vercelli, Italy  
C. Boylan   NO2ID co-ordinator for Coventry - UK   website
Massimo Dalla Giovanna   Genoa, Italy  
No dal Molin   Eufrosine Messina , president , Vicenza, Italy   www.nodalmolin.it
Anna Carraro   retired - Rome, Italy  
Sara Kohnen   student - Solingen, Germany  
Edda Cicogna   Mitglied Gruppo Transcultura Donna - Genua, Italy  
Giorgio Boiani   Senior Software Engineer - Genova, Italy  
Judith Hitchin   Southwark, UK  
Dario Di Battista   Pforzheim, Germany  
Giovanna Caviglione   public research sector - Genova, Italy  
Giampaolo Cecchetto   Pet groomer - Vicenza, Italy  
Mirko Zaccagni   Rome, Italy  
European Humanist International   Switzerland   www.humanisteurope.org
Roberta Lanni   San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy  
Spartaco Vitiello   media educator - Napoli, Italy  
Edoardo Magnone   chemist - Tokyo, Japan  
Fabio Alemagna   IT consultant - Napoli, Italy   www.beppegrillo.meetup.com
Prof. Angelo Baracca   Physics - University Florence, Scientists Against War -Italy  
Giuseppe Nano   researcher - L\'Aquila, Italy  
Cesare Ascoli   physicist, retired - Pisa, Italy  
Paolo Scampa   Vice president of AIPRI, Researcher - Italy   www.aipri.blogspot.com
Marco Rubino   Neapel, Italien  
Giuseppe Cristoforoni   progettista - Napoli, Italy   www.beppegrillo.meetup.com
Carlo Salmaso   insegnante- Padova, Italy  
Danilo Lapegna   Napoli, Italy  
Ira Josephs   Member Selene Whole Foods Cooperative - Media, PA, USA  
Peter Thottam   Peace/Global Activist, Attorney - LA, CA USA   peterthottam.com
Prof. Giuseppe Vitiello   Physics - University of Salerno, Italy   website
Italo-Palestinian Friendship Ass. of Florence   Chair Mariano Mingarelli   web
Maurizio Scognamiglio   Napoli, Italy  
Edvino Ugolini   Artisti Contro Le Guerre - Trieste, Italy   www.artistsagainstwar.eu
Beky Hayes   Editor - Austin, Texas, USA  
Fabio di Falcoe   professionel nurse.- Mailand, Italy-   www.casaumanista.it
Riccardo Bovolenta   Ozzano Emilia (BO), Italy  
Juha Uski   Humanist Movement - Denmark   www.active-nonviolence.org
Elia Vetrano   University research- Napoli, Italy  
Francesca Farina   poet, teacher.- Rome, Italy   poeticontemporanei.blogspot.com
Rosalba Calabretta   retired- Rome, Italy  
Gianni Zampieri   Barzanò, Italy   www.deicittadinidelmondo.it
Arrigo Colombo   Movimento per la società di giustizia e per la speranza - Lecce, Italy  
Emanuela Lievore   member NO DAL MOLIN - Vicenza, Italy   www.nodalmolin.it
Gennaro Varriale   worker - Formia, Italy  
Georg Sebastian   Student, Mechanical Engineering - Saarbruecken, Germany  
Mondo Senza Guerre   Federica Fratini - Italy   www.mondosenzaguerre.org
Valentina Miserendino   Rome, Italy  
Gabriella Mattiello   member of NO DAL MOLIN - Vicenza, Italy   www.nodalmolin.it
Simone Paoletti   Rome, Italy  
Kathryn Kuppers   North Carolina GREEN PARTY treasurer - Midland, NC USA  
Ania Feldman   Yoga-teacher - Freiburg, Germany  
Massimo Mori   poet and Tai Chi master - Firenze, Italy   www.massimomori.com
Anna Lisa Marconato   retired - Vicenza, Italy  
Agnes Korn   Frankfurt, Germany  
Roberto Benatti   activist for non violence world - Mailand, Italien   europeforpeace.eu
Stefano Calore   psychologist.- Rome, Italy   www.studioamaltea.com
Robert Mader   Student.- Oldenburg, Germany  
Kultur-Transit 96 e.V.   Chair Eva Thiele.- Germany   www.burg-klempenow.de
Marco Rocchi   businessman - Viareggio, Italy  
Fritz Dobretzberger   instruments.- Muenchen, Germany   www.planetware.de
Carlo Nerinir   musician.- Trento, Italy  
Ornella Gottardi   musician - Trento, Italy  
Stephen Funk   San Francisco Iraq Veterans Against the War, US Marine - SF, CA, USA  
Gerhard Rammer   Wuppertal, Germany  
Jim Bell   Consultant, ecological designer, author -San Diego, CA USA   www.jimbell.com
Matteo Gatti   environmental scientist -Pavia, Italy  
Uwe Schroller   businessman.- Henneberg, Germany  
Gloria Tatum   member Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition.- USA   www.georgiapeace.org
Bridget Reiss   filmmaker - UK   www.filmmakersagainstwar.org
Matthew Childers   Iraq Veterans Against the War, US Marine - Santa Cruz, CA USA  
Peter Nordendorp   Active Humanist - Amsterdam, Netherlands   humanistischepartij.eu
Bob Goodman   retired legal secretary - Decatur, GA, USA  
Dr. R. Soloway   sports psychology specialist -Decatur, GA, USA   RobertSoloway.com
Rex Tyler   organic grocer and poet - Berkhamsted, UK   www.cooksdelight.co.uk
Mike Hearington   Veterans For Peace -Atlanta, GA, USA  
Bruno Beresse   Poly Technician -Brussels, Belgium  
1% a Peace Army   Grass Roots Peace Army - MA, USA   onepercentapeacearmy
Brian Williams   Artist - Liverpool, England   www.pooloflife.org
Morton K. Brussel   Professor Emeritus, Physics, University of Illinois, USA  
David E. Gibson   Organizer, Consultant - Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA  
Vernon Huffman   bicyclist - Corvallis, OR, USA   www.catalystsofhope.org
Dr. Jim Lawrence   Professor/Writer/Videographer -Asheville, N.C. USA  
Maria Hance   iving human soul - Pevely, MO, USA  
Michelle Griffith   Peace Activitst - Lithonia, GA, USA  
Laurel Jensen   Producer -Washington, D.C. USA   www.findingourvoices.com
Pete Johnson Jr   Village Building - Roanoke, VA USA  
Deanna Bouchard   Family Advocate/Life Skills Advocate -Colchester, CT USA  
Merrimack Valley People for Peace   Lou Bernieri - Merrimack, NH, USA   website
Richard Johnsen   Hartwick, NY, USA  
We the People Network   Director Paul Fisher - VI, USA   WeThePeopleNow.org
Rafe Pilgrim   Poet, nine-year USAF vet - Jacksonville, Florida, USA  
Richard Johnsen   Hartwick, NY, USA  
Daniel I. Fearn   Fmr. Sergeant of Marine Infantry - Minneapolis, MI, USA   ifpj.org
Christine Covelli   teacher / writer -Beaumont, Belgium  
RANT collective   movement trainers collective - Austin, TX, USA   rantcollective.net
Sid Huff   San Francisco, CA, USA  
Dr Paul Aaron   Poet, Author, Singer - NC, USA   www.paulaaron.com
Linda Morselli   Queens, NY, USA   www.motormouthmamma.blogspot.com
James M. Alex   MA, USA  
Mary G. Segars   -Anthropology professor - Lexington, Massachusetts, USA  
A Michael Piper   MacGuru - NYC, USA   www.golden-road.com
Brian Cluer   writer -Tipperary, Ireland  
S. Wolf Britain   Human and Civil Rights Advocacy - USA   www.wolfbritain.com
Amy Harlib   New York City, USA  
Michael Blomquist   Entrepreneur - Los Gatos, CA USA   www.michaelblomquist.com
Thomas F. Finnell   Citizen/Activist - Brattleboro, VT, USA  
Salih Ibrahim   medical practitioner - Staines, UK  
Bren Winkler   Nutritional Consultant - Tulsa, OK, USA  
Jeffrey Sherman   Musician, webmaster - Ojai, California, USA   website
Jan Kruse   Retired Teacher / activist - Urbana, Illinois, USA  
Maureen DeHart   - Financial Assistant - Chesapeake, VA, USA  
Stephanie Schilling   Lübeck, Germany  
High Production   Klaus Mabel Aschenneller, artist relations - Berlin, Germany  
Kevin Burnor   Washington DC, USA  
Roger Drowne   Mission 4 All Earth Citizens - NH USA   www.RogerART.com
Ralph Cooksey-Talbott   Photographer, Artist - Fremont/USA   website
Jennifer Smith   Hingham, MA, USA  
Paul J. Landis   Tuckahoe/NY/USA   www.wethepeoplewethemedia.com
Susan Ganann   Project Manager - Minneapolis, MN/USA  
Gerald Ganann   IT Consultant, activist - Minneapolis, MN/USA  
Wilbur Ince   Founder - Anti-War Salon - Minneapolis, MN USA   antiwarsalon.us
PeaceMajority Report   Bill Scheurer, Editor - USA   www.PeaceMajority.org
Mike Fox   Real Estate Broker - Alexandria, VA, USA  
James Rickman   San Leandro, CA, USA  
Nick Egnatz   NW Indiana Veterans For Peace - Munster, Indiana USA  
Fred Fritch   Berks Peace Community - Reading, PA, USA  
Harold Taggart   Activist, Chicago Mayday Coalition - Skokie, Il. USA   website
Arms Against War   peace & unity, Tina Louise - UK   www.armsagainstwar.info
Dorothy Niblick   Hammond, IN USA  
Howard Pellett   retired - WA, USA  
Deborah Peabody   health care worker, activist for peace - Provincetown, Ma, USA  
Dorie Southern   mother - Falls Church, VA USA  
Lech Biegalski   Teacher / Publisher - Hamilton, Canada   www.canadawatch.org
Gary Higginbottom   Portland, Maine USA  
Susan Gracey   Brookline, MA, USA  
Gail Lehman   Teacher - Chicago, IL, USA  
Kurt Swanson   Charlestown, MA, USA  
Susan Gracey   Boston, MA, USA  
Hannah Glatz   Student - Chicago, IL, USA  
Jon Krampner   writer - Los Angeles, California, USA   www.kimstanley.net
Charles Jenks   lawyer/activist - Amherst, USA   www.peacejournal.org
Mohammad Basir-ul Haq Sinha   Journalist - Dhaka, Bangla Desh  
Linda Rockhold   Partner Natures Reef - Aurora CO USA  
James Rockhold   Transportation - UK - Aurora CO USA  
John Zientowski   Veterans For Peace - Atlanta, Ga. USA  
Janice Beier   Northwest Indiana Chapter of Code Pink - Merrillville, IN, USA  
Thomas Parlin   Winona, MN, USA  
Nicole Guihaumé   Paris, France  
Saundra Whitten   Oregon, USA  
David Hellwege   Cabinetmaker/Carpenter - Overland Park, KS USA  
Tera Jones   Greenwood, South Carolina, USA  
Sheila Ryan   Counselor - Women in Black - Phoenix - Phoenix , AZ, USA  
Channing Brechlin   Rockford, Illinois, USA  
Kathleen Pequeno   Portland, OR, USA   www.nov30.org
Martina Barduhn   Rentnerin - Leipzig, Germany  
Marilena Livanou   NGO - Athens, Greece  
Steven Argue   Editor Liberation News, Cool Earth Party - CA, USA  
Neil Smith   Hingham, MA, USA  
Guido Terhorst   Ergotherapist - Elmshorn, Germany  
William James Strutz   Accountant - Champaign, Illinois, USA  
Laura De Michele   Rome, Italy  
Sebastien Perrault   Civil Engineer - France  
Global Art Project for Peace   Katherine Josten - Tucson, USA   www.globalartproject.org
Richard Howard   engineer - France  
Fabrizio Gagliardi   Verona, Italy  
Kevin Gods   Kiel, Germany  
Erik-Johannes Kraemer   student - Berlin, Germany  
Joyce Niksic   artist, Hammond, IN, USA  
Surfing Veggie Farm   organic vegetable farm - Walden, Vermont USA  
Buffalo Mountain Food Cooperative   Hardwick, VT USA   buffalomountaincoop.org
"Ueberpartei" Deutschland   A Possible World Is Different - Berlin, Germany   uepd.de
Michael Wink   Munich Germany  
Grandmothers Against the War   Joan Wile, Founder, New York City, USA   website
Iowa Peace Network   Nonviolent Direct Action - USA   www.iowapeacenetwork.org
Sonda Gabriel   People for Peace and Justice - St. Augustine, FL, USA  
Mary Lawrence   artist and activist - St. Augustine, FL, USA   marylovesjack.blogspot
Carol Green   Florida, USA  
Anne Yeomans   psychotherapist, grandmother - Colrain, MA, USA  
Maya Massone   Lausanne, Switzerland  
Dalmasso Sergio   operatore socio-sanitario - Vernante, Italy  
Tom Santoni   artist/musician - Hastings, FL, USA   www.staugppj.org
Mato Atom   Director - New York, USA   www.matoatom.net/champions
Mike Maggio   Poet, Writer and Activist - USA   www.mikemaggio.net
Arla Larson   People for Peace and Justice - St. Augustine, Florida, USA  
Prof. Michael Gabriel   retired - St. Augustine, Florida, USA  
Linda F. Weber   Doctor of Ministry - Champaign, IL USA  
Rosemarie Schulz   Decoration Painter - Leipzig, Germany  
Ben Charisius   Baden-Württemberg, Germany  
Shakti Morgane   Autorin - Berlin, Germany   www.booklands.de
Paul Pray   retired - Oak Ridge, TN USA  
Aaron Gray   bartender - Ashland, WI USA  
Deanna Taylor   co-founder, Green Party Peace Network (GPPN) - Utah, USA   website
Michael Andregg   University professor - St. Paul, Minnesota, USA   www.gzmn.org
submedia.tv   Franklin López - Vancouver, BC Canada   www.submedia.tv
Claude Buettner   member Citizens for Global Solutions, Minnesota Chapter - USA  
Andreas Klingner   self-employed - Althirschstein, Germany   www.cobra.cc
Annette Folge   tourism consultant - Berlin, Germany  
Horst Hilse   Köln, Germany  
Petra Witt   Erkner, Germany  
Hanna Kowalewski   Koeln, Germany  
Jonathan Eibisch   Chemnitz, Germany  
Georg Hekt   musician - Berlin, Germany & Stara Zagora, Bulgaria   www.stigaemusic.com
Dr James B. Thring   Founder 'Ministry of Peace' - London, UK   russfound.org/thring
Carl Zipser   Solarmanagment - Heidenheim, Germany  
Daniel Klein   Student - Tübingen, Germany  
Giuseppe Cristoforoni   Project manager - Napoli, Italy   www.studioellea.it
Carsten Harner   Mediadesigner - Berlin, Germany   www.machlauter.de
Lars Freise   Berlin, Germany  
Ferdinand Kunz   Student - Ilsfeld, Germany   www.amnesty-heilbronn.de
Vernon D. German   musician, producer - Detroit, USA / Berlin, Germany   website
Thomas Daniell   Student - Brighton, UK  
Diana Ionescu   Student, activist - Los Angeles, CA USA  
Alfred Aeppli, PhD   Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, University of Minnesota - USA  
Jan Heynen   retired engineer, activist - Ottawa, Canada  
Den Mark Wichar   Justice Community - Vancouver, WA USA  
Roman Doubrava   Internet Technology - Kassel, Germany  
Hans-Dieter Wege   Activist - Oldenburg, Germany  
Omed Sarmand   Mainz, Germany  
Torsten Krug   theatre director - Wuppertal, Germany   www.torsten-krug.de
David Polden   peace worker - London, UK  
Rowena Reekie   Creative Facillitator - UK  
Bob Meola   War Resisters League - Berkeley, CA, USA  
Mathias Bergmeier   self emploved - Berlin, Germany  
Bernd Kudanek   Freies Politikforum f. Demokraten & Anarchisten - Berlin, Germany   web
Glen Burke   President Chapter 129, Volunteers for Peace - Pueblo, CO USA  
Jerry Malamud   Peave Activist - La Jolla, California USA  
Xenia Snagowski   Schauspielerin - Düsseldorf, Germany  
Ernie Seewer   Veterans For Peace - Mobile, Alabama, USA  
Daniela Schelling   teacher - Frankfurt a.M. , Germany  
Chris Fried   Martha's Vineyard Peace Council - Tisbury, MA, USA  
Rebecca Michelson   VFP-associate member - Philomath, Oregon, USA  
Vicente Valiente   student - Berlin, Germany  
Katarzyna Beilin   Professor - Madison, Wisconsin, USA  
Florian Weber   occupational Therapist - Kaiserslautern, Germany  
Virgine Lawinger   Peace Activist - Germantown, WI, USA  
Sabine Blackmore   scientific assistent - Berlin, Germany  
Rasmus Ritz   Student - Goettingen, Germany  
Ostdeutsches Kuratorium v. Verbänden e.V.   D. Becker, Geschäftsf. - Germany   web
Marieke Holstein   special padagogy - Reutlingen, Germany  
Anita Simons   playwright - La Jolla, CA/USA  
Ann Ward   "Mother " - Worcestershire, UK  
Human Rights Without Frontiers, Nepal   Raju Thapa, Pres. - Nepal   hrwf.net/nepal
H. Holfert   OKV-Pressesprecher - Berlin, Germany   www.okv-ev.de
Dr.-Ing. Kerstin Groth   Surveyor - Berlin, Germany  
Robert Riversong   builder, educator, war-tax resistor - Warren VT USA  
Guerrilla Girls   reinventing feminism - USA   www.guerrillagirls.com
Steve Cobian   Jurisdictional Inspector of Boilers - Minneapolis, MN, USA  
Florence M. Steichen   retired educator - St. Paul, MN USA  
E.Libbert   Isernhagen, Germany  
Mirko Trodler   Ludwigsburg/Berlin, Germany   www.art-d-sign.com
Goodie Trading   Organic Wholesaler - Melbourne, Australia   www.goodie.com.au
Nora Steffensky   student - Emden, Germany  
Katrin Ettl   Disability Support Worker - Schwandorf, Bayern, Germany  
Rick Stanley   Builder - Perth, WA, Australia  
Indi Lucaroni   clinical nutritionist - Perth, WA, Australia   www.montefalco.com.au
Simon Barnett   director - Booragoon, WA, Australia   www.foamsales.com.au
Edward Lucaroni   biodynamic grape grower - Mt. Barker, Australia   montefalco.com.au
Baldo Lucaroni   organic wine producer - Perth, WA, Australia   www.montefalco.com.au
Corinne Coombs   Importer - Mandurah, WA, Australia   www.7seastrading.biz
Wes Walsworth   Musician - Perth, WA, Australia   www.montefalco.com.au
Vanessa Errol   manager - Perth, WA, Australia  
Bill Hawthorn   Lecturer - Perth, WA, Australia  
Robert Lambkin   concerned citizen - Perth, WA, Australia  
Jenny Dyson   Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia   www.buypeaceofmind.com
Sharen Clampitt   Auckland, New Zealand  
Gianfranco Anderle   Wine producer - Wilyabrup, WA, Australia  
Dr. John C. Ross   Human rights activist - Palmerston North, New Zealand  
Ken Bartle   Retired enviro house designer - Perth, WA, Australia  
Trevor Osborne   Humanitarian - Joondanna, WA, Australia   www.world-harmony.com
Dave Berlinger   Oceanside, CA, USA  
Johannes Herrmann   Student - Perth, WA, Australia  
Dirck Hagers   Victorian Peace movement - Glen Waverley, Vic , Australia  
Dominique Chanovre   Blackdove Collective - Perth, Australia   blackdovecollective.org
Emily Ross   Student - Dunedin, New Zealand  
Bruna Sassaroli   Cooperativa Sociale - Grosseto, Italy   www.labottegadelsorriso.org
Paul Coady   Irrigation Services - Perth, WA, Australia   www.canningirrigation.com.au
Mandy Paterson   Youth Officer - Perth, WA, Australia  
Kelly Davis   San Diego, CA, USA  
M. Murray   International Hostel, owner - Nanaimo, B.C. Canada   www.nanaimohostel.com
Suzanne Senger   WynkenBlynkenNod Backpackers - BC, Canada   wynkenblynk.com
Christel Jungbluth   retired - Extertal, Germany  
Hanneke Jennings   Author - Sorrento, Vic, Australia  
Kevin Shaw   Documentary Photographer & Writer - Derby, WA, Australia  
Juergen Koehler   Wiesbaden, Germany  
Shazar Robinson   complementary health - Perth, WA, Australia  
Suzanne Belanger   concerned parent and citizen - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  
Politische Vereinigung Grundeinkommen & Volksentscheide   Chair - Germany   web
ThugLifeArmy   Keeping Tupac's Legacy Alive - Cincinnati, OH, USA   ThugLifeArmy.com
Dr. Manuela Peters   Dentist - Sterup, Germany   www.mittwochsdemo.de
Jutta Mueller   Teacher - Duesseldorf, Germany  
Partei Spirituelles Bewusstsein   F. Wegner - Germany   Spirituelles-Bewusstsein.net
Judith Brody   Visual arts & social commentary - USA   www.graphicwitness.org
INICIOS   arte y activismo - Spain   www.inicios.es
Dustin Fürst   student - Hermannsburg, Germany  
Stefan Koch   biology lab technician, trainee - Berlin, Germany  
Uli Stelzner   filmmaker - Berlin, Germany  
Center for Tactical Magic   arts, activism, magic, A. Gach - NYC, USA   tacticalmagic.org
Elizabeth Huxley   writer - Melbourne, Australia  
Clemente Palmerini   Pescosansonesco, Italia  
Yvonne Dietl   Berlin, Germany  
Tarek Al-Ubaidi   Graz, Austria   www.cropfm.mur.at
Norbert Marthen   Product Manager - Daun, Germany  
Dr. Jenny Pickerill   academic, University of Leicester - UK   www.jennypickerill.info
Savannah Scarborough   artist activist - North Carolina, USA  
Sue Coe   artist - New York City, USA   www.graphicwitness.org
Maria Hegerkamp   Goettingen, Germany  
Andreas Roth   podiatrist - Essen, Germany  
Kevin Doyle   Ottawa 9/11 Truth - Canada  
Franz Thienel   selfemployed - Fürth, Germany  
Keely Kidner   staff, University of Alberta - Edmonton, Canada  
Carol Moore   organic gardener, senior - Edmonton, Canada  
Ben Roeper   Berlin, Germany  
Selom Därrwang   logistics manager - Mannheim, Germany  
Christian Görke   logistics manager - Mannheim, Germany  
Sigurd Wendland   painter - Templin, Germany   www.sigurdwendland.de
Cherily Wilson   Palliative Care Nurse - Adelaide, Australia  
Jennifer Stellbrink   Student, University of Alberta - Edmonton, Canada  
Rafael Uzcategui   independent journalist & human rights activist - Venezuela   website
Culture Shop   independent media distribution, Fran Scott - Bristol, UK   cultureshop.org
Axis of Logic   Les Blough, Editor - USA / Venezuela   www.axisoflogic.com
Juergen Hoeferlin   businessman - Saint Louis, France  
Ulrich Wendlberger   Munich, Germany  
Lydia Ross   mother, Zwickau, Germany  
Rolf Steinhauer   teacher - Braunfels, Germany  
Dawn Dextrase   mother - St. Albert, Alberta, Canada  
Christine Downing   writer, portrait artist - Breton, Canada  
Laurie Poole   Student - London, UK  
Women Against War   Capital District, NY, USA   womenagainstwar.org
Edwin Engel   biologist - Aschach a. d. Donau, Austria  
Thorsten Laninger   webprogrammer - Berlin, Germany   www.laninger.de
Hans-Udo Weiland   BUND LV Sachsen e.V. - Germany   www.bund-sachsen.de
Conny Gloger   architect - Berlin, Germany   www.foxp2.de
Rolf Schaper   psychologist - Langwedel, Germany  
Michael Frings   worker - Berlin/Wandlitz, Germany   haus-phoenix.de
Barbara Kern   Bürgerinitiative Stuttgarter Wasserforum, attac Stuttgart - Germany  
Andreas Zehetbauer   bank employee - Vienna, Austria   website
Martin Mikutta   Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany  
Marc Wies   Luxemburg  
Peter Schneider   journalist - Vienna, Austria  
Jann Soerensen   Chair Grundlovsværns - Bylderup-Bov, Denmark   grundlovsvaern.dk
Andree Wolf   environmental technician - Bückeburg, Germany  
Larajana Ivkova   mother - Vienna, Austria  
Thomas Autenrieth   actor - Dornach, Switzerland  
Jennifer Illenberg   home maker - Cohoes, NY, USA  
Joan Schulz   Albany, NY, USA  
Matthias Wölfle   journalist - Vienna, Austria   www.spezielle-mediale-welten.at
Dr. Stefan Spaarmann   physicist - Taucha, Germany  
Terri Roben   singer, performer - Ballston Lake, NY, USA   www.terriroben.com
Ralf Autenrieth   remedial teacher - Munich, Germany  
Marina Tomacelli   Non Profit Organization - Milano, Italy   www.pangeaonlus.org
Helmut P. Krause   lawyer - Munich, Germany   www.rakrause.de
Marcel Geiger   Student - Mannheim, Germany  
Vanessa Hammond   Consultant Co-op Developer - Vict., BC, Canada   ownership.coop
Derk Rosner   Essen, Germany   www.demokratie-essen.de.vu
Susan Davidson   organic farmer - Aldergrove, BC, Canada  
Kris Krois   Interaktion & Gestaltung - Munich, Germany   www.de-branding.org
Jeff Farias   talk show host - Phoenix, AZ, USA   www.jefffarias.com
Frank Legge   Co-editor Journal of 9/11 Studies - Australia   journalof911studies.com
Jason Melnychuk   carpenter - Edmonton, Canada  
ArabAD   Ghada Azzi, ManagingEditor - Beirut, Lebanon   arabadvertising blog
Marc Estrin   novelist, Vermonters for Peace - Burlington, VT, USA   website
Katherine Thornberry   anti-domestic violence - Montgomery, AL, USA  
Michael Haeberle   student - Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany  
Tobias Schaefer   cook - Berlin, Germany  
Michael E. Wheeler   retired - Ottawa, Canada  
Bob Manson   unitarian - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada  
Laura Peck   Retired - Indio, California, USA  
Sylvia Krogh   peace activist - Edmonton, Canada  
Debra Mair   sociologist - Ottawa, Canada  
Elizabeth Patterson   Salt Lake City, Utah, USA   www.agenda08.org
Diana Jewell   Broadcaster - Vancouver, BC, Canada   truthtalkonline.blog
Yvonne Polmeer   Vancouver, BC, Canada  
Dave Patterson   Veterans For Peace activist - Ramona, CA USA   www.sdvfp.org
Matthias Streib   Remscheid, Germany  
Liam Curry   US Navy veteran - San Francisco, USA   www.veteransforpeace.org
Catherine Sellers   Liberal Progressive - Ramona, CA USA  
Wayne Prante   9/11 Truth Activist - Maple Ridge, BC, Canada   www.fv911truth.org
Ed Hart   Veterans for Peace - Huntsville, AL USA  
Chris Bell   Consultant - Ontario, Canada   www.911blogger.com
Budai A. Endre   educator - Budapest, Hungary  
Michael Hey   member Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society - Canada   website
Peter Hartmann   Blaine, WA USA  
Dawn OBrien   VFP, SD chap. Military Familes Speak Out - Oceanside, CA USA  
Ruth Swift   retired teacher - Toney, Alabama, USA  
Jennifer Blackburn   Denmark, WA, Australia  
Michael Pengue   Canadian Action Party member - Montreal, Canada   Mtl911truth.org
John Duddy   Retired - Calgary, Canada  
Splitting the Sky   Mohawk actor, singer, John Boncore - Chase B.C. Canada   web
R. Don Peel   researcher/sustainable development - Honolulu, USA   harmonyolympics.com
Rosa Carral   lawyer - Barcelona, Spain   www.abogadolaboralista.net
Hans J. Hobein   retired - Kamloops BC Canada  
Ann Kraft   designer - Berlin, Germany  
Linda Ahkami   Ramona, California, USA  
Doro v. Greve   Hamburg, Germany  
Alexandra Schwekendiek   Carpenter - Hamburg, Germany  
Xaver Schmitt   teacher - Eching/ Haunwang, Germany   www.rosarose.eu
A. K. Dewdney   professor of computer science - London, ON, Canada   web
Edward C. Corrigan   Barrister & Solicitor - London, On, Canada   www.edcorrigan.ca
Scott Short   father, husband, brother - Edmonton, Canada  
Alexandra von Moltke   Interior Designer - London, UK  
Ruchel Yurchak   Business woman Surrey, BC, Canada  
Nina Westaway   Lumby, BC, Canada  
Mandy Fischer   business woman - Aschaffenburg, Germany  
Dean Straathof   Prince George, BC, Canada  
Satyam A. Fuchs   massage practitioner, social worker - Nuernberg, Germany   website
Michael William   anti-war veteran organizer - Seattle, WA, USA  
Lars Hoff   Student - St. Augustin, Germany   www.gerechter-welthandel.de
Felix Dreesen   Student - Bremen, Germany  
Maria Heynen   peace activist, Raging Grannie - Ottawa, Canada  
Mark Luxton   Repair Technician - Nova Scotia, Canada  
Richard D. Brinkman   Newspaper printer - Edmonton, Canada   edmonton911truth.com
Elizabeth Woodworth   Librarian - Victoria, BC, Canada  
Sara Jinha   Potter - Ottawa, Canada  
Judith Brooks   counsellor, therapist - Ottawa Canada  
Enrico Stegt   Angestellter - Niederroßla, Germany  
Candice Kuffert   engineering student - Edmonton, Canada  
Franklin Piens   Entrepeneur - Antwerp, Belgium  
Rainer Kluckhuhn   Lemgo, Germany  
Ray Curry   member Iraq Veterans Against The War - DC, USA   www.ivaw.org
Gauner   Rapper, Slam Poet - Berlin, Germany   www.gauner.de
Denise Stotts   peaceful planet activist, farmer - Mountain View, Arkansas, USA  
Hazel Jack   retired, social activist - Ottawa, Canada  
Robert Wringham   Librarian - Glasgow, Scotland   www.wringham.co.uk
Jochen Scholz   LtCol (Rtrd.) - Berlin, Germany  
Dave Rivtet   Student - Hamburg, Germany   www.lkkdave.de
Eleanor Hancock   Kamloops, B.C. Canada  
Marco Wendzick   Hamburg, Germany  
Kristine Schütt   musician - Berlin, Germany   www.traumstation.net
Stephen Park   charity worker - Exeter, UK  
Christoph R. Hoerstel   government and business consultant - Munich, Germany   www.hoerstel.ch
Johannes Schoenleben   Student - Munich, Germany  
Roland Blach   Geschaeftsführer DFG-VK Baden-Wuerttemberg - Germany  
Clifford Jones   peace, nonviolence & direct-democracy - Berlin, Germany  
Horst und Ingeborg Bowitz   Germany, Berlin  
Ian Bonyun   student & musician - Edmonton, Canada  
Franz Mayer   locomotive driver - Marbach Austria  
Beatrice Fraenkel   Berlin, Germany  
Ursula Behr-Taubert   painter - Berlin, Germany   www.atelier-behr.de
Werner Schilling   Lebenskünstler - Barsinghausen, Germany  
Marcel Bartels   Dipl.-Ingenieur - Berlin, Germany   Net-News-Global.de
Richard Fleming   retired - Fort Myers, Florida, USA  
Thomas Schiewerling   apprentice - Frankfurt a. Main, Germany  
Eberhard E. Kuettner   University lecturer - Chemnitz - Germany  
Keith Hansen   Tampa FL USA   www.beyondthegrassyknoll.com
Dr. Klaus Patzer   Schweina, Germany  
Ellen Rohlfs   author, peaceactivist - Leer, Germany  
Allen L Roland, Ph.D   Sonoma, California, USA   www.allenroland.com
Carlos Richardson   Photography, teaching, alternate health - San Diego USA  
John Cameron   Bookseller - Mount Victoria, NSW, Australia.  
Eva Roeder   Student - Bremen, Germany   www.kefa.de/blog
Stefan Dobenecker   Leiharbeiter - Bremen, Germany  
Ruediger Bruns   retrainee - Bremen, Germany  
Manuel Sorge   Student - Jena, Germany  
Michael Keefer   professor - Toronto, Canada  
Gabriele von Crailsheim   Direktrice - Munich, Germany  
Uschi Stramke   PR - Muenchen, Germany   www.politik-talk-international.com
Peter Spangenberg   retired - Guben, Germany  
Mechthild v. Walter   municipal councillor ÖDP - München, Germany   www.oedp.de
Braunroth Eike   Kooperation mit der Natur - Laubach, Germany   naturkooperation.org
Steffen Raschack   taetiger Arbeitsloser - Leipzig, Germany   www.hartz4er.org
Juergen Vogt   Munich, Germany  
Ute Milatz-Krautwasser   Garten- u. Landschaftsbau-Ing. - Stockach, Germany  
Wilfried Claus   Schömberg, Germany   www.tennis-claus.de
Doris Schulze   Student - Koeln, Germany  
Peter Koellner   IT Professional - Berlin, Germany  
Tilman Neubronner   Verlagsmitarbeiter - Biran, Frankreich   www.genius-verlag.de
James W. McCue   composter/biotech researcher - Pittsburgh, PA, USA   Blog
Patrick Schenker   Berlin, Germany  
Judith Kranepuhl   cook - Berlin, Germany  
Jakob Bürgi   farmer - Schindellegi, Schweiz  
Sabine Lichtenfels   author & peaceactivist - Portugal   www.the-grace-foundation.org
Patrick JB Flynn   Graphic Design - Madison, WI, USA   www.anothervoice.org
Todd Boyle   antiwar all the time - Kirkland, WA, USA   www.rosehill.net
Jo Biermanski   Die Linke - LAG Drogenpolitik Hessen - Alsfeld, Germany   www.gekifft.de
Zachary Penniston   barista - Tucson, AZ, USA  
Ingrid Fuchs   Landwirtin - Frankenmarkt, Austria  
Simon Fuchs   Pensionist - Frankenmarkt, Austria  
Sven Winnefeld   blogger - Frankfurt am Main, Germany   www.verbalterrorismus.de
Caroline Half   student - Berlin, Germany  
James Charles   writer, activist - Istanbul, Turkey  
Stefan Buff   Bookexchange, Senefelderstr 13 - Berlin, Germany  
A. Hirschfeld   Barkeeper - Berlin, Germany  
B. Annasenz   Berlin, Germany  
Mike Baldwin   911 Truth Activist - Hayward, CA USA   9-11.meetup.com
Caroline Hoeren   Student - Dinslaken, Germany  
Nawid Fassili   movieworker - Berlin, Germany  
Rainer Becker   Erzieher - Berlin, Germany  
Rene Markmann   Student - Braunschweig, Germany   www.af-i.de
Maria Stanglmeier   Körpertherapeutin - Mainburg, Germany   www.TragerGesundheit.de
H.Hafezi   Poet - Berlin, Germany  
Steffen Foerster   Verkäufer - Dresden, Germany  
Arnim Foerster   Student - Erfurth, Germany  
Roman Deckert   Peace Researcher - Berlin, Germany  
Anna Faggi   No Dal Molin Campaign member - Vicenza, Italy   nodalmolin.it
Brigitte Peiker   natural hairdresser - Fuerth, Germany  
Jana Kepler   educator - Berlin, Germany  
CAMS   Coalition Against Militarism in our Schools - LA, USA   militaryfreeschools.org
Northeast Impeachment Coalition   Susan Paine Serpa - MA, USA   neimpeach.org
Gavin Sams   disabled, political activist - Seneca, SC USA  
Bert Bobock   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Matthias Mueller   unemployed - Berlin, Germany  
Robert Schubert   Grafiker - Dornstetten, Germany  
Kathleen Oliver   Student - Nova Scotia, Canada  
Dr. Rainer Hammerschmidt   physicist - Berlin, Germany  
Burhanettin Dag   co-chair, Central Council of Islam, Germany (ZMD)   zentralrat.de
Said Huber   attorney, Lt. Col. of Swiss Military Justice - Kerzers, Switzerland  
Marc Eichhorn   Auszubildender - Giessen, Germany  
Joe Guerrero   Engineer- Valencia, California, USA  
Nils Kuhnen   Osnabrück, Germany  
Tino Agthe   Jena, Germany  
Pamela Kunz   Activist - Stuttgart, Germany  
Bryan Clark   Alice Springs, Australia  
Stephan Polzin   carpenter - Meldorf, Deutschland  
Rolf Schaelike   Buskeismus-Forscher - Hamburg, Germany   www.buskeismus.de
Prof. Dr. Ursula Nienhaus   Historian - Berlin, Germany  
Kathleen Troebner   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Petra Kubisch   testbuyer - Berlin, Germany  
Uta Wagenmann   Gen-ethisches Netzwerk e.V. - Germany   gen-ethisches-netzwerk.de
Toni Dinges   Student - Dresden, Germany  
Georgi Madlen   social education worker - Berlin, Germany  
David Bredel   screenwriter - Berlin, Germany  
Susanne Billig   Writer - Berlin, Germany  
Catrin Stock   Mentorin für eLearning - Berlin, Germany  
Niels Harrit   Associate professor, University of Copenhagen - Denmark  
Klemens Rhode   Bauingenieur - Wandlitz, Germany   website
The Salmon Valley Observer   Jim Barlow, editor - NY USA  
Ünal Aydin   Webdesigner - Berlin, Germany   www.mavimedia.com
Pernille Grumme   actress, director - Copenhagen, Denmark  
Conny Fahrni   selfemployed - Dänikon, Switzerland  
Tarek Mohamed   Student - Hannover, Germany  
Bill Day   Sydney, Australia  
Mark R. Steigerwald   Toms River NJ USA  
Mozart Palmer   Musician, Student, Film Maker - Sydney, Australia   website
Jessica Walker   Receptionist - Sydney, Australia  
Steph Roughley   student - Sydney, Australia  
Michael Steinbach   Sprecher d. Neuen Humanismus - Berlin, Ger.   michaelsteinbach.org
Margit Staltmayr   humanist activist - Berlin, Germany   www.homoeopatix.de
Jørgen Raffnsøe   Economist - Elsinore, Denmark  
Julez Edward   Producer - Brussels, Belgium   www.unitedfortruth.org
Rolf Wagner   Dipl.-Ingenieur Landtechnik, Mathematik - Berlin, Germany  
Saqib Hashim Aziz   Hannover, Germany  
Brian Fløe   Aarhus, Denmark   www.i11time.dk
Steve Poole   Filmmaker, 9-11 Truth Activist - Victoria, BC Canada  
Christian Braad Thomsen   film director, author - Denmark   braadthomsen.com
Amro Salih Mohamed   Student - Hannover, Germany  
Köhl Philipp   Kälteanlagenbauer - Schwalbach, Germany  
Brendan McDonald   Sydney, Australia  
Hannes Appel   Student - Oldenburg, Germany  
Felix-Stenzel   Student - Hannover, Germany  
Armin Engel   master craftsman - Javea, Spain  
Peter Hilterhaus   Bensheim, Germany  
Alfred Mente   Webmaster - Berlin, Germany   www.alfredmente.de
Mario Rinder   archaeologist - Vienna, Austria  
Uwe Beetz   Berlin, Germany  
Anton Hedenig   Angestellter - Krensdorf, Österreich   www.ug-vida.at
Christian Winding   Musician - Kopenhagen, Denmark  
Christian Merkal   Arzt - Landsberg, Germany  
Leo Kivi Johannsen   3d artist - Kopenhagen, Denmark   website
Karl-Heinz Peil   Friedens- und Zukunftswerkstatt - Frankfurt a.M., Germany  
Michael Peters   student - Premnitz, Germany  
Pairote Jaroonwanichkul   Physician - Cape Girardeau, MO USA  
Anja Bostjancic   Studentin - Klagenfurt, Germany  
David Staniucha   Wehrpflicht - Leverkusen, Germany  
Concepción García Simón   Professor - Granada, Spain  
Anna Glogowska   world citizen - Hanover, Germany  
Fabian Emmert   Stuttgart, Germany  
Dennis Huston   Limburg, Germany  
Marita Arandjelowitsch   Schwülper, Germany  
Ruth H. Strauss   physician, Los Angeles, CA USA  
Tobias Krisch   Software-Engineering - Bottrop, Germany   www.ks-schulverwaltung.de
Andreas Kotnik   therapeutic pedagogy nurse - Stuttgart, Germany  
Rüdiger Bernstein   Pastor - Bad Hersfeld, Germany  
Sven Kramorz   graphic artist - Nuernberg, Germany  
Florian Fitzner   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Matthew Deen   President - Students For Social Democracy - Columbus, GA USA  
Jeff Mitchell   Christchurch, New Zealand  
Barbara Wickham   Guilderland Neighbors For Peace - Guilderland, NY, USA   website
Dr Kartar Badsha   Managing Director, Environmental Law Centre - UK   elc.org.uk
Bob Ranney   citizen, musician, peaceactivist - Battlefield, Missouri USA  
Dale Dewar, MD   Member of Physicians for Global Survival - Canada  
Alleson Kase   Fair Trader - Nova Scotia, Canada   www.tammachat.com
Kathy Barker   Seattle, WA USA  
Joan Collins   retired teacher - Willard, Missouri USA  
Isaac Rigby   Christchurch, New Zealand  
Tobias Staufenberg   Student - Bielefeld, Germany  
Baerbel Engelbertz   logopedic - Oldenburg, Germany  
Thomas Subbe   Arbeiter - Hamburg, Germany  
Rev. Dr. Kelley Elkins   Vietnam veteran - Dona Ana, New Mexico, USA   anextstep.org
Andreas Ziegler   Eventtechniker - Bazenheid, Schweiz  
Marcus Menzel   Mitglied des Kreistages Bautzen - Germany   www.lausitzaviation.com
Thomas Klaiber   student - Muenstertal, Germany  
Peace Network of the Ozarks   Springfield, Missouri, USA   www.ozarkpeace.net
Charles Gee   retired - Masset BC Canada  
John Funiciello   farmer - Sharon Springs, New York USA  
June Mitchell   poet - Regina, Canada  
Tom Chelston   Musician, Activist - Evergreen, Colorado, USA   www.tomsongs.org
Bernard Poirier   Carpenter - Berlin, Germany  
Jeffrey Bayless   Recording Artist, Performer - Anaheim, CA USA   website
Frieder Wagner   journalist, filmmaker - Cologne, Germany   website
Don Malaweera   Rajanganaya, Thambuttegama, Sri Lanka  
M. Fabritius   Muenster, Germany  
Kickapoo Peace Circle   Viroqua, Wisconsin USA  
Michael Liebert   Webdesigner - Nuernberg, Germany  
Joan Montgomerie   Counsellor, Therapist - Toronto, Canada  
Valentin van Almsick   artist - Cologne, Germany   mandala-photoart.de
Rita Roesner   selfemployed - Berlin, Germany  
Judy Gilbert   Teacher - Orillia, Ontario, Canada  
Rick Thürnagel   Vorstandsmitglied der Jusos Hamburg, Germany  
Erle Kahnert   writer - Orillia, Ontario, Canada  
Richard Ledford   musician, IT - Orange, MA, USA  
Hans Cousto   Pressesprecher Eve & Rave e.V. Berlin - Germany   www.eve-rave.net
Andreas Dultzmann   SPD, Jusos - Hamburg, Germany  
Sean Gibbons   Board Secretary, Jeannette Rankin Peace Center - MT USA   jrpc.org
Harald Wiechmann   Poolcenter - Kakau, Germany   pool-discount-anhalt.de
Wolf Theilacker   city councilman, Bündnis90/Die Grünen - Heilbronn, Germany  
Enrico Karrer   hairdresser - Hamburg, Germany  
Jan Theiler   Vorsitzender der Bergpartei Berlin, Germany   www.bergpartei.de
Catherine Robertson   Concerned Citizen - Regina, Canada  
Clemens Knaack   Designer - Berlin, Germany   www.mode-grafik-web-design.de
Renate Janowski   librarian - Berlin, Germany  
Carol Atkin   Retired - Saskatoon, Canada  
Andreas Purps   Krankenpfleger, Behindertenarbeit - Potsdam, Germany  
Hannelore Blättermann   retired - Berlin, Germany  
Norbert Reichertz   truck driver - Bleckhausen, Germany  
Laurence Sudres   Landscape Designer - Sydney, Australia  
Galina Kiess   beauty consultant - Offenburg, Germany  
Eugen Kiess   Elektrotechniker - Offenburg, Germany  
Christoph Schmidt   Streetworker, NEUES FORUM Schmölln   www.neuesforum.de
Prof. Ralph W. Hood Jr.   Department of Psychology, University of Tennessee - USA  
Kirsten Lee   student - Issaquah, WA USA  
Kenneth Poulsen   9/11 sceptic - Esbjerg, Denmark   www.911sandhed.nu
Martin Harlov   Musiker, Maler, Bildhauer - Fuerth, Germany  
Martina Schultze   Hannover, Germany  
Ellen Thomas   Proposition One Committee - Washington, DC, USA   website
Nina Satoloka   beauty consultant - Wuerzburg, Germany  
Anja Neuschaefer   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Maik Radoi   retired - Dresden, Germany  
John LaForge   co-director Nukewatch - Wisconsin, USA   www.nukewatch.com
Melanie Ludwig   Publizistin - Berlin, Germany  
Lewis D. Wheeler   Film producer, actor - Boston, MA   www.LeadingToWar.com
Herta Kiess   retired - Offenburg, Germany  
Philipp Tost   Berlin, Germany  
Nancy J Walker   Pax Christi member, ret. psychotherapist, 911truth - San Diego USA  
Steven Carter   Educator - Brisbane, Australia  
Joel Rafael   Musician - Bonsall, CA USA   www.joelrafael.com
The Welfare Poets   Musicians - Harlem, New York USA   www.welfarepoets.com
Kathleen Desautels, SP   8th Day Center for Justice - Chicago, IL USA   8thdaycenter.org
Chris Frueh   Webmaster- Zurich, Switzerland   www.ethikpartei.ch
Gwen Hennessey, OSF   Sioux City, Iowa USA   website
Constance Lane   Nutritionist - Tuscon, Arizona, USA  
Elena Felde   Offenburg, Germany  
Anna Morbe   housewife - Oberkirch, Germany  
Eugen Morbe   worker - Oberkirch, Germany  
Natalia Morbe   businesswoman - Offenburg, Germany  
Lidya Waschenko   nurse - Oberkirch, Germany  
Irina Rudoi   cook - Offenburg, Germany  
Wolfgang Pietsch   Communications Engineer, SPD Berlin - Germany  
Norbert Nicoll   political scientist - Eupen, Belgium  
Jan Balzer   Student - Saarbrücken, Germany  
Frank Haddleton   Attorney - Burlington, Vermont, USA   www.vt911.org
Romy Schreiber   Student - Berlin, Germany   website
Steve Walker   Financial Planner - Encinitas, CA USA  
Sonia Vargas   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Raimond Kieß   Student - Offenburg, Germany  
Stefan Aumueller   retired - Karlsruhe, Germany  
Jessica von Haeseler   Designerin - Berlin, Germany   www.farbwut.de
Laina Lamb   Marion, OH USA  
Xavier Rabilloud   Lyon, France  
Silvia Gmeiner   Dornbirn, Austria  
Wolfgang Jung   Editor - Kaiserslautern, Germany   www.luftpost-kl.de
Manfred Kuhlemann   editor - Berlin, Germany   www.protestmail.de
Sara Klamand   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Hans-Joachim Habermann   Ortsbeirat Frankfurt/Nordend - Germany  
Anne Masjosthusmann   social work - Berlin, Germany  
Andreas Kotnik   Disability Support Worker - Reutlingen, Germany  
Günther Kahrs   artist - Bremen, Germany   www.bremen.weltregierung.org
Carola Toedter   retail - Heidenau, Germany  
Monica Hamma   Saarbruecken, Germany  
Christian Herrmann   Zivildienstleistender - Bremerhaven, Germany  
Wolf-Dieter Alte   Oranienburg, Germany  
Carlos Cravinho   Waiter - Lisbon, Portugal  
Nucker Kuhn   Berlin, Germany   www.brot-und-spiele.info
Theresia Post-Schmidt   Dipl.-Psychologin - Münster, Germany  
W. D. Aichberger   Mag. ExperimentAL Art Labs - Vienna, Austria  
Hermann Bauer   Linz, Austria  
Margarete Bauer   Linz, Austria  
Ronald Domsch   Schöneiche, Germany  
Sonja & Nicole Ira   Vienna, Austria  
E. L. Canoso   San Sebastian de la Gomera, Spain  
Hans-Georg Bodien   retired - Grebenau, Germany  
Heinrich Bialek   student - Munich, Germany   website
Lloyd Helferty   Technologist - Markham, Ontario, Canada   website
Pfarrer Peter Kranz   Vorsitzender Ökumenisches Zentrum - Berlin, Germany   website
Frank Gühne   Leipzig, Germany  
Gesa Ziemer   teacher, mother - Bonn, Germany  
Amelia Aussenberg   Memphis, Tennessee, USA  
Reinhard Püschel   DKP-Stadtrat - Heidenheim, Germany  
Udo König   Radio Utopie Berlin / CLoF e.V. / SAG - Berlin, Germany   citizenking.de
Tracy Ross   Supervisor - Kitchener, Canada  
Henry Mittenzwey   Berlin, Germany  
Thomas Naumann   Journalist - Giessen, Germany  
Helmut Eicher   Security Officer - Sydney, Australia  
Kay Macke   Aachen, Germany   www.kaymacke.de
Alejandro Dhers   artist - Buenos Aires, Argentina  
Thomas Schmieder   Baufacharbeiter, Künstler - Zwickau, Germany   surreale-welten.de
M. Mehnert   Berlin, Germany  
Arnhild Mehnert   teacher - Berlin, Germany  
Ellen Walz   social worker -Stuttgart, Germany  
Aamir Azhar   computer engineer - Lahore, Pakistan  
Jurgen van Roovert   Tilburg, Netherlands   www.asiandubfoundation.eu
Diana Alex   Magdeburg, Germany  
Josef Hofstadler   Linz, Austria  
Tonny Vedel   Roskilde, Denmark  
Ken Dahl   technician - Saskatoon, Canada  
Marcel Hermosin   student - Edenkoben, Germany  
Baldassarre Lucaroni   farmer - Mt. Barker, WA, Australia   www.montefalco.com.au
Ryan O\'Connell   Virginia, Minnesota, USA  
Malte Katthagen   student, musician - Mönchengladbach, Germany  
Wajib Jabali   Engineer - Calgary, Canada  
Tanja Glöde   student - Waldenburg, Germany  
Jean Terrier   architect - Avignon, France  
Suzanne Parassu de Brito   Capoeira, Yoga - Munich, Germany   www.capoeiracrb.de
Katja Fehling   kfm. Angestellte - Hannover, Germany  
David Kusch   Student - Heidelberg, Germany  
Gerald Carpenter   retired - Plattsburgh, NY, USA  
Maxime Lamirande   Doctor - Bécancour, Qc, Canada  
Anastasia Lipkina   Berlin, Germany  
Hans-Ulrich Bierhahn   IT-Sicherheitsberater - Ashausen, Germany  
Timothy Arnold   Iraq Veteran Against the War - Hickory Valley, TN, USA   ivaw.org
Adrian Dyduch   Dortmund, Germany  
Andreas Kaiserswerth   selbstständig - Waltenhofen, Germany   bakul.de
Frank Binder   Berlin, Germany  
Belkan Ögrünc   Musiker - Mönchengladbach, Germany   dj-shane.net
Ch. Seidel   Herne, Germany  
Natascha Paulick   actress - Berlin, Germany  
Wolf Tharra   Student - Meldorf, Germany  
Tacheles Art Network   Karol Les, Berlin, Germany   www.tachelesart.de
Neue Richtervereinigung e.V.   NRV Bundesbüro - Berlin, Germany   www.nrv-net.de
Peter Fels   Projekkoordinator - Torgelow, Germany  
Elisabeth Werthner   artist - Dresden, Germany   website
Steffen Klauke   chairmaker - Berlin, Germany  
Mathias Onika   Berlin, Germany  
Luisa Neumann   Weimar, Germany  
Sven Schulze   Eventmanagement - Berlin, Germany   www.brainfac.de
Dietrich Antelmann   Diplom-Kameralist - Berlin, Germany  
Simon König   Marsberg, Germany  
Dr. Brigitte Jaschke   Berlin, Germany  
Patrick Schaufuss   Programmer - Leipzig, Germany  
Joseph Shreckhise   Computer Technician - Baltimore, MA, USA  
Scott Campbell   Oakland, CA, USA   website
Christina Weisgard   Web designer - Copenhagen, Denmark  
Henry Richter   physiotherapist - Pinzberg, Bayern, Germany  
Michael Florint   Bogense, Denmark  
Benjamin Bruecker   student - Bremen, Germany  
Mario Bauer   Unternehmer - Freiberg, Germany  
Martin Lotz   Pfarrer i.R. - Berlin, Germany  
Inger Lotz-Bartelsen   Krankenschwester - Berlin, Germany  
Will Lovick   Archives processor - Ann Arbor, MI, USA  
NoDogma Freigeist Shortfilm Festival   Berlin, Germany   website
Martin Singe   Dipl.Theologe, Pax Christi Bonn - Germany  
Gerald Simpson   record producer, DJ - Berlin, Germany   guycalledgerald.com
Midge Potts   Candidate US Representative, Missouri's 7th Congress. District - USA   web
Heather Stroud   writer, member York Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, UK   web
Werner Schilling   Barsinghausen, Germany  
Martin Pfeifer   Medieningenieur - Mainz, Germany  
Nils Wauschkuhn   student - Mannheim, Germany  
Dariusz Lewandowicz   Auszubildender - Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany  
Susanne Thiebet   Einzelhandelskaufmann - Feldbach, Austria  
Herbert Thiebet   Vertragsbediensteter - Feldbach, Austria  
Mick Neuman   Mech. Engineer - Cologne, Germany  
Chris Phillips   Retired - Scarborough, UK  
Sylvia Reisberg   Dortmund, Germany  
Ursula Elbe   Selbsthilfe-Lehrerin - Rebstein, CH   www.nueva-vista.ch
Carlos Klingelhöfer   Pferdehomäopath - Lychen, Germany  
Bernd Hartmann   Handwerker - Dortmund,Germany  
Alexander Bille   Student - Fulda, Germany  
Ingeborg Kleinhans   Stockholm, Sweden  
Heinz Becker   Produktionsplaner - Sulzbach, Germany  
Jenny Wistreich   retired teacher - UK  
Bart van Butselaar   B.Art, musician - Berlin, Germany   web
Olaf Behrens   Unternehmer - Lauterbach, Germany  
Tony Azarias   Grafiker - Berlin, Germany   karibou.eu
Kai Schwandes   Green Party - Pisgah Forest, NC, USA   www.gpus.org
Benedict Jäggi   Game Programmer - Berlin, Germany   dashandelsimperium.de
Andreas Atzpodien   student - Bordesholm, Germany  
Mario Dircks   Director - Berlin, Germany  
Christina Weisgard   Web designer - Copenhagen, Denmark  
Siegfried Flach   Rentner - Irschenberg, Germany  
Karolin Götsch   Kamerafrau - Berlin,Germany   www.hobnox.com
Uta Götsch   Lehrerin - Roststock, Germany  
Maria v. Boisse   Publisher - Berlin, Germany   website
Jörg Cappallo   Heilpraktiker - Niederbreitbach, Germany  
Andreas Ungerer   freischaffender Künstler - Oberhausen, Germany  
Michael Abler   Photograph - Pune, India   www.india-photos.com
Marina Butorac   activist - Zagreb, Croatia  
Maria Gallastegui   peace campaigner - Westminster London, UK   peacestrike.org
Ulrich Leufen   Kameramann, Berlin Germany  
Shan Oakes   Green Party MEP candidate - Beverley UK   voice-international.net
Agneta Norberg   Swedish Peace Committee - Stockholm, Sweden  
Junko Abe   University lecturer - Ehime, Japan  
Regine Naeckel   Redakteurin - Berlin, Germany   hintergrund.de
Raphael Sperry   Architect - San Francisco, USA   www.adpsr.org
Peter Ponzetti   Green Party - Kalamazoo, MI , USA   web
Andreas Nowikow   Werbekaufmann - Hoyerswerda, Germany  
Revd. Doug Constable   Retired Parish Priest - Llandeilo, Wales, UK  
Lennart Kjörling   Journalist - Stockholm, Sweden  
Dick Urban Vestbro   Professor Emeritus - Stockholm, Sweden  
Jo Anne Beemon   Peace Activist, Environmentalist - Charlevoix, MI, USA  
Taiwan Friends of Global Greens TFGG   Activist Group - Taiwan   www.thegreens.org.tw
Benjamin Maier   Klagenfurt, Austria  
Amy Drayson   Euro Candidate, Ipswich Green Party - UK   ipswichgreenparty.org.uk
Anita Mirza   engineer - Rijswijk, Netherlands  
Mike Maybury   retired retailer/ active health and peace activist - Portsmouth, UK  
Dakota Denzel Manuel   Student/ Activist for the YDS - Indianapolis, Indiana USA  
Janette Harper   Peace campaigner - Liverpool U.K  
Dona Palmer   member AE911truth, teacher - Lake Geneva, WI USA   AE911truth.org
Jesse Madnick   Student - New York City, USA  
Ellen Thomas   Director, Proposition One Committee - Washington, DC, USA   prop1.org
Mary Madsen   Collateral Repair Project co-director - OR, USA   collateralrepairproject.org
Barney Richards   New Zealand Peace Council - Wellington, New Zealand  
Thomas Spellman   member AE911truth, teacher - L. Geneva, WI, USA   AE911truth.org
Jan Kasper   baker - Hannover, Germany   www.sirmordred.de
Elisabeth Leonard   Peace and Justice Orgainzer - Philadelphia, PA, USA   www.wilpf.org
Tatiana Guerrero   Young Democratic Socialists - NJ, USA  
Dennis F. Nester   Roy Process f. Neutralizing Nuclear Waste - Phoenix, AZ, USA   web
Christian Diedrich   Versicherungs- u. Finanzkaufmann - Gernsheim, Germany  
William McIntyre   Media - Northern California, USA   www.ciniweb.com
John Reynaud   teacher - Gainesville, Florida, USA  
Sabrina Bedell   Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Educator - San Francisco, Ca, USA  
Jean-Francois Thibaud   Musician, Quebec, Canada  
Emil Mocan   Cluj-Napoca, Romania  
Ramon Jorek   Peace activities - Berlin, Germany  
David Ashton   Beekeeper & Journalist - Carlisle, Cumbria, UK  
Yoy Werdmuller von Elgg   Artist - The Haag, Netherlands  
Martin Helm   artist - the Hague, Netherlands  
Lee Jacobsen   mother & wife - Los Banos, Philippines  
Mark E. Smith   Election Boycott Advocate - San Diego CA USA   noinnovember.ning.com
Christian Coucheron   General Practitioner - Oslo, Norway  
Anca Floria Lucian   Debt Investor Relations - Vienna, Austria  
H.P. Marti   Global Citizen - Bodrum, Turkey  
Karma Moffett   The Tibetan Bell Experience - San Francisco, California USA   web
Stephen J. Kerr   writer, solar energy entrepreneur - Toronto, Canada   solarcooking.ca
Lyndon Perry   Programmer - Nanaimo, BC, Canada   lyndonius.com
Sophie Rota   mother - Paris, France  
Rene Mertens   Beek, Netherlands  
Efraim Wyeth   filmmaker - San Francisco, CA, USA   www.protestnation.org
Marietta Sonnenschein   Student - Oldenburg i. O., Germany  
Johannes Kiel   Arbeitssuchend - Oldenburg i. O., Germany  
Paul Crofts   Wellingborough, UK  
Thomas Torrens   Controller - Aarhus, Denmark   www.i11time.dk
Butch Hayes   Carnarvon, WA, Australia  
Sune Larsson   Project Consultant - Bangkok, Thailand  
Vladimir Kamenski   Zagreb, Croatia  
Warren Kronenberg   Psychiatrist, San Francisco, CA, USA  
Esther Kronenberg   Schoolteacher, San Francisco, CA, USA  
Martha Organek   Holocaust survivor, Walnut Creek, CA USA  
Collins Latimer   Laboratory Operations Associate - Research Triangle Park, NC, USA  
Sebastian Prodan   Auszubildener - Berlin, Germany   www.wubb.de
Gerd Guenther   Chauffeur - Hamburg, Germany  
Debbie Steele   server, Medical assistant - Kissimmee, FL, USA  
Dietrich Hyprath   Sant Josep, Ibiza, Baleares  
Andrej Lisjak   economist - Branik, Slovenia  
Juliet Oliver   writer - Greytown, New Zealand  
Martin Eckert   Sozialwissenschaftler - Berlin, Germany   www.ispa-ev.de
Daniela Mink   Friedrichshafen, Germany  
Isaac D. Harp   Na Kupuna Council O Moku O Keawe - US-Occupied Hawaiian Kingdom  
Andreas Onika   Bad Godesberg, Germany  
Jerome Denis Andre   Student - Hirschaid, Germany  
Tim Chiaradia   engineer, Mini Hydro Power - Djarkata, Indonesia  
Danielle Marsden   Tarot Consultant - Aberystwyth, Wales, UK  
Kuschlowski Bar   Inhaber Daniel Neugebauer - Berlin, Germany   www.kuschlowski.de
Tom Hansing   Dipl.-Soz., Siebdruck, soziale Arbeit - Berlin, Germany   ruetli-wear.de
Andreas Berneth   Webdesigner - Bayreuth, Germany  
David Jarzyna   student - Rudy, Poland  
Philippe Pomerleau   Computer Technician - Saint-Joseph de Beauce, Canada  
Saulius Archipovas   Student - Bremen, Germany  
Florian Lindig   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Frank Beicht   self-employed - Kaiserslautern, Germany  
Roman Widera   educator - Berlin, Germany  
Peter G. Cohen   author - Santa Barbara, CA USA   www.nukefreeworld.com
Christoph Eckert   Student - Sulzbach/Saar, Germany  
Karl A. M. Friedrich   graduate engineer, political activist - Ostrach, Germany  
Elias Schreiner   IT specialist - Stuttgart, Germany  
Tobias Hug   trainee - Sindelfingen, Germany  
Nathanael Hennessen   student - Sindelfingen, Germany  
Malte Spielvogel   Osterode, Germany  
Guenter Schmidt   IT specialist - Rehlingen-Siersburg, Germany  
Hai Ngoc Cu   Student of Science & Technology, Economy - Trier, Germany  
Adam Makota   Kaiserslautern, Germany   www.freiemeinung.net
Julia Herget   Wuerzburg, Germany  
Jascha Goltermann   Journalist, Member of [\'solid] - Bremen, Germany   underattack.info
Richard Johnson   web developer - Toronto, Canada  
Joerg Donner   business manager - Schwerin/Mecklenburg, Germany  
Sarah Plack   Linksjugend [\'solid], DIE LINKE - Erlangen, Germany  
Manolo Tomas   air traffic controller - Marratxi, Spain  
Kristof Berlik   Bremen, Germany  
Helen Waddington   teacher -Wellington, New Zealand  
Stephan Haube   tourguide - Berlin, Germany  
Christian Willberg   graduate engineer - Magdeburg, Germany  
Hans-Ulrich Boettcher   paramedic - Nerdin, M-V, Germany   www.erstehilfe-ats.de
Hans-Peter Koehn   archivist - Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany  
Tarik Kuvvet   Student - Düsseldorf, Germany  
Mary R. Vogt   Multimedia Designer - Los Angeles, CA, USA   www.maryvogt.com
Björn Maass   Berlin, Germany  
Moritz Hutschenreuter   Student - Jena, Germany  
Wendy McNiven   Unitarian minister - British Columbia, Canada  
Jim Stotts   peace activist, farmer - Mountain View, Arkansas, USA  
Tess Green   Green Party member - Bristol, UK  
Paula Zore   Zagreb, Croatia  
Peter Hollings   researcher, student - Atlanta, GA, USA  
Crystal Urbanski   Physical Therapist, 9/11 Truth activist - Newburyport, MA, USA  
Ned Delaney   Ret. Pharma Research Tech. - Lafayette, IN, USA   website
Mike Kirk   Engineer - Mount Prospect, IL, USA  
Geraldine Perry   Co-author of The Two Faces of Money - Orland Park, IL, USA   website
Jonathan Bletzer   Plainfield, IL, USA  
Richard Fobes   Tenant Advocate, Community Organizer - Chicago, IL, USA   website
Sigi Psimenos   Elgin, Illinois, USA  
Robin Migalla   Colon Hydrotherapist - Elgin, Illinois USA   healthforlifecoloncare.com
Harold Hilton   9/11 visibility project - Sandpoint, Idaho, USA  
Roxanne Bjorklund   artist - South Elgin, IL, USA  
Edward J. Herdrich   Elgin, Illinois, USA  
Gwen Davis Hale   Educator - Stratham, NH, USA  
Gary Pozniak   9-11 Truth activist - Chicago, IL, USA  
Laura Brown   retired - Young Harris, GA, USA  
Paul Diguida   9/11 Truth activist, Patriot for Peace - Chicago, IL USA  
Barbara Zaha   Consultant and activist - St. Charles, IL, USA  
Harold Wall   US citizen - Delaware, USA   delaware911truth.org
Kevin Hogan   academic professional - Chicago, IL USA  
Faith White   Buddhist, Muscian and Accountant - Chicago, IL USA   sgi-usa.org
Ray Sargent   truth activist - Wood Dale, IL USA  
Ann Celeste Mayreno   Warrenville , IL USA  
Erin James   organic gardener - Berwyn, Illinois, USA  
Kaya Bedriye   designer - Istanbul, Turkey  
Stuart Hutchison   Organizer New Jersey Impeach Groups -NJ, USA   impeachthem.com
Mickey Z.   writer, activist - New York, NY USA   www.mickeyz.net
Rainer Weigt   E-Monteur, Rentner - Trebbin, Germany  
Karsten Nesterok   Webdesigner - Kornwestheim, Germany  
Tamara Furrer   Graphic designer - Svendborg, Denmark  
Michael Koren   graphic & webdesigner - Berlin, Germany   archeinfo.de
Frank Agamemnon   Red Bank 9/11 Truth - Red Bank, New Jersey, USA  
Ellen Hammond   Woodburn, OR USA  
Sherry Clark   publisher of The Liberty Voice - Powell, OH USA   TheLibertyVoice.com
Jonnikhan   Musician/Songwriter/Producer - San Francisco, CA USA   website
Marcello Giordano   lawyer - Torino, Italy  
Alessia Mattalia   musician - Torino, Italy   website
Afro United O Production   producer, songwriter, musician, label - Zurich, Switzerland   afroue.ning.com
Michael Riley   musician, producer, activist - Summit, OR, USA   website
Nicholas Chiro   Highland Heights, Ohio, USA  
Tim Wells   Durban, South Africa   www.wells.co.za
Juergen Gottschalk   Grafiker, Publizist - Dresden, Germany  
Patrick Gibbesch   IT-Trainee - Berlin, Germany  
Andrew Makarenko   musician (band "AERO") - Nizhny Novgorod, Russia   www.aeropeans.com
Torsten Buhl   Dachdecker - Buedingen, Hessen, Germany  
Mario Suter   worker - Gibraltar  
Anna-Lisa Katthagen   Student - Bonn, Germany  
Bertram Doll   Civil Peace Service - Bucaramanga, Colombia   compromisoong.org
Vincent Lattuca   Holley, NY USA  
Joerg Meyer   Engineer - Neulingen, Germany  
Martin Kwiatkowski   computer scientist - Dortmund, Germany  
Michel Fiechter   sculptor - Brienz, Switzerland   apropo.ms
Markus Gruner   rescue service - Dresden, Germany  
Antje Ansorge   speech therapist - Potsdam, Germany   www.antjeansorge.de
Tristan al-Haddad   architect - Atlanta, GA USA  
Sven Wachsmuth   Erfurt, Germany   www.svenspages.de
Bernd Wachtmeister   artist - Leverkusen, Germany   www.wachtmeister-art.de
Frank Milautzcki   Arbeiter / Schriftsteller / Künstler - Klingenberg, Germany   website
H. T. Ricardo   musician - Berlin, Germany  
Cristel Graw   Düsseldorf, Germany   www.art5000.de
Franz Graw   painter - Düsseldorf, Germany   www.graw-kunstdrucke.de
Adam Parrott   B.Sc.Eng. - Mississauga, Canada   website
Alexander Graeff   author, musician - Berlin, Germany   www.alexander-graeff.de
Wayne Hall   Translator - Aigina, Greece   www.enouranois.gr
Hal O\'Leary   Theatre Director - Wheeling, WV. USA  
Michael Pengue   Montreal 9/11 truth, member Canadian Action Party - Qc, Canada   mtl911truth.org
Shane Collins   Lambeth Green Party - London, UK  
Ralph Ryder   Coordinator Communities Against Toxics - Ellesmere Port Cheshire, England  
Hans A. Hyma   Sales Rep - Bowmanville, Canada   website
Vincent E. Noel   Author - Nuremberg, Germany  
Earth's General Store   M. Kalmanovitch - Edmonton, Canada   earthsgeneralstore.ca
Gundela Biesewig   retired teacher - Celle, Germany  
Yvonne Weber   Studentin Germanistik - Dresden, Germany  
Dr. Gert Sommer   Professor emeritus for Psychology - Marburg, Germany   www.gert-sommer.de
Eva Tietjen   Student - Münster, Germany  
Holger Gruenwedel   driving instructor, city councilman - Wuerzburg, Germany   holger-gruenwedel.de
Uta Deitert   Ökopax.e.V., Wuerzburg, Germany   www.oekopax.de
Klaus Stampfer   Augsburg, Germany  
Markus Pflueger   Referent für Friedensarbeit - Trier, Germany   www.AGF-Trier.de
Robert Pill   Herdecke, Germany  
Angela Klein   chief editor Sozialistische Zeitung (SoZ) - Cologne, Germany   www.soz-plus.de
Colm Moloney   On-Line Marketing, activist Irish 911truth - Dublin, Ireland   wiseupjournal.com
Prof. Dr. Alexa Franke   university professor - Dortmund, Germany  
Nargisa Kodirov   Student - Hamburg, Germany  
Beate Urowski   Mutter, Hausfrau - Solingen, Germany   www.interpolitikinfo.de
Mario Sperling   Berlin, Germany  
Marion Mack   Pastoralreferentin - Güntersleben, Germany  
Michael H. Hansen   educator - Bogense, Denmark  
Jos Sances   Art director, Alliance graphics - Berkeley, Ca, USA   www.josart.net
Gabriele Bringer   Berlin, Germany   www.stresszentrum-berlin.de
ABBO   Americans In Berlin-Brandenburg For Obama - Germany   abboforobama.de
Torsten Gebhardt   painter - Berlin, Germany   www.torstengebhardt.com
Vitali Geyer   painter - Berlin, Germany   www.kit-creation.de
Ina-Marie Pietsch   student - Ruhla, Germany  
Josh Jackson   Radio Talk Show Host - Sydney Australia   www.truthnews.com.au
Sascha Arndt   Berlin, Germany  
M.T. Karthik   San Francisco, CA USA - Madras, India   www.mtk.net63.net
Fay Whittaker   Human Services - Dorchester, MA, USA  
Suzanne Davis   musician - Boston, MA, USA   suzjazz.com
Elmar Geissler   La Palma, Spain   www.paradies-lapalma.de
Maren Stuntebeck   Leipzig, Germany  
Jens Kaiser   student - Lambsheim, Germany  
Stefan Boehm   student - Alzenau, Germany  
Ines Wagner   Student - Hamburg, Germany  
Marco Waldmann   Wirtschaftsingenieur - Eschede, Germany  
Gerhard Kern   Lehrer i.R. (Friedensinitiative Main-Taunus) - Hofheim a.Ts., Germany  
Rachel Mulliner   retired - Stockport, UK  
Mary Silva   self employed farmer - Gilroy, CA, USA  
Soeren Czekalla   internet-marketing - Bielefeld, Germany   soeren.cz
Hanan Awwad   Poet, Chair WILPF Palestine - Jerusalem, Palestine   website
Nariman Al Far   Vice-President Palestine Women's Internat. League f. Peace & Freedom - Palestine  
Christine Lane   Informaton Officer for WILPF Palestine - Bir Zeit, Palestine   website
Andreas Kloos   Student - Graz, Austria  
Stefan Besch   bicycle mechanic - Berlin, Germany  
VREDE   peace organisation, Ludo De Brabander - Vrede, Belgium   vrede.be
Raymond Walden   author - NRW, Germany   raymond-walden.blogspot.com
Judith Haase   remedial teacher - Berlin, Germany  
Eckhard Georgi   retired - Berlin, Germany  
Rosemarie Wechsler   social education worker, retired - München, Germany  
Barbara Streun   Berlin, Germany  
Matthias Bauer   Endingen, Germany  
Norbert Koch   student - Berlin, Germany  
Galina Heuer   Freiwill. Ökolog. Jahr (FÖJ), Hamburg, Germany   website
Charlotte Frech   Stuttgart, Germany  
Gloria Oleksik   Crailsheim, Germany  
Felix Huesmann   student - Recke, Germany  
Stephen Fournier   Attorney, Co-chair, Green Party of Connecticut - USA   www.stepfour.com
Simon Spill   student - Berlin, Germany  
Rosemary Galli   member of Network of Oxford Women for Justice and Peace - Charlbury, UK  
Thomas Torrens   Saftey Guard - Copenhagen, Denmark  
Sebastian Kraemer   Hamburg, Germany  
Nicola Herzog   educator - Potsdam, Germany  
Yannik Milz   student - Munich. Germany  
Cornelia Oleksik   Crailsheim, Germany  
Helmut Hausberger   Leoben, Austria  
Martin Heynold   Ebertsheim, Germany  
Patrick Klaiber   student - Pfullingen, Germany  
Lucas Maurer   electrical engineering technician - Neustadt/Wstr., Germany  
Tim Harrius   student - Cuxhaven, Germany  
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Elsner   Department of Economics, University Bremen - Germany  
Simon Hobbs   Peace Activist - Canberra, Australia  
Volker (Mc) Raetzke   Whiskeybotschafter, die Linke Eutin - Germany   www.mc-raetzke.de
LaDonna Owens   artist - New York City, USA  
Gabi Rosinski   Linkes Druck Zentrum Muelheim - Germany   www.ldz-mh.de
PD Dr. Johannes M. Becker   Friedens- und Konfliktforscher - Marburg, Germany  
Prof. Dr. Werner Ruf   Politologe und Friedensforscher - Kassel, Germany   www.werner-ruf.net
Dieter Peterhoff   Die Linke - Kreis Dueren, Germany   website
Frank Cordaro   Catholic Worker - Iowa USA   DesMoinesCatholicWorker.org
Prof. em. Dr. Ekkehart Krippendorff   Berlin, Germany   website
Christian Stalberg   Organizer Blackwater Watch - North Carolina, USA   blackwaterwatch.net
Tom Poe   retired - Charles City, Iowa, USA  
Mona Shaw   Catholic Worker - Des Moines, Iowa, USA   desmoinescatholicworker.org
Louis Arceneaux   Catholic priest - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA  
Paul Troyano   Pax Christi New Orleans - Louisiana, USA   paxchristino.org
Leonard Simons   Social Justice Activist - Athol, MA, USA  
Toni Kathleen Flynn   Founder HDCW; Writer; Mental Health Nurse - Shell Beach, CA., USA  
Ann Suellentrop MS RN   peace activist, Kansas City, Kansas USA  
Jawed Sarmand   apprentice - Mainz, Germany  
Max Obuszewski   Baltimore Nonviolence Center - Baltimore, MD USA   website
Robert Quentin Bick   AOJN Anglican Lay-Monk, Order of Julian of Norwich - La Crosse, WI USA  
Steve Jacobs   St. Francis Catholic Worker - Columbia, MO, USA  
Chris Gaunt   farmer, library assistant, peace worker - Grinnell, Iowa USA  
Henri Andre Fourroux III   Tau House community - New Orleans, LA, USA  
Chris & Yvonne Williamson-Rooney   Vancouver Catholic Workers, The Christian Radical - Canada   web
Karl Germyn   Vancouver Catholic Worker, The Christian Radical - Vancouver BC, Canada   web
Deacon Thomas C. Cornell   Assoc. Editor The Catholic Worker - Marlboro, NY USA  
Mark Scibilia-Carver   arborist, catholic worker - Trumansburg, NY USA  
Steve Clemens   peace activist - Minneapolis, USA   mennonista.blogspot.com
Mario Rui Silva   entrepreneur - Lisbon, Portugal  
Annika Spalde   author, activist - Goteborg, Sweden   www.viacordis.se
Sarah Bjorknas   Vancouver catholic Worker - Vancouver BC Canada   website
Martha Hennessy   Catholic Worker family, war resister, occupational therapist - Vermont, USA  
Olive Wilson   Primghar, IA USA  
Susan Harden   retired teacher, peace acivist - Chelmsford, MA, USA  
EK-Andreé Topp   painter - Wersau, Germany   www.ektopp.de
Halsey Reynolds   CNA, Peace Activist - Des Moines, Iowa, USA  
Matthew W. Daloisio   Catholic Worker, Witness Against Torture - New York City, USA   witnesstorture.org
Fabricio Brugali Dreger   Student - Porto Alegre, Brazil  
Matthew Gesner   Lawrence, Kansas, USA  
Kevin Rice   Simpson College - Indianola, Iowa, USA  
Sabrina Schroeder   Magdeburg, Germany  
Al Bernard   New Orleans Jazz Musician - Louisana, USA   www.albernardneworleansjazz.com
Don Timmerman   member of The Sparrow Sings - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA  
Roberta Thurstin   member of The Sparrow Sings - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA  
Theresa Billeaud   tutor math, Pax Chisti New Orleans - Louisiana, USA  
Ezio Cusi   Cabinet Maker - Vancouver Island. BC, Canada  
Patrick Licht   Berlin, Germany  
David Corcoran   retired hospital chaplain - Des Plaines, Illinois, USA  
Volker Bonenberger   KFZ-Meister - Oberthal, Germany  
Fabian Scherer   Student - Sundern, Germany  
Alien999   musician & Technix - Band: \"WAR\" - Taunusstein, Germany   Alien999.de
Marie Cole   Artist - Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany  
Lucca Strolz   Student - Kuppenheim, Germany  
Bernhard Lickteig   Activist, member DIE LINKE - Schweinschied, Germany   www.dielinke.de
Justin Morahan   Dublin, Ireland  
Grazyna Samborska   architect - Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA  
David Chandler   Educator - Visalia, CA, USA   www.quaker.org/co
Larry Payne   Digital illustrator - Castell, Texas, USA  
Marvin Schulze   Student - Wolfsburg, Germany   www.marvin.aw3.de
John Hemsley   retired cement chemist - Medway, UK   medwaycnd.co.uk
Ayman Fadel   Business Owner - Augusta, Georgia, USA   muslimmediareview.blogspot.com
Dorothy Shaw   Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace - Snellville,GA, USA  
Mell Harrison   Campaigner and activist - Norwich, UK   www.easterncnduk.org
Elizabeth Dyson   retired editor - St. Paul MN USA  
Luci Murphy   Gray Panthers of Metropolitan Washington - DC USA  
Tom Schiller   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Konstantin Koll   Diplom-Informatiker - Dortmund, Germany   www.deskwork.de
Dr. Marianne Mueller-Brettel   scientist - Funkenhagen, Germany   mueller-brettel.de
Claudia Bandura   Dresden, Germany  
Princess Hijab   artivist - Paris, France   www.princesshijab.org
Silvio Welzer   Permakultur-Designer - Schwarzwald, Germany  
Heiko Orywal   Hamburg, Germany  
Marc Goetz   Grafik & Design - Berlin, Germany   the2ndskin.com
Stefan Küblböck   Monteur - Passau, Germany  
Michael Kik   Callcenter Agent - Hannover, Germany  
Christina Weisgard   graphic artist - Copenhagen, Denmark   www.webklan.dk
Dominique Morand   clerk - Ittigen, Switzerland  
Rolf Felser   Koenigsfeld/ Eifel, Germany  
Georg Kehrer   co-chair, socialist party LINKE Kreisverband Wuerzburg - Germany   die-linke-wuerzburg.de
Patrick Fischer   Hamburg, Germany  
Bjoern Meyer   student - Groß-Gerau, Germany  
David Lewandowski   chargé d'affaires - Plancher Bas, France  
Ralf Beyersdoerfer   Hobbypoet - Erfurt, Germany   www.jenaweb.de
Anette Marreck   Hof Isegrim, pferdegestützte Begleitung - Hollen, Germany   www.hofisegrim.de
Philipp Wacker   Student - Bielefeld, Germany  
Axel Peters   sculptor - Berlin, Germany   www.updevilla.de
Biko Valencia   student/artist - Berlin, Germany  
Heinz Scheidhauer   Rentner - Berlin, Germany  
Lou Stolzenberg   Coordinator, Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth - USA   www.rl911truth.org
Shah Kobat   Penang, Malaysia  
Mummy Rokiah   writer - Penang, Malaysia   mummyrokiah.blogspot.com
Maximilian Mrozinski   Obertuerkheim, Germany  
Regina Ines Hug   Goetzis, Austria   website
Pete Perry   Board member of the Washington Peace Center - Washington, DC USA  
Seth Snapp   Social Activist - Bellingham, WA, USA  
Caycie von Buelow   Student of homeopathy - Frankfurt, Germany  
Gül Akgün   educator - Darmstadt, Germany  
Kirsten Mueller   peace activist, artist - Neuruppin, near \"Bombodrom\", Germany  
Michael Nagler   educator - Berkeley, CA, USA   www.mettacenter.org
Physicians for Peace and Social Responsibility   Malaysia   www.ppsr.org
Nora Schiebenhoefer   educator - Hannover, Germany  
Joseph E. Schwartzberg   Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota - White Bear Lake, MN, USA  
David Nicholson   Mechanical Engineer - Sun City Center, FL, USA  
Dr. Lewis E. Patrie   Asheville, NC USA  
Raymond Graap   Co-Chair, Democracy for America - Tucson, Arizona, USA   website
Dick Kaiser   Co-Chair, Democracy for America - Tucson, Arizona, USA   website
Dr. Michael D. Knox   Chair, US Peace Memorial Foundation, Inc. - Tampa FL USA   uspeacememorial.org
Carlos Vassaux, M. D.   International Physicians against Nuclear War - Guatemala City, Guatemala  
Patrick Adam   Student - Schwelm, Germany  
Joe Stokes   Teacher, Artist, Truth Activist - Dallas,TX USA   northtexas911truth.com
Jackie Hudson   Plowshares Peace Activist - Bremerton WA, USA  
Oti Brown   Musician, Songwriter, Producer - Zurich, Switzerland   www.otibrown.com
Sue Cooke   Human rights activist - York/ UK  
Ong Han Chun   Sales Manager - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
Wenny Gotama Oey   Customer Service - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
Lim Eng Cheong   Student - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
Rev. Dr. Chuck Cooper   Pastor, Spiritual Leader, Micah's Village - Portland, OR USA   micahsvillage.org
Rainer Stuettgen   attorney - Mainz, Germany   www.ra-stuettgen.de
Terri Willox   teacher, justice & peace activist - Toms River NJ USA  
Jef De Loof, M.D.   physician, Artsen voor Vrede - Belgium  
Emine Sagdic   Student - Sinsheim, Germany  
Michael Bernath   Neuhausen a. R. , Switzerland   www.yourworldweb.net
Pairote Jaroonwanichkul   Oncologist, Hematologist - Redlands, CA USA  
Lee Qiu Li   Student - Petaling Jaya, Malaysia  
Petra Buntenbach   Denkerin und Visionärin - Aachen, Germany  
Fannie Mae Chin   Marketing Manager - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   www.chedet.co.cc
Fannie Mae   Housewife - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   www.chedet.co.cc
Jeanie Keltner   retired professor, editor - Sacramento CA USA   bpmnews.org
National Priorities Project   Resource for Peace - Portland, OR USA   PeaceResource.org
Jon Andreas Hamre   Trondheim, Norwegen  
Marco Kanne   Blogger - Hohenmölsen, Germany   www.opponent.de
Mary Nichols-Rhodes   Progressive Democrats of America - USA   www.pdamerica.org
Fred M. Mendiola   PDC Steer Committee - Kent, OH USA   portagedemocraticcoalition.org
Duke Austin   Students for Peace & Justice - Boulder, CO USA   SFPJ.org
Lauren Langman   Professor of Sociology, Loyola University of Chicago - IL USA  
Stacey Fritz   Coordinator, No Nukes North - Fairbanks, Alaska USA   nonukesnorth.net
Chris Lugo   Nashville Peace Coalition - TN USA   tnimc.blogspot.com
Barbara Lubin   ex. Director Middle East Children\'s Alli - Berkeley CA USA   mecaforpeace.org
Rob Wheeler   political organizer - Scotland, PA, USA  
Gerald Haegele   Dipl. Päd. - Berlin, Germany  
Jeff Nall   writer, organizer, Humanists for Peace, W. Palm Beach, FL USA   HumanistsforPeace.com
Benedict Jaeggi   game programmer - Othmarsingen, Switzerland   www.ben.unternetz.de
Regina Soergel   Diplom-Wirtschaftspaedagogin - Weissenburg, Germany  
Mike Caggiano   President, San Mateo Peace Action - CA USA   www.sanmateopeaceaction.org
Louise Culot   Journalist, Filmmaker - Berlin, Germany  
Claudia v. Werlhof   Professor, Women's Studies & Political Science, University Innsbruck - Austria  
Dr.med. Wolfgang Fischer   Physician, Philosopher - Munich, Germany   emanzipationhumanum.de
Ana Isla   Associate Professor, Brock University - Ontario, Canada  
Joerg Stange   Hamburg, Germany   medienwatch.wordpress.com
Bruce Eggum   Gresham, Wisconsin, USA  
Michael Carano   Progressive Democrats of America, Ohio PDA State Co-Coordinator - USA  
Dr. Corina Toledo   Referentin, Mütter gegen Atomkraft - Haimhausen, Germany  
Ulrich Stark   musician - Vaterstetten, Germany  
Wadim Timoschenko   Absolvent Soziales Jahr der Lebenshilfe (BSJ) - Aurich, Germany  
Wolfgang Glaesser   businessman - Dresden, Germany  
Marielle Jansen   Consultant - Lienden, Niederlande  
Christina Toebbe   teacher - Karlsruhe, Germany  
Dr. Leo Rebello   World Peace Envoy, editor of World Without Wars - Bombay, India   healthwisdom.org
Jeanie Keltner   Professor emeritus, editor of Because People Matter - CA USA   bpmnews.org
Angelika Wahl   Stadtverbindungslehrerin - Frankfurt / Main, Germany   www.attac-ffm.de
Hiltraut Wurm   Sprachdozentin, Sozialforum Amper, Fürstenfeldbruck - Germany  
Dr. Harald Freyer   physicist, World Without Wars - Munich, Germany   theworldmarch.org
Harald Buwert   ffb-aktiv.de, Socialforum Amper FFB - Groebenzell, Germany   sozialforumamper.de
Patrick Carano   Progressive Democrats of America, Ohio Chapter - USA   www.pdaohio.org
Patricia George   member of Progressive Democrats of America - Camp Verde, AZ USA  
Nancy L. Richards   Real Estate Broker, peace activist - Vero Beach, FL, USA  
Joan Hutton   Executive Placement - Vero Beach, FL USA   www.huttongrouphc.com
Susan Oehler   Pediatric Audiologist - Asheville, NC USA  
Mattis Manzel   artist - Berlin, Germany   website
Susan Chandler   activist, freelance writer - Vero Beach, FL USA   website
Olivia Schamberger   Student - Erfurt, Germany  
Christel Daeuwel   Protestant Religious Education teacher - Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany  
Johann J. Fonfara   President DUGI e.V. - Frankfurt/M., Germany   www.dugi-ev.de
Stefanie Uhl   Modelabelbetreiberin - Köln, Germany   www.laissezfair.de
Matthias Litsche   student - Zwickau, Germany  
Edith Hank   accountant - Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany  
Juergen Wrede   Germering, Germany  
Chuck Watts   Wilmington, Ohio, USA   www.unionnorthdcc.com
Inge De Caerlé   member Pax Christi - Essen, Germany  
Susan C. Paine Serpa   Northeast Impeachment Coalition - Mass. USA   republicansforimpeachment.com
Klaus Boehme   Grafiker - Berlin, Germany   www.klak-werbung.de
Nada Khader   Executive Director WESPAC Foundation - NY USA   www.wespac.org
Klemens Griesehop   Kreisverband Pankow Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Berlin - Germany  
Heinz Brachvogel   Umweltnetz Muenchen-Ost (UMO) - Germany   www.umweltnetz-muenchen-ost.de
Marion Herr   nurse, foster mother - Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany  
Cristina Ceci   artist - Berlin, Germany   website
Diane Wittner   Chesapeake Citizens - Baltimore, USA   www.chesapeakecitizens.org
Jens Bukowski   German Peace Society (DFG-VK) - Kassel, Germany  
Kickapoo Peace Circle   Viroqua, WI USA   web
Judy Miner   Office Coordinator Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice - USA  
Susanne Krumpholz   Autonomes Netzwerk LIANE - Berlin, Germany   www.liane-bawue.de
Walter L. Bradley Jr.   Pittsfield, MA USA  
Andreas Kreggenwinkel   Mitglied Grüne Jugend Warstein - Germany   www.gj-warstein.de
Scott Camil   Veterans for Peace - Gainesville FL. USA   website
Samuel Raz   Student, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen - Dachau, Germany   www.samuel-raz.de
Gwyllyn S. Goddard   Family Physician - Vancouver BC Canada   www.real-relief.org
Peter Rakowiecki   Musician - London, UK  
David Hirshman   Fire Performer & Fire Flower Stix Maker - Reno NV USA   Westcoastjuggling.com
Yann Berlemont   Psychologist - Bruxelles, Belgium  
Boris Lelyanov   Multimedia Artist - Tver City, Russia  
Marc Afif   IT engineer - Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico  
Miguel Angel   Musician - Mar del Plata, Argentina   webseite
Marco Krause   Student - Dresden, Germany  
Petra Finsterle   Club Voltaire Munich - Germany   www.club-voltaire-muc.de
Eva Bernardi   translator, social activist - Wiedenzhs., Germany   sozialmobbing.de
Ivan Borgnino   Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Free Films - Australia   web
David Muessner   Student - Heilbronn, Germany  
Terry O\'Brien   Dialogue group convenor - Sydney, Australia  
Amy Harlib   New York City, USA  
Jose Coines   Malaga, Spain  
C.J. Hinke   Coordinator, Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) - Bangkok   facthai.wordpress.com
Uwe Schulze   Netzaktivist (blog.it-dog.eu) - Buchholz, Germany   podcast.it-dog.com
Missy C. Beattie   author, member of Gold Star Families for Peace - Baltimore, MD USA   web
Ron Jacobs   writer - Asheville, NC USA   web
Kenneth Libby   teacher, writer - Portland, Oregon, USA   web
Dominique Morand   employee - Ittigen, Switzerland  
Doug Giebel   Writer - Montana USA   web
Michael Dickinson   teacher, writer - Istanbul, Turkey   money-free.ning.com
Aisling Woods   Teacher - Montreal, Canada   www.kells.ca
Stephen Martin   Writer - Edinburgh, United Kingdom   web
Jean Bricmont   Professor of Theoretical Physics at University of Louvain - Belgium  
Anette Klumb   Hotelier - Rheinsberg, Germany   www.ferienland-luhme.de
Darrell Croswell   3D VFX Artist, 3Plains - Vancouver, Canada   thezeitgeistmovement.com
Wolfgang Blaas   Associate Professor for Economics, Vienna University of Technology - Austria  
Rev. Dr. David & Mrs. Louise Ransom   Waterville, Vermont USA  
Petra Koenig   Dipl.-Politologin - Poing, Germany  
Kai Stiehler   Berlin, Germany  
Robert Merrill   Ph.D. Director, Institute for Advanced Cultural Studies - Wash. DC USA  
Michael Gabriel   Professor emeritus, University of Illinois - St. Augustine, Fl. USA   web
Paul McNees   Student - El Sobrante, CA USA  
Theodore Richards   teacher, poet, religious philosopher - Oakland, CA USA  
Andres Thomas Conteris   Nonviolence International - Washington, DC USA   www.nvintl.net
Doris Broekema   San Diego CA USA  
Sean Kelly   Professor of Philosophy and Religion - San Francisco, CA USA  
Father Benjamin J. Urmston, S.J., PhD   Peace & Justice Programs, Xavier Univ. - Ohio   web
John Cooper   Professor of Chemistry, Retired - PA USA   web
A L Postula   Student - San Francisco, CA, USA  
Brandon Schultz   Graphic Designer - Abbotsford, BC Canada  
Rev. Don Prince   Minister, Teacher - Christchurch, New Zealand  
Lydia Harutoonian   Stage Technician - San Francisco, CA  
Christian de Quincey Ph.D.   Professor, Author - Half Moon Bay, CA, USA   thewisdomacademy.org
Michael Babel   graduate student - San Francisco CA USA  
Steve Schennum   Professor - Spokane, WA USA   www.occasionalstring.com
Victor Muerten   Student, Mitglied d. Humanwirtschaft - Chiemg. Germany   humanwirtschaftspartei.de
Julianna Csoka Cooper   Political Activist - Lewisburg, PA, USA  
Clare Hedin   teacher, musician - Martinez, CA USA   www.clarehedin.com
Christina Hardy   Youngstown, Ohio, USA  
David L. Griscom Ph.D   Research Physicist ret. - Sonora, Mexico   impactglassresearchinternational.com
Johanna Heuveling   die Kreativen Rebellen - Berlin, Germany   www.kreative-rebellen.de
Michel Ben-David   Mechanic - Lahti Finland  
Gary Huntbatch   Electrical Technician - Abbotsford, BC Canada  
Rev. Dr. Richard Curtis   Philosopher, Theologian - Seattle, WA, USA   www.RichardCurtisPhD.com
Bruna Nota   Peace and justice activist - Toronto, Canada  
Peter Silbereisen   actor - Wiesbaden, Germany   www.peter-silbereisen.de
Kurtis Hagen   Assistant Professor of Philosophy - Plattsburgh, NY USA   website
Thomas Froemer   trainee - Burgkunstadt, Germany  
Erwin Jedamus   Chorleiter attac-Chor München - Germany  
Thomas Staiger   Student - Stuttgart, Germany  
Marie Hueneke   Student - Bayreuth, Germany  
Elizabeth Woodworth   Coordinator, Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth   pl911truth.com
Susie Day   Writer - New York, NY USA  
Emma Buonvino   Artist - Genova, Italy  
Rossella Perruccio   "Donne in Nero"- Modena, Italy  
Prof. Paola Manduca   Geneticist, University of Genoa - Italy   web
Reverend Frank Morales   Episcopal Priest - New York City, USA  
Tobias Graf   Student BTU Cottbus - Berlin, Germany  
Hedy Epstein   St. Louis, MO, USA  
Serenella Angeloni Cortesi   retired - Ponteranica (Bergamo,) Italy  
Maria Gabriella Guidetti   Rome, Italy   casainternazionaledelledonne.org
Irene Kolbinger   Muenchen, Germany  
Paul Lenart   Atemtherapeut, IWW Organizing Committee Reno - USA   iww.org
Maria Reith   Psychotherapist - Munich, Germany  
Jean Stead   writer, formerly \"Guardian\" - London, England  
Munich American Peace Committee   Marie Voss - Munich, Germany   www.mapc-web.de
Milena Valli   Teacher - Sondrio, Italy  
Jerry Atlansky   Truly Reforming Law Enforcement - Portland, OR USA   dignityanddining.org
Leo Sandy   Professor at Plymouth State University - NH USA   website
Juergen Michel   Photographer - Jena, Germany   www.fotomichel.de
Ivy Amar   Ayurvedic healer & Homa Therapy teacher - Santa Fe, NM USA   ivyamar.com
Anton Humpe   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Birgit Clari Schuler   Milano, Italy  
Terry Howcott   Proponent for acknowledgment of the African Holocaust - USA   terryhowcott.com
Libera Mazoleni   Teacher, Artist - Milan, Italy   liberamazzoleni.it
Sebastian Riebel   elderly care nurse - Berlin, Germany  
A. Grimm   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Rana Campbell   Philosophy & Western Civilization Major - Montreal, Canada  
Shannyn Sollitt   Communication Arts - Santa Fe, NM USA   www.losalamospeaceproject.us
Dr. Wilhelm Wilmers   activist in peace- & development ONGs - Wetzlar, Germany  
Andreas Schuessler   Bildungsreferent - Bielefeld, Germany  
Alexander Przibill   Jena, Germany   www.bewusstsein-heute.de
Ilse Braun   Fair Trade Worldshop - Tuebingen, Germany  
Joerg Buechner   Call-Center Agent - Weimar, Germany  
Scott Bolden   Social Artist - Berlin, Germany   www.myamericatoo.com
Doris S. Wilk   activist, Unitarian - East Patchogue, NY USA  
Patrick Loboda   CTO Medien / Informatik - Berlin, Germany  
Peter Feist   Philosopher - Berlin, Germany  
Lee Burkholder   active pacifist - Madison, Wisconsin USA  
Andreas Heisig   Mutterstadt, Germany   www.meine-islam-reform.de
Andreas Stranz   Musician - Wuppertal, Germany  
Yasemin Oguz   Student - Hamburg, Germany  
Badruddin R. Gowani   USA   www.globeistan.com
Julia Roehrig   Kulturarbeiterin - Berlin, Germany  
Waldemar Hammel   communication aesthetics - Kreuzau, Germany   semiocybernetics.org
Kevin Kolbe   Student - Speyer, Germany  
René Kirschey   Journalist - Germany   web
Hasso Wege   Attac Nordharz - Thale, Germany   web
Lotar Kuepper   Civill Rights activist - Berlin, Germany   www.stop-surveillance.org
wikinews030   Redaktion - Berlin, Germany   website
Dr. Werner Ruegemer   President of Business Crime Control - Cologne, Germany   werner-ruegemer.de
Anna Panek   Journalism and Arts - Berlin, Germany   artalk.de
Antje Schwarz   Artist - Giessen, Germany  
Rev. Bookburn   Radio Volta - Philadelphia PA USA   reverendbookburn.com
Alessandra Valle   Sociologist - Naples, Italy  
Marko Sasse   Hannover, Germany  
Alistair Langer   Munich, Germany  
Thomas Riebl   Professor at the University Mozarteum Salzburg - Austria   web
Frank Lemanschik   selfemployed - Hamburg, Germany   lemanschik.de
Olaf Behrens   artist - Lauterbach/Hessen, Germany   wg24-partyteam.de
Theresa Alt   Ithaca, New York, USA  
Carol Brouillet   Mom, activist - Palo Alto, CA/USA   www.communitycurrency.org
Holger Knaak   manager blaueFABRIK - Dresden, Germany   blauefabrik.de
John Morris   The Peace Party, Non-violence, Justice, Environment - UK   peaceparty.org.uk
Jens Stein   IT-Consultant - Eschborn, Germany  
Thimo Giedemann   Nurse, Student, Die LINKE - Lahr, Germany  
Michael Schroeder   Hamburg, Germany  
Fran Joslyn   Psychologist - Fremont, California USA  
Sara Harbova   housewife - Berlin, Germany  
Beisy Marquez Román   tecnica en informatica - Contramaestre, Cuba  
Raúl García Despaigne   Ingeniero Mecánico - Contramaestre, Cuba  
Michalis Avramidis   Artist, Philosoph - Greece/ Pforzheim, Germany  
Hassan Aly   Engineer - Toronto, Canada  
Erik Kamfjord   teacher, 9/11 Truth activist - Oslo, Norway  
Craig Smith   Engineer - Denver, CO USA  
Julia Gunzenhaeuser   scientist - Berlin, Germany  
Julius Thiede   Bremen, Germany  
Can Henne   Voyager, Artist - Berlin, Germany   www.hotelcancan.de
Marian Larsen   Copenhagen, Denmark  
Alexander Zollinger   Muenchen, Germany   www.anca-yoga.de
Uwe Koopmann   teacher - Duesseldorf, Germany  
Gabriel M. Robles   Lawrence, KS USA  
Joerg Donner   executive director - Schwerin, Germany  
Emma Buonvino   artist - Genua, Italy  
Ulrich Malunat   business consultant - Waltrop, Germany  
Lea Kloth   Sales, Drums u. Percussion - Hamburg, Germany  
Jannik Schulz   Anarchist - Stuttgart, Germany   list.blogsport.de
Eve Sasipat   Marketing, property - Bangkok, Thailand  
Galin V. Mihalev   musician, producer - Kavarna, Bulgaria   web
Sławomir M. Kozak   Air Traffic Controller - Warsaw, Poland   www.oficyna-aurora.pl
Andrzej Pruss   Businessman - Toronto, Canada   www.oficyna-aurora.pl
Stefan Buettner   computer scientist - Hamburg, Germany  
Prof. Dr. Bernd Gerken   Ecology - Marienmuenster, Germany   www.haliotis.net
Pascal Matysoak   student - Kreuztal, Germany  
Uwe Eichenauer   event technician - Cologne, Germany  
Christian Kumbier   attac member - Wetzlar, Germany  
Jan Foerster   student - Braunschweig, Germany  
Martina Duelfer   Kassel, Germany  
Kevin Drescher   Isny , Germany   www.artofdelight.de
Tony Cale   Poet - Berlin, Germany   tonycale.npage.de
Daniel Kauba   Munich, Germany  
Martin Hanson   Retired science teacher - Auckland, New Zealand  
Gideon Weick   education - Saint Paul, MN, USA  
Karsten Velbinger   Berlin, Germany  
Francois Gourd   President Neo Rhino Party - Canada   neorhino.ca
Kurt Gritsch   Historian - Partschins, Italy  
Sigurdur Steinthorsson   Professor of Geology - Reykjavik, Iceland  
Rúnar Sveinbjörnsson   electrician - Reykjavík, Iceland   website
Carla Breitenmoser-Mohr   Chur, Switzerland  
Jean-Patrick Berthiaume   Vice-Président Production In Pax - Montréal, Canada   www.inpax.ca
John Spritzler   biostatistician- Boston, USA   newdemocracyworld.org
Wilfried Huefler   Tüb. AK Lebensschutz (Gründler) - Reutlingen, Germany   www.whfm.de
Hans Wallow   Former Member of Parliament - Bonn, Germany   hans-wallow.com
Wilhelm Zachraj   DIE LINKE - Dorsten, Germany   dielinke-dorsten.de
Beate Raberg   DIE LINKE, Hochsauerlandkreis - Germany   dielinke-hsk.de
Michael Schostek   ehem. Offiz. der DDR Volksmarine, Sprecher Kreisverband   DIE LINKE Breisgau.de
Mario Kühne   Dipl.-Ing.-päd., DIE LINKE - Falkenstein/Harz, Germany   die-linke-falkenstein.de
Bernd Greis   employee - Meran, Italy  
Petra Brand   physiotherapist - Bremerhaven, Germany  
Nico Gulde   Student - Karlsruhe, Germany  
Kai Pollin   Tool Mechanic - Solingen, Germany  
Uwe Fleischhauer   Kreispressesprecher DIE LINKE - Legden, Germany   die-linke-legden.de
Rolf Sindermann   Student, selfemployed - Berlin, Germany   www.cafe-dritter-raum.de
René Sauerwein   student, audio engineer - Gladbeck, Germany   RenePatrique.com
Antal Erzebet Vukovic   certified translator, ret. - Vienna, Austria  
Vito Vukovic   Painter - Vienna, Austria   vitoarts.com
Rita Schu   amip - antimilitary perspectives - Goettingen, Germany   amipgoe.wordpress.com
Holger Brandt   Berlin, Germany  
Agnes Kurtz   psychologist - Vienna, Austria  
Karl Albert Magnus Friedrich   architect - Ostrach, Germany  
Guenter Schenk   Peace activist, Free Palestine - Strasbourg, France  
Sabine Pahnke   Herzberg, Germany  
Karin David   Flensburg, Germany  
Ingrid Kinscher   retired - Rielasingen-Worblingen, Germany  
Doris Feigenbutz   member of Citizens For Peace Karlsruhe - Germany   buerger-fuer-den-frieden.de
Antje Seeber   member of Citizens For Peace Karlsruhe - Germany   buerger-fuer-den-frieden.de
Brigitte Queck   Dipl. Staatswissenschaftlerin Außenpolitik - Potsdam, Germany  
Isam Kamel   Project Leader - Berlin, Germany  
Klaus Schröder   Kreisrat, DIE LINKE - Schweinfurt, Germany  
Dr. Sabine Schiffer   Media analyst - Erlangen, Germany   www.medienverantwortung.de
Devrim Karahasan   Historian, Translator - Muenster, Germany  
Tarek Abdel Aziz   Student - Klagenfurt, Austria  
Günter Schenk   Peace activist - Strasbourg, France  
Ingeborg Hilmes   retired - Koblenz, Germany  
Winfried Witt   artist - Berlin, Germany   www.winfriedwitt.com
Katrin Schreck   Angestellte - Leipzig, Germany  
Sven Voßhage   business - Wolfenbüttel, Germany  
Markus Schmidt   Braunschweig, Germany  
Fabian Schulz   Solingen, Germany   myspace.com/mozaikmuzik
Yara Toama   Studentin d. Politik, Medien, Soziologie - Offenbach a. M., Germany  
Benny Schmidt   Student - Ennepetal, Germany   website
Susanne Recktenwald   Vorsitzende OV Völklingen, Die Linke - Völklingen, Germany  
Bjoern Weigl   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Petra Steidten   Lichtenau, Germany  
Heiner Schnuckmeier   Freier Tantralehrer - Berlin, Germany  
Philipp Behnisch   Azubi - Leipzig - Germany  
Anthrax War   Investigative documentary by Bob Coen - NYC, USA   www.anthraxwar.com
Emil Bruetsch   Engineer - Bergisch Gladbach, Germany  
Christian De Thaey   Technician - Villelaure, France  
Oystein Heløy   carpenter - Oslo, Norway  
Stefan Ohm   worker - Berlin, Germany  
André Besson   physicist - Zurich, Switzerland  
Gerald Wallner   Student - Eisenstadt, Austria  
Daniel Bruskowski   Signalmechaniker - Schliengen, Germany  
Henk Ruyssenaars   journalist, correspondent - Netherlands   henkruyssenaars.web-log.nl
Konrad Sitorius   Loehnberg, Germany  
Mr. Zaid   consultant - Midlands, U.K   www.foamideas.com
Eric Roder   Student - Hamburg, Germany  
Susanne Willberg   Magdeburg, Germany  
Wolfgang Ziller   trade union secretary - Schweinfurt, Germany  
Sebastian Nitsche   Psychologist - Manheim, Germany  
Corica Alessandro   Germany & Italy  
Tscherni Alexander   Yoga teacher - Vienna, Austria   www.theta-move.com
Thomas Jenß   Azubi, Restaurantfachmann - Bad Bergzabern, Germany  
Pascal Scheurer   student - Haiger, Germany  
Charlotte Wagner   bookseller, songwriter - Vienna, Austria  
Petra Glassen   Techn. Zeichnerin - Höchst, Österreich  
Richard Bruncken   Cologne, Germany  
Barbara Stiebler   Vienna, Austria  
Jonathan Hesse   Student - Calw, Germany  
Andreas Hesse   carpenter - Witten, Germany  
Paul Herrmann   Fulda, Germany  
Raimund Marhenke   Braunschweig, Germany  
Jose Conde   physician - La coruña, Spain  
Edgar Schu   Aktionsbuendnis Sozialproteste   www.die-soziale-bewegung.de
Ertugrul Akkaya   Student - Hildesheim, Germany  
Stefan Boelts   Student - Glashütten, Germany   www.gesellschaft-gestalten.de
Annegret Schwarz   Berlin, Germany  
Mischa Dengel   Student - Graz, Austria  
Constanze Neidlinger   Student - Duisburg, Germany  
Sibyll Kalff   visual multimedia artist *n* musician - GER/USA   sibyllkalff.com
Christopher C. Dennany   Contracter - Indianapolis, IN USA  
Hoa U. Dennany   Retired - Indianapolis, IN USA  
Philip J Dennany   Retired - Indianapolis, IN USA  
Konstantin Nullezaf   corporate consultant - Krefeld, Germany  
Lukas Kriebel   Student - Bamberg, Germany  
Christine Strauch   Student - Hamburg, Germany  
Susan Ladd   Retired Accountant - Westminster, CO USA  
Quds   Arbeitsgruppe d. Islamischen Gemeinden der Schiiten - Berlin, Germany   qudstag.eu
Felipe Guerra   webmaster -Medellin, Antioquia/Colombia   www.ereciclaje.com
Maria L. Lara-Marquez   Medical Doctor and Investigator - Caracas, Venezuela  
Jenny Watson   member of Pais (War Resisters International) - Sittard/Netherlands  
Robin Wegener   Fachinformatiker - Plettenberg, Germany   www.robin-wegener.de
Constantin Winterling   Bamberg, Germany  
Perez Erwan   peintre - Lorient, France  
Michael Rollnik   Student - Gießen, Germany  
Stephan Apel   Mikrotechnologe/Solar - Hoyerswerda, Germany  
Bettina Stratmann   Nusbaum, Germany  
Manfred Graf   Berlin, Germany  
Matthias Regner   Industriemechaniker - Burgoberbach, Germany   groundlift-soundsystem.de
Siegfried Bauer   Selbstständig - Passau, Germany  
Ilona Usbeck   Die Linke, Tambach-Dietharz, Germany  
Norbert Usbeck   Die Linke, Tambach-Dietharz, Germany  
Oliver Wellmann   Kabarettist - Berlin, Germany   extremkabarett.blogspot.com
Leonarda Carpay   retired - Lumby BC Canada  
Angelroth Philippe   Sivry, Belgium  
Elisabeth Bilien   Professor of English Language - Reims, France   bilien.blogspot.com
Thomas Browne   Structural Engineer - Mississauga, ON, Canada  
Bernard Vancles   Retired - Braives, Belgium  
Loïc Renoud   Teacher - Saint-Etienne, France  
Mirjam Ordowski   Selbstständig - Solingen, Germany  
Didi Weiland   Psychologe - Norden, Germany  
George Graves   architect - Wilmington NC USA  
Walid Haidar   étudiant - Paris, France  
Dominique Ferré   computer engineer - Paris, France  
Jean Pascal Marsaud   Bordeaux, France  
Didem Aydurmus   Political Scientist - Istanbul, Turkey  
Felix Meyer   Student - Bremen, Germany  
Tristan Zilberman   Technician - St Martin sur Lavezon, France   tristanzilberman.com
Rahul Jacob   student - Dehli, India  
Marcus Bohlander   Crossmedia Designer, Autor, Fotograf - Berlin, Germany   finest-artist.de
Davorin Stubicar   Student - Lörrach, Germany  
Ulf Willert   teacher - Helmstedt, Germany  
Stephanie Pallien   Essen , Germany   website
Petra Otto   mother - Cologne, Germany  
Christina Hoffmann   student - Dresden, Germany  
Dr. Petra Ludwig-Sidow   geologist, environmentalist - Germany   nabu-ammersbek.de
Jakob Rößler   Azubi - Achensee, Germany  
Ute Strauß   Berlin, Germany  
Eisel Claudia   Physician Assistant - St. Martin, Pfalz, Germany  
INTICHE   musico - Buenos Aires, Argentina   myspace.com/intiche
Martina Pritsch   Sachbearbeiterin - Eppertshausen, Germany  
Sebastian Nakszynski   Personaldisponent - Berlin, Germany  
Thorsten Hausen   Solingen, Germany   solinger-linke.blogspot.com
Folker Hoffmann   Borås, Sweden   principiis-obsta.blog
Global Coalition for Peace   Bethesda MD, USA   www.globalcoalitionforpeace.net
Chris Huska   peaceactivist - South Dakota/USA   www.sodakanswer.org
ANNCOL   medio de comunicacion alter - Stockholm, Sweden   www.anncol.eu
THE SPARROW SINGS   Don Timmerman & Roberta Thurstin - Park Falls WI USA   web
Jasmine Rackley   college student - Durango, CO USA  
Andreas Renner   Berlin, Germany  
Philippe Paludetto   Göttingen, Germany  
Martin Fortunato   freier Künstler - Halle/S., Germany   web
P. Age Gratuit   New York City, USA  
Jörg Dressler   Elektronikingenieur - Dresden, Germany  
Reinhild Richter   Chemnitz, Germany  
Daad   Hip Hop Band - Berlin, Germany   www.daad-music.com
Niko Nikolas   fashion designer - Berlin, Germany   www.habselig-accessoires.de
André Müller   Berlin, Germany  
Gloria Purcell   retired; Green Party -Belmont CA USA  
Rachel Gardam   Photographer ICP - New York/ USA   www.rachelgardam.com
Stefan Vasarhelyi   Student - Stuttgart, Germany  
Rauh Taliesin   Schlossermeister, Künstler - Meißner, Germany   www.meiszner-nein-danke.de
Ina Schumann   Administrator - Remshalden, Germany  
Gerold Flock   Eichstätt i. Bayern, Germany   www.geroldflock.de
Evangelos Malousis   Student - Tübingen, Germany  
Semih Yilmaz   unionist, work council - Hannover, Germany  
Santiago Pimentel   entrepreneur - Marbella, Spain   website
Kade Hoffmann   Gymnasiallehrer i.R. - Berlin, Germany  
Holger Misch   LED lighting Engineer - Bangkok, Thailand  
Olaf Teuerle   social media - Gera, Germany   www.jugendclub-bumerang.de
Sebastian Groll   Student - Trier, Germany  
Ramona Welsh   filmmaker, Berlin, Germany   www.monoram.de
Claus Oehler   retired - Essen, NRW, Germany  
Axel Scheffler   Paris, France  
Farid Jama   attorney - Frankfurt a.M., Germany   afghan-animation.com
Kenneth Keen   filmmaker - Paris, France  
Fariba Sadollahi   psychiatrist - Hannover, Germany  
Steven Chaijapoh   Berlin, Germany   chaijapoh.cwsurf.de
Sven Knodel   Lebens-/Ernährungsberater - Essen, Germany   ganzheitberatung.de
Stefanie Voß   educator - Dresden, Germany  
Squadron13 Aviation Museum   Flights of Thought on War - Eugene, OR USA   Squadron13.com
Luzviminda Bergner   housewife - Hamburg, Germany  
Jens Bergner   Layouter - Hamburg, Germany  
Martin Leffer   student - Erfurt, Germany  
Rosalinde Enoch   retired - Harsleben, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany  
Welf Enoch   farm machinery mechanic - Harsleben, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany  
Toralf Enoch   carpenter - Harsleben, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany  
Jovana Popovic   student - Berlin, Germany  
Kyle Nash   Medical Educator - Chicago, Illinois USA  
Ron Jacobs   journalist and author - Asheville, NC USA  
Third Paradigm Radio Thinktank   Tereza Coraggio - Santa Cruz, California USA   thirdparadigm.org
Dr. Shepherd Bliss   Farmer, veteran - Sebastopol, CA., USA   www.vowvop.org
Frank Joseph Smecker   writer, social-worker - Richmond, Vermont, USA  
Osman Bastan   Student - Coburg, Germany  
Marcelo Araujo   engineer - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
Robert Cable   Veterans for Peace - Somerville, Massachusetts, USA  
Raphael Ebler   student - Eppelheim, Germany  
Markus Thaler   student - Graz, Austria  
Salon Mazal   Center for spreading information for social change - Tel Aviv, Israel  
Ole A. Seifert   THE Artist - Nesoddtangen, Norway   www.seifert.no
Birte Westphal   Denpasar, Indonesia  
Marc Winter   Knittlingen, Germany  
Gerd Domin   employee - Essen, Germany  
Stephen Juan   Anthropologist and Author - Sydney, Australia  
John Bursill   Licensed Aircraft Engineer - Sydney, Australia   www.911oz.com
David Graham   Port Macquarie - Australia  
Douglas Nixon Everingham   former Minister for Health - Quensland, Australia   web
Aaron Barlow   3D animator - Sydney, Australia  
Graham Pugh   Mental Health Worker - Sydney, Australia  
Delena Gaffney   Teacher - NSW, Australia  
Bruce Wham   9/11 Truth Activist - Brisbane, Australia  
Paul Mason   Structural Engineer - Melbourne Australia  
Charles Griffith   Retired Police Officer - Forster, NSW Australia  
Alison Griffith   Forster, NSW Australia  
Josef Behr   physicist - Vienna, Austria  
Aishah Bennett   Marketing - Berlin, Germany   www.aishahbennett.com
Siebo M. H. Janssen   Lecturer in International Politics - Bonn, Germany  
Michael Brendecke   Electrician - Fuerth, Germany   www.elektro-brendecke.de
Andre Brügge   Frankfurt a.M., Germany  
Dr. Peter Strutynski   AG Friedensforschung, University Kassel , Germany   website
PD Dr. Michael Berndt   Political Scientist, Teacher - Habichtswald, Germany  
Francesco Loconte   worker - Cento, Italy  
Batsceba Hardy   Photographer/Writer - Berlin/Milan   batsceba.splinder.com
Italo Nobile   Philosopher - Napoli, Italy   website
Erich Schaffner   actor - Moerfelden, Germany   www.erichschaffner.de
Nicolay Weller   artist, actor - Duesseldorf, Germany   website
Mona Krassu   author - Berlin, Germany  
Katrin Geller   Munich, Germany  
Tankred Benecke   Advertising - Frankfurt a. M. - Germany  
Adelheid Graf   art-galerist - Heidelberg, Germany  
Jane Zahn   Singer/Songwriter - Heidelberg, Germany   www.janezahn.de
Luciano Celi   journalist in science communication - Turin, Italy   www.lucianoceli.it
Vlasto Peyitch   actor - Munich, Germany   www.vp-andfriends.com
Frank Viehweg   Liedermacher, Singer/Songwriter - Berlin, Germany   www.frankviehweg.de
Patrizia Rossi   author - Milano, Italy   www.patriziarossi.com
Alvaro Garcia Ordonez   Visual Artist - Delray Beach-Florida, USA   alvaro-garcia-ordonez.org
Lea Kohns   freelance actor - Hamburg, Germany  
Kim Sofer Matthias   film director - Berlin, Germany   www.blendwerk.tv
Elia Adler   actor - Koenigsbrunn, Germany  
Viola Neumann   actor - Germany   www.viola-neumann.de
Claudine Biswas   actor - Berlin, Germany   web
Maria Kowalsky   Schauspielerin /Synchron-/Sprecherin - Hamburg, Germany   mariakowalsky.de
Beate Malkus   actress - Berlin, Germany   web
Christian Arndt   actor - Berlin, Germany  
Jimmy Walter   The Walden Three Project - CA USA   www.reopen911.org
Schurique Mohn   artist - Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany  
Horst Guenter Marx   actor - Berlin, Germany  
Thomas Wenzel   Neckarkatzenbach, Germany  
Yeshi Cetinbas   actor - Germany/Turkey   www.yeshi.de
Dr. Hamid Mumin   Professor, Department of Geology, Brandon University - Canada   web
Uli Benzschawel   Mechernich, Germany  
Samia Dauenhauer   actor - Berlin, Germany  
Kalinaw Mindanao Movement Inc.   Non-Profit and NGO - Philippines   website
Uli Benzschawel   Mechernich, Germany  
Elliot M. Gold   President, TeleSpan Publishing Corp., - CA USA   telespan.com
Daniel Doile   Berlin, Germany  
Chris Drew   artist - Free Speech Artists\' Movement - Chicago, USA   c-drew.com/blog
Axel Neumann   actor/painter - Berlin, Germany   www.axelneumann.com
Lance Ciepiela   9/11 Truth seeker - Gilbert, Arizona USA  
Alice Dugar   Sister of Notre Dame - Independence, Ohio, USA  
The Liberty Voice   Sherry Mann, publisher - Ohio , USA   thelibertyvoice.com
Wilbur Ince   Drupal Developer - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA   wilbur.us
Sitkans for Peace and Justice   Don Muller - Sitka, Alaska USA  
Howard Switzer   Architect - Linden, Tennessee USA   www.earthandstraw.com
Columbus Campaign f. Arms Control   M. D. Stansbery, Pres. - Ohio USA   columbuspeacenetwork.org
The Free Press   A Central Ohio Voice for Peace and Justice - Ohio USA   freepress.org
Jean C. Bond   New York City, USA - on the board of   brechtforum.org
Global Justice Publishing   Bo Filter - Victoria, Canada   globaljusticepublishing.com
Bob Ficalora   RDP/Democratic-Republican Party™ - Washington State, USA   republicandemocracy.us
The Walden Three Project   Santa Barbara, CA, USA   www.walden3.org
Agnieszka Laska   Choreographer - Portland, OR / USA   www.lamentatio.info
Sarah Mills   Berkeley, California USA  
Will North   Dive Instructor - KoTao, Thailand  
Nel LaBar   activist/countner recruitment - Euless, Texas USA  
Ursula Peters   Retired/Political Art - Berlin, Germany  
Christina Leib   District Chair DIE LINKE Cuxhaven, Germany  
Heinrich Annas   editor - Rheine, Germany   www.pfeffer-network.de
R. Wayne Guy   Architect - Yellowknife, NT Canada   www.guyarchitects.com
Jacopo De Marco   photographer - Berlin, Germany   www.jdm-photo.eu
Peace Society Worldwide   Dr. S. Kumar Agarwal, President - Kolkata, India   peacecharterworldwide.com
Hans Werner Jung   Mitglied DIE LINKE - Lieser, Germany  
Klarina Hirschka   Karlsruhe, Germany  
Ivan Bonafe   journalist - Vienna, Austria   rawpunkineco.blogspot.com
Philip Kienholz   architect/construction project manager - Hay River, NT, Canada  
Hilde Grammel   teacher - Vienna, Austria  
Dr. Frank Baier   astronomer, ret., member Friedenskoordination Potsdam - Germany   Friko Potsdam
Dr. Horst Grützke   Chair Europäisches Bürger-Netzwerk - Potsdam, Germany   europa-jetzt.org
Maximilian Russ   Student - Bad Kissingen, Germany  
Dr. Hedwig Raskob   Konfliktklärung, Politische Friedensarbeit - Potsdam, Germany   cor-peacework.de
Martin Uhlig   Student, Mitglied Linksjugend - Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany   www.linksjugend-dresden.de
Josef Stingl   Unionist, Works Council - Innsbruck, Austria   www.imzoom.info
Paul Clarke   human being - London, UK  
Henriette Alban   Naturopath - Reading, PA USA  
Manfred Kays   member of district chair DIE LINKE, Braunschweig - Germany  
Joseph A. Reedy   clerk - Temple, PA, USA  
Eberhard Rehling   Dipl.-Ing; Rentner - Berlin, Germany  
Gerd Hommel   Diplomjurist / Rentner - Dresden, Germany   www.rfb-online.org
Walther Binder   teacher - Graz, Austria  
Hubert Gintschel   city councilman, chairman of the faction DIE LINKE - Chemnitz, Germany  
Helmut Semmelmann   Mitglied im Europäischen Friedensforum - Berlin, Germany  
Chris Lugo   Nashville Peace Coalition - TN USA   www.nashvillepeacecoalition.com
Tina Weber   Student - Jena, Germany  
Jeannette Rankin Peace Center   Missoula, MT, USA   www.jrpc.org
Aimee Bennett   student - Honolulu, Hawaii USA  
Franz Baumgartner   teacher - Linz, Austria  
Ulrike Aigner   active for human rights - Vienna, Austria  
Martina Krobath   student, cook - Vienna, Austria  
Konstantin Wecker   singer, songwriter, composer, author - Munich, Germany   hinter-den-schlagzeilen.de
Adriana Eysler   Lecturer in Visual Culture, artist - London, UK  
Alan Deane   actor, musician - Glendale, CA USA   beach-boys.aure.com
Alan Pollard   Retired - Derby, UK  
Barry Abrams   salesman - New York City, USA  
Faith Abrams   artist - New York City, USA  
Alexander Hast   Pastor / Musician / Journalist - Los Angeles, CA USA   chocr.com
Adam Obernauer   activist musician - Brooklyn, New York USA   website
Heidrun Dittrich   Member of German parliament - Hannover, Germany   www.heidrundittrich.de
Kathleen Beatty   Peace Activist - Finger Lakes, New York USA  
Prof. Amy Sabatini Hannon   Department of Philosophy, (CUNY) City University of New York - USA  
René Lindenau   member DIE LINKE - Cottbus, Germany  
Anita Scheunemann   Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA  
Eduard Mader   engineer, ret. - Bernau b. Berlin, Germany  
Dr. Uta Mader   physician, ret. . - Bernau b. Berlin, Germany  
Prof. William Ayers   University of Illinois at Chicago - USA   www.billayers.org
Hans Bauer   lawyer - Berlin, Germany  
Arthur Daniels   retired musicologist - Wellington FL, USA  
Anne Greene   artist - Carmel, CA USA  
Alice D. Rosenfeld   housewife, Somers, NY USA  
Morton Shor   retired businessman, Somers, NY USA  
Mara Williams   Nurse Practitioner - CA Sonoma, USA  
Willi Übelherr   Bielefeld, Germany  
Thomas Driscoll   retired - Liverpool UK  
Anne Shirinian-Orlando   scientist/ environmental activist - New Jersey, USA  
Missy Beattie   writer - New York City USA   web
Marcus Rediker   Historian and author - Pittsburgh, PA USA   www.marcusrediker.com
Guido Kilfitt   Musician, Soundengineer - Munich, Germany  
Steve Hintz   small business owner - Missoula, MT USA  
Daniel J. Sanchez, Sr.   Nurse (LPN) / Health Care - Crossville, TN USA  
Klaus Madersbacher   Austria   www.antikrieg.com
Jan Bloemendal   Teacher - Chester, UK  
Danny Weil   educator - Lewiston, CA USA  
Ariana Bock Cardwell   teacher and SGI Buddhist - Baltimore, Maryland USA   website
Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.   Entrepreneur - Millers Falls, Massachusetts USA  
David McClinton   Artistic Director, Brooks Center Arts - Denver, Colorado USA  
Thierry Fill   Film maker - Paris, France  
Chris Farnworth   Engineer - Golden, Colorado USA  
Chuck Churchman   school bus driver - Lakewood, Colorado, USA  
Fr. Guy Andrew Rogers   Priest, Organist - Flint, Michigan, USA  
Jens-B. Lange   Verleger - Königs Wusterhausen, Germany   www.imtuk.de
Michael Goode   Filmmaker - San Francisco, USA  
Paulina von Halle   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Andrea Steinke   activist - Mitcham, London, U.K.  
Annette Roush   Teacher - Colorado Springs, USA  
Alexander Skwara   Bodywork - Lodz, Poland   www.thaiyoga.biz
Marcia Rucker   Bethesda, MD, USA  
No Private Armies   Stop Blackwater and all mervenary armies, Dan Kenney - USA   noprivatearmies.org
De Kalb Interfatih Network for Peace and Justice   Georgia, USA   dekalbinterfaithnetwork.org
Martin Jung   Softwaredeveloper - Berlin, Germany  
Lois Jordan   homemaker - Tucson, Arizona USA  
Inga Marén   Schauspielerin - Berlin, Germany   www.ingamaren.de
Jane Clarke   Vintage Clothing Store Owner - Austin, TX USA   ameliasretrovogue.com
Sanne Michael   9/11Truth activist - Copenhagen, Denmark  
Richard W. Spisak   member of Miami for Peace - USA   miamiforpeace.net
Michael Simmons   Musician, Writer - Los Angeles, CA USA   website
Irene Klar   unemployed - Berlin, Germany  
Christian Hoge   Zivildienstleistender - Schlitz, Germany  
Mel Zinngrebe   Schüler - Alsfeld, Germany   www.solid-vogelsberg.de.vu
Sebastian Zöppel   Gewerkschaftssekretär i.A. IG BAU, Kreisverband Fulda - Germany  
Oliver Holzer   Autodidakt - Berlin Germany  
Kim Petersen   Co-Editor Dissident Voice - Santa Rosa, CA USA   dissidentvoice.org
Dr. Meir Margalit   Historian and Peaceactivist - Jerusalem, Israel   meir-margalit.blogspot.com
Jo McIntire   peace worker - St. Augustine, FL, USA  
Faraj Matari   National Coordinator Yemen - Yemen  
SCART   Musician / "Year of the Molotov" - Queensland, Australia   website
Luke Weyland   Public Servant, Anti War Activist - Sydney, Australia  
Alexey Davies   Boulder, CO USA  
Lisa Banfield   Botanist - Edinburgh, UK  
Sinisa Stokic   Software Developer - Waterloo, Canada  
David Aijon   Musician - Madrid, Spain  
Steven Robinson   parent - Pensacola, Florida USA  
Xephyr Hunter   Programmer - Halifax, Canada  
Elisabeth Thommen   Binningen, Switzerland  
P. Jimenez   Professor of Philosophy - Madrid, Spain  
Christel Spenn   Sozialarbeiterin, Initiative »Offene Heide« - Magdeburg, Germany  
Charlene Schmidt   Washington DC, USA  
Joshua Shenton   Builder - Malaga, Spain  
Matthias Dias Mendez   Student - Villingen, Germany  
Manuell Link   Student - Villingen, Germany  
Martin Keller   Student - Villingen, Germany  
Michelle Bendel   Student - Villingen, Germany  
Jennifer Dold   Student - Villingen, Germany  
Michael Davis   Van Wert, Ohio USA  
Lynda Brayer   Human Rights Lawyer and political activist - Haifa, Israel  
Anina Jendreyko   Schauspielerin und Theaterschaffende – Schweiz   www.jendreyko.ch
Wieslaw Slusarczyk   visual artist and writer - New York, USA  
Dan Donnachie   Peace Activist - London, UK   www.tinyurl.com/MLking
Alexej Brykowski   Dipl.-Biochemist - Berlin, Germany   behaviorist-socialist.blog
Ling Qu   Lugano, Switzerland  
Andrew Cheetham   Truth activist - Llangollen, UK   www.truthjuice.co.uk
Seppo K.J. Utria   physician, retired – Kauttua, Finland  
Matthew Slater   Web application developer - Europe/India   matslats.net
Patricia Hval   Peace Activist - Westerly, Rhode Island, USA  
Andrew Wilkin   MA student, critical theory & cultural studies, McMaster University - Hamilton, Canada  
Hana Al Bayaty   BRussells Tribunal Executive Committee   www.brusselstribunal.org
Dietrich Muylaert   Ghent, Belgium  
Jazebul Haque   Sr. administrator - New Dehli, India  
Victor Maltby   Carleton Place, Canada  
Trevor Gandolfo   Owner of Scona Reload Ltd - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  
Guaracy Gouvea   Translator - Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil  
Dr. TVGNS Sudhakar   Associate Professor, Nat. University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, India   web
Clive Fudge   Norwich, UK  
Jean-Theo Jost   Actor - Berlin, Germany   www.berlinercompagnie.de
Supriya Routh   Teacher - Kolkata, India   www.nujs.edu
Raul Bassi   Gaza Defence Committee Sydney - Australia   gazadefencecommittee.org
Julie Robbins   mother - Humboldt County, CA USA  
Hans-Jürgen Kellers   Artist - Lucklum, Germany  
Jakob Rós Raffnsøe   Hospital Porter - Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark  
Jürgen Cain Külbel   journalist - Berlin, Germany   www.cainkuelbel.de
Cynthia Miko   Nurse (Long Term Disability) - Prince Edward Island, Canada  
Philipp Heinemann   student - Dresden, Germany  
Amanda Mann   Socialist Alliance - Melbourne, Australia  
Karin E. J. Kolland   Autorin, Friedensaktivist - Gleisdorf, Austria   www.kuthumi.at
Peter Schütz   businessman, Dinslaken, Germany  
Sarah Hartmann   massage - Munich, Germany  
Nicole Vanovermeire   Braine-le-Comte, Belgium  
Vajdic Simon   Elektroniker - Bietigheim, Germany   geminitiv.de
Matthias Lippert   Berlin, Germany  
Phillipp Ahrens   Heilerziehungshelfer - Hammah, Germany   www.phah.tk
Manuel Campos   Repair, Maintenance - Federal Way WA. USA  
Gregoire Pignede   Scholar - Darmstadt, Germany  
Susanne Kieckbusch   Gemeinde- und Kreisrätin - Balingen, Ba-Wü, Germany   susannekieckbusch.de
Stephan Zieseniß   Rettungsassistent/Feuerwehrmann - Eggersdorf/Brandenburg, Germany  
Stephan Scheffel   Duderstadt, Germany  
Rüdiger Rühlemann   Journalist - Chemnitz, Germany  
Beni Garrido   Videoproduction - Davos, Switzerland  
Michael Humann   Wietze, Germany  
Eva Craig   Berlin, Germany  
Rick Staggenborg, MD   VA psychiatrist, activist - Coos Bay, OR USA   soldiersforpeaceinternational.org
Jörn Jensen   Bezirksbürgermeister a.D. - Berlin, Germany  
Jörg Weber   Künstler, Webdesigner - Berlin, Germany   weberandweb.com
Timothy Ammann   CISCO Engineer, Business owner & artist - Zürich, Switzerland  
Norbert Müller   member of "terre des hommes" - Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany   website
Shiva Shrestha   Peace & Human right activist - Kathmandu , Nepal   www.savetheworldnepal.org
Ellen Cantarow   Medford, MA`USA  
Alice Masprone   performance-artist - Berlin, Germany  
Hanna Salzer   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Angela Roccaro   interpreter - Berlin, Germany  
Johann Türk   editor - Munich, Germany   www.acting-art-of-memory.de
Mirko Kraft   Student - Oldenburg, Germany  
Alexander Lange   Handwerk - Berlin, Germany  
Frandy Dejean   Port-au-Prince, Carrefour, Haiti   Haiti-Report
Chris Haugh   Saint Paul, Minnesota USA   www.war-is-illegal.org
Eva Heldmann   Filmemacherin - Berlin, Germany   www.heldmannfilm.de
Cindy Massey   Writer - Colorado, USA  
Keeran Woodit   England, Middlesex  
Fariba Sadollahi   psychiatrist - Hannover, Germany  
Maurice de Coulon   Artist - Schwabsoien, Germany   www.de-coulon.de
Maja Romano   Centre for Research on Globalization - Montreal, Canada   www.globalresearch.ca
Shane Woodhouse   (city), England  
Mustafa Beytaş   Berlın, Germany   www.eraswelt.net
Dave Godin   Burlington, Ontario Canada  
Tyler Vincent   Truth Seeker - Creston, BC, Canada   website
Matt Kestner   Student - Sutton , UK   website
Collins Latimer   QA Associate, Biotech - Raleigh, USA  
Jon Piasente   Intercultural Dialogue Society - Adelaide, Australia  
Pierre Cormier   Courier service agent - Montreal, Quebec, Canada  
Juan Carlos Alvarez   Engineer - (city), Canada  
Dragan Radakovic   Computer Engineer - Ottawa , Canada  
Hugo Dallaire   Art director - Montreal, Canada  
Colette Cseszko   retired - (city), Canada  
Salomo Juupaluoma   teacher - Rovaniemi, Finland  
Rolland Miller   Financier - Powell River, BC Canada  
Barbara Porter   retired - (City), USA  
J. Michael Springmann   attorney, author, & former diplomat - Wash., D.C. USA   springmannslaw.com
Diana Orth   Los Angeles, California USA  
Calvin Mayer   musician - Winnipeg, Canada  
Leo LeMay   retired - Houston, Texas USA  
Noel Kaufmann   Santa Fe, New Mexico USA  
Gerardo Hernandez   Austin, Texas USA  
Pierre Daigle   artisan ébéniste - Montreal, Canada  
Cheryl Curtiss   Educator & 9/11 Truth Radio Show Host - West Hartford, CT, USA   ct911truth.org
Dominique Hummel   (City?), Australia  
Heinrich Kopke   retired - (City), Canada  
Pam Hilto   Philosopher , Gardener, Poet - (City), USA  
Sanna Lowrance   Hattiesburg, Mississippi USA  
Cynthia Miko   Nurse - (City?), Canada  
Eli Simova   (City?), Canada  
Amani Lebab   Student - Adelaide, Australia  
Niloufer Bhagwat   Advocate - Mumbai , India  
Gabriel Sean Wallace   Researcher/Writer - Manchester, UK  
Ibrahim Ulusoy   Student - Turkey  
Edward Ciaccio   retired teacher - New York City, USA  
Jeff Prager   Founder & Publisher of Magazine SENIOR, ret. - Minneapolis, MN USA  
Irene Hanssen   Teacher - Incheon, Korea  
Leander Starr Jameson   writer, photographer - Spain  
Richard R. Carlson   retired - Wappingers Falls, NY USA  
Chafik Ben Ammar   Paris, France  
Benjamin Schett   student - Basel, Switzerland  
Thomas C. Rockriver   Ironworker - Chapel Hill, NC USA   www.ruckus.org
Raymundo Escobar   Financial analyst - Algarrobo, Chile  
Ana María Palos de Foronda   student - Madrid, España  
Maya Berbery   Translator - (city), Canada  
Max van Bel   Technical Advisor - (city), Canada  
K. Stoev   research - Ottawa, Canada  
Mark Taylor   life learner - Perth, Australia  
Finian Cunningham   Journalist and musician - Bahrain  
David Buchan   Retired (very tired of war) - Fremantle, Western Australia  
James Anderson   taxi driver - East Grinstead, England UK  
Zoran Curic   Vancouver, Canada  
Naoko Idesawa-Ito   (city), Japan  
Niall Glancy   retired - Dordogne, France  
Kent Peterson   realtor - (city), USA  
Scott Griffith   Retired teacher - Haut Languedoc, France  
Casey Siemsen   Fresno, CA USA  
George Bokr   (city to be added), UK  
Michel Therrien   Merchant Marine Captain - Montreal, Qc., Canada  
John Duddy   Retired - (city to be added), Canada  
Stephen C. Reed   attorney at Law - Chico, California USA  
David Brooks   teaching assistant - Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada  
Prof. Floyd Rudmin   Professor of social psychology at the University of Tromsø, Norway  
Rolf Engler   retired - Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada  
Gene Stanley   Retired teacher, professor, truck drive - (city to be added), USA  
Prof. Paul Antze   York University Toronto - Canada  
Daniel Venzon   contractor - San Diego, CA USA  
Dr. Edwin E. Daniel   Professor of Pharmacology (retired) - Victoria, BC Canada  
George M. Kesselring   Major, USAF Retired - Van Buren, AR USA  
Don Beideman   Building craftsman - Berthoud, CO USA  
Rene Serrao   Retired - Portuguese Cove, NS. Canada  
Thomas Schilling   Philadelphia, USA  
Terrie C. Williams   Activist - Vidor, Texas, USA  
J. Lindsay Kellock   retired journalist - Ottawa, Canada  
Mark Luxton   PC custom setup and repair technician - (city to be added), Canada  
Allan Fairbairn   retired - Auldearne, Scotland  
Alireza Khalili   Web Developer - Toronto, Canada  
Daniel Ruiz   Researcher - Trieste, Italy  
Brydon Gombay   community psychologist - Toronto, Canada  
Elinor Kaiser-Mohammad   grandmother - Amman, Jordan  
Sheila Martin   Ontario, Canada  
Elizabeth Kelleher   artist, teacher - Brooklyn, New York, USA  
Jose Rivera   Kingman, AZ USA  
Huda Ameen   housewife - Damascus, Syria  
Elisa Minakis   Canada  
Derek Lehnecke   Teacher - Napa, CA USA  
Connie Lane   retired - Sedona, AZ  
Thomas Stoddart   Retired - Wales U.K.  
Thomas Stoddart   Retired - Wales U.K.  
Ana Covaciu   insegnante - Italia  
Mustafa Yegen   chemical engneer - Istanbul, Turkey  
Miharu Lindsay   Vancouver, Canada  
Adriana Auderset   filmmaker - Switzerland   website
Arturo Andrade   retired - San Diego, CA USA  
Verilla De Toni   Euritmista - Verona, Italy  
G. Michael Kruger   retired - Sospel, France  
Michael Shaw   English Instructor - Shenyang, PR China  
Lewis Evans   Entrepeneur - Plano, Collin, Texas USA  
Robert P Philipps   Retired - Port Costa, CA, USA  
Brigitte Thim   Greece  
Annette O\'Toole   Sales - Glendale, CA USA  
Medhat & Eleonora El Sheemy-Oldani   Switzerland  
Pavo Bohinc   electrician - Burnaby, Canada  
Trushar Mody   Kennesaw, Georgia, USA  
Paul Stein   Analytical Psychologist - Brookings, SD, USA  
Andrei Bretan   teacher - Florida, USA  
Delia Dannys   Artist - Ontario, Canada  
Suzy T. Kane   Writer - El Prado, NM, USA  
Martin McMurrich   Thailand  
Susan Nevens   Northridge, CA, USA  
Diane Stevens   Bookkeeper - Santa Rosa CA, USA  
David Gould   Retired - Carlisle, UK  
Victor Maltby   Musician - Ottawa, Canada  
Alex Brown   Hamilton, Canada  
François Villebrod   France  
Abdessalam Diab   Retired Diplomat - Giza ,Egypt  
Simon Ashworth Wood   Educator, political activist - Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia   website
Alan Smith   Grandfathering, music and IT - Brisbane, Australia  
Andrew Kuo   IT director - Vancouver, BC , Canada   www.springwoodhealing.com
Darren Woodley   Full time employment - Southampton, UK   tpuc.org
Milena Fibinger   retiree - Australia  
Robert Rising   RN - Huntsville Texas, USA  
Jaroslav Fibinger   retiree - Australia  
Norm Dyck   retired - Canada  
Thierry Le Gall   Japan  
Tony Ryan   Writer - Australia   oziz4oziz.com
Richard A. Greenwood   Glenside SA Australia  
Frank Lambert   Peace and Labor activist - California, USA  
Ulrike Knobloch   Schauspielerin - Weimar, Germany   www.ulrike-knobloch.de
Carla Queirós   Porto, Portugal  
Annamay Waldman   Ft.Pierce, FLorida, USA  
Mwaffak Ismail   Activist - Damascus, Syria  
Rosalie Yelen   Huntington Station NY, USA  
Ralf Lorenz   earthling - Munich, Germany  
Helge Sternschulte   Aalen, Germany  
W. van Gennep   Netherlands  
Kerry Jones   Black Canyon City AZ USA  
Richard Dean   carpenter - London, UK  
David Soori   monetary campaigner - London U.K.   www.globaljusticemovement.net
Krister N. Lindberg   Sollentuna, Sweden  
Misty Day   retired activist - Fullerton, CA, USA   www.timesmithing.com
Carlotta Fried   Artist - Leesburg, VA USA  
Verena Peters   selfemployed - Düsseldorf, Germany  
J. M. Jones   Peace Activist - USA  
Birgitta Jonsdottir   member of the icelandic parliament - Reykjavik, Iceland   webseite
Carlotta Fried   Artist - Leesburg, VA USA  
Pastor Tim Redfern   Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - Sweet Springs, MO, USA  
Isabel Kubiak   Düsseldorf, Germany  
Anne Padilla   Santa Fe, NM USA  
Angela Fazzari   Tucson, Arizona, USA  
Alicia Vázquez   teacher - Madrid, Spain  
David Guy Fetzer   Fairhope, AL, USA  
Daniel Symes   Kelvin Grove, Queensland, Australia  
Jonathan Barrios   Student - CA, USA  
Craig Zimmerman   Small business owner - Buckley, Colorado, USA  
Ewa Piasecka   Warsaw, Poland  
Ana Lee   Soothsayer - Sacramento, CA, USA  
Chantal La Rochelle   travailleur autonome/artiste - Montreal, Canada  
Gabrielle Bustamante   Marketing Exec - Cuernavaca, México  
BJ Douthwright   artist/designer - Tiohtia:ke/Onowaregeh  
John H. Whynot   laboratory analyst - Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada  
Jelica Roland   Buzet, Croatia  
Nina Larisch-Haider   teacher - New Zealand  
Hasan Raza   System Engineer - Lahore, Pakistan  
Françoise Bonté   Animatrice, artiste peintre - France   website
Anita Coolidge   transformational breathwork - Cardiff, CA USA   website
Helen Anderson   mother & grandmother - Troutdale, OR USA  
Lois Jordan   Tucson, AZ USA  
Anton Skerbinc   retired woodworker - Boswell BC Canada  
Ralph Famularo   Teacher - Osaka, Japan  
Pedro Alfonso Velez   Geologist - Mexico  
Dogan Ozkan   Coldfoot, Alaska USA  
Marina Caird   Citzen - South Africa  
Carolyn Palit   nonprofit director - Alpine, TX USA   exoticwarfare.com
Jennifer Suzanne Martino   Chef/Activist - lÉscala, Spain  
Carolyn Thompson   Parent - London, UK  
Hasan Raza   System Engineer - Lahore, Pakistan  
David Gerke   Chatsworth, CA USA  
Fabio Dominico   Student - UK  
Jenn Chong Ariela   Peace Activist - Malaysia  
Kev Moore   Academic - UK  
Christopher Anderson   Health and Safety Officer/Laboratory Technician - UK  
Joanne Laferriere   Canada  
Virginia Van der Borgt   artist - Antwerp, Belgium  
Jessie Doncaster   Vancouver, Canada  
Michele Horton   Cave Junction, OR USA  
David Belcher   health care worker - Canada  
Sylvie Pollard   carer - UK  
Marc Schoenberg   computer technician - Farmington, MI , USA  
Sloane Fossett   Student - New Harbor, Maine, USA  
John Hedrick   attorney - Tallahassee, Florida USA  
Rev. Dominic Jermano   Founder of "International Institute of NonViolence" - PR. China   web
Paul Mitchell   Kitchen Hand - Australia  
Way Kay   Teacher - Brussels, Belgium  
Paul F. Strauss   Alexandria, Virginia USA  
Arne Bold   activist - Ravenshoe, QLD, Australia  
Gesa Kekstadt   Angestellte - Hamburg, Germany  
Pro-Pain Tattooshop   Tätowiererungen - Bamberg, Germany   www.tattoobamberg.com
Manfred Spreckelmeyer   Pensionär - Osnabrück, Germany  
Dino Feldman   engineer - Ashkelon, Israel  
Angelika Bethkenhagen   Berlin, Germany  
Julian Meyer   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Bernardo Alayza Mujica   consulting - Lima, Peru  
Greg Grisham   President 911Truth Madrid - Spain   investigar11s.org
Cathie Bell   Teacher, activist - Portland, Oregon USA  
Rüdiger Bennewitz   Wedding Services - Munich, Germany   bennewitz-muenchen.com
Australian Peace Committee   Sue Gilbey - Australia   www.peacecourier.com
Jeannie Woodbridge   Peace activist - Gold Coast Australia  
Edgar Johnson   cyclist, peacenik - Niwot, Colorado USA  
Vilhjálmur Hjaltalín Jónsson   advisor - Garðabær, Iceland  
Jens Wahnfried   employee - Meersburg, Germany   jenswahnfried.blog
Dr. F. Olaf Harder   physician, surgery & general medicine, committed pacifist - Finicounda, Greece  
F.-J. Winter   industrial manager - Uhldingen-Mühlhofen, Germany  
Thomas Blohmann   Giessen, Germany  
Pelle Christian Fischer   Worpswede, Germany  
Florian Gutzeit   Worpswede, Germany  
Mike Connolly   disabled - Hunts Point, Canada  
Nico Geiger   Cottbus, Germany  
Jessica Metz   student - Berlin, Germany  
Robert Clay Glastad   Student - Oslo, Norway  
Daniel Chachashvili   Haselwinkel, Germany  
Alex Watmon-Okello   Guluwalk Berlin in support of former Child soldiers in Uganda   guluwalk-berlin.de
War Crimes Times   Kim Carlyle, editor - NC USA   WarCrimesTimes.org
Kenny Stack   Asheville, NC USA  
Michael Morgan   political activist, candidate - Asheville, NC, USA  
Ymani Simmons   author, peacemaker - Asheville, NC USA  
David Ireland   Retail Sales - Marshall, NC USA  
Susan Oehler   Audiologist - Asheville NC USA  
Deborah Acs   Self employed - Black Mountain, NC USA  
Julie Gabriele   Montreal, Canada  
Wolfgang Peter May   retired military officer - Dallas, TX USA   website
Paul Alyward   CNC Machinist - Vancouver Island, BC Canada  
Monica Wieringa   Alkmaar, Netherlands  
Felix Orgaß   Nurse - Hamburg, Germany  
Lukas Larcher   student - Salzburg, Austria  
Alex James   retired - San Angelo, TX USA  
Ellen Cantarow   Ph.D., writer - USA  
GEHEIM Magazin   editors, I.Niebel & M.Opperskalski - Germany   www.geheim-magazin.de
Hanne Stensgaard   writer - Copenhagen, Denmark  
Jochen Wallenborn   Hainburg, Germany  
Kenneth Ashe   retired - Marshall, NC  
Frankie Flores   Stop Impunity Project - Justice for Salvadoran survivors of torture - USA   web
M. Jamil Hanifi, Ph. D.   Prof. ret., Scholar of Anthropology & History of Afghanistan - MI, USA   web
Dr. Edward Shaffer   Professor Emeritus - Vancouver/Canada  
Daniel Rudolphsen   alternative practitioner - Hamburg, Germany  
Tobias Frangen   Student - Heilbronn, Germany  
Olga Gonzalez   Professor - Macalester College, Minnesota, USA   web
André Müller   Berlin, Germany  
Ryszard Paszek   Gdansk, Poland  
Brita Bastogi   Denmark  
Andrea Zameit   Heilpraktikerin - Tübingen, Germany  
Luisa Rinner   Olsztyn, Poland  
Katerina Patiniotou   Greece  
Dietrich Eichmann   composer - Berlin, Germany   www.dietrich-eichmann.de
Barbara Dietrich   elderly care nurse - Bonn, Germany  
Bernhard Graf   Heilpraktiker, Lützelburg, Germany  
Niclas Seiters   Neubeckum, Germany  
Ibrahim Karaoglan   Bürokaufmann - Bielefeld, Germany  
Peter Loeb   Jewish Voice for Peace, PDA - Boston, MA USA  
Marcus Gäßner   Administrator - Werne, Germany   www.verstandingefahr.de
Tim Habrich   Heilerziehungspfleger - Lindenberg, Germany  
Sophie Ramin   Heilerziehungspflegerin - Wünsdorf, Germany  
Evil Cenivel   Heilerziehungspfleger - Lindenberg , Germany  
Martin Hächler   Degersheim, Switzerland  
Jürgen Binder   Bürofachhelfer (zur Zeit erwerbslos) - Mannheim, Germany  
Robert B. Livingston   San Francisco, CA USA   web
Klaus Stegmeier   IT-Programmierer - Crailsheim, Germany  
Adnan Yildiz   Student - Frankfurt, Germany  
Benedikt Schmidt   employee - Ingolstadt , Germany   website
Adam Adams   Writer / Photographer - Amsterdam, Netherlands   www.adamadams.net
Stefan Gebers   real estate valuation - Leipzig, Germany  
Ilona Reeb-Kirschner   Bobenheim-Roxheim, Germany  
Giovanni Perri   Student - Nürnberg, Germany  
Namik Bozer   tourist industry - Antalya, Turkey  
Lorenz Zahn   Switzerland  
Susana Francisco   Portugal  
Christian Beusterien   Hamburg, Germany  
Armin Wischnewski-Benckert   pharmacist - Hohenaspe, Germany  
Alexander Brill   Wölfersheim, Germany  
Valentin Will   Bad Endbach, Germany  
Eisley Sage   Student/Activist - Cranston, Rhode Island USA  
Walter L. Bradley Jr.   Pittsfield, MA, USA  
Günter Dressler   retired, Fichtelberg, Germany  
Tolga Kocak   web designer - Istanbul, Turkey   www.salthareket.com
Mona Nielsen   Copenhagen, Denmark  
Ulrike Selzer   architectural drafting - Hannover, Germany  
Carmen Hoffecker   educator - Waldesch, Germany  
Karl-Bolko Lesser   patent attorney - Bad Neustadt, Germany  
Hans Werner Schleiter   retired Captain - Grecia, Costa Rica  
Thore Gronemeier   independent mailorder bookseller - Jork, Germany   www.ecuaware.de
MH-Kameraverleih   camera equipment rentals, M. Harr - Berlin, Germany   kameraverleih.de
Alexander Goertz   student - Erbach, Germany  
Nicholas DeVincenzo   Organizer of Rockland/Bergen911truth - Northvale NJ USA   web
Arvid Schiller   student - Halle/Saale, Germany  
Thomas Walenda   carpenter - Heidelberg, Germany  
Lyra Wagner   Life Coach & Intercultural Trainer - Taunus, Germany   www.find-coaching.de
Anna-Maria Meier   Dipl.-Psychologin - Berlin, Germany  
Jürgen Edes   Journalist - Bochum, Germany  
Erika Mourgues   Berlin, Germany  
Heidemarie Kaufmann   Trofaiach , Austria  
Richard D. Defina   Artist - Alta Loma, CA USA  
Calima Reisen   Travel Agency - Berlin, Germany   www.la-palma-reisen.de
Tobias Schabetsberger   Vienna, Austria  
Andreas Johannes Berchtold   Wuppertal, Germany   www.freudenschaft.de
Christian Wagner   Berlin, Germany   www.bassshuttle.soup.io
Helga Maria Welsch   Ludwigsburg, Germany  
Bernd Schmauder   Student - Rosengarten, Germany  
Fabian Lichte   Bad Pyrmont, Germany  
Heino Frank Stamereilers   educator - Kandern, Germany  
Valentin Veratschnig   Lebens- und Sozialberater - Vienna, Austria  
Frank Müller   programmer - Berlin, Germany  
Lucretia Ann Campos   artist, website merchant - Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA   website
U.Billesfeld   Bio-Bäcker - Königswinter/Rheinland, Germany   nuckelchen.blog.de
Glenn Rivera   Montebello, CA USA  
Birgit Stabler   student - Vienna, Germany  
Heinz Gerlach   Dipl.-Ing. - Schrobenhausen, Germany  
Karl-Heinz Quitt   Berlin, Germany  
Oliver Wellmann   Kabarettist - Berlin, Germany   www.oliver-wellmann.de
Bodo Knifka   documentary filmmaker - Wirscheid, Germany  
Rafael Kosciolek   Marketing/ Vertrieb - Augsburg, Germany  
Waltraud Hones   self employed - Vienna, Austria  
Felix Beger   Burgstädt, Germany  
Alexander Ruppelt   selfemployed - Dresden, Germany  
Sebastian Schlögl   Ingolstadt; Germany   www.inregio.info
Berthold Troitsch   Manager - Ingolstadt; Germany   www.m-haus.info
Lorenzo Bonfiglio   Sales Manager - Zurich, Switzerland  
Hemp Parade Berlin   End The War On Drugs, Free The Hemp - Berlin, Germany   hanfparade.de
Stefan Axt   student - Halberstadt, Germany  
Hans Schrod   student - Pforzheim, Germany  
Markus Reiter   engineer - Lommel, Belgium  
Christina Weisgard   webdesigner - Copenhagen, Denmark  
Frank Drozdowski   Photographer - Berlin, Germany   www.snapshorty.de
Thomas Berner   Hamburg, Germany  
Harry Bornemann   translator - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   sunshine-translations.com
Billy Hucks   Retired - Columbia, SC USA  
Hans Rudolf Schaer   DNA - Research Pioneer - Bern, Switzerland  
Friedensdemo-Bonn   Andreas Jürgens - Bonn, Germany   www.friedensdemo-bonn.de.vu
Georges Brisbois   tax accountant - Frechen, Germany  
George Fondis   Mercantile Marine Officer Rtd.,- Bristol, England  
Hannelore Mager   Software-Tester -Bischofswerda, Germany   www.eiertante.com
Harald Freunbichler   retired - Salzburg, Austria  
Sebastian Schwick   Student - Bremen, Germany  
Hanna Reinhard   Student - Bremen, Germany  
Woody Aunan   teacher - Idaho, USA   sisyphus911.org
Lawrence Connor   Chesapeake, Virginia USA  
Antonis Lelis   Athens, Greece   1anthropos.wordpress.com/
World Without Wars & Violence, Greek Branch   Athens, Greece   kosmosxorispolemous.gr
Christian Gernhardt   Computerdude - Halle (Saale), Germany  
Clemens Herzig   Wolkenstein, Germany  
Hasso Bensien   Graphic Designer - Germany  
Hannes Steindl   chemist - Vienna, Austria   greenpowerscience.com
Robert Steinsiek   arbeitslos - Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany  
Dirk Aleksic   Berlin, Germany  
Tanya Ury   Cologne, Germany   www.tanyaury.com
Eleni Avlichou   dietitian, pacifist - Athens, Greece  
Oliver Bosch   Germany  
Olga Pateraki   student - Greece  
Jakob Rathbauer   Student , AFS Volunteer - Steinakirchen, Austria  
Kasim Akdag   Uetersen, Germany  
Donald Stahl   Retired Social Worker - St. Louis, USA   independent.academia.edu
Dr. Mathias Dreger   biochemist - Berlin, Germany  
Richard Besco   911 Truth Activist - San Luis Obispo, USA   web
Dr. Denis G. Rancourt   frm.physics professor, University of Ottawa - Canada   web
Andrea Dreger   historian - Berlin, Germany  
William T. Hathaway   Author of Radical Peace, People Refusing War - Oldenburg, Germany   website
Tom Heller   Freilaufender Lebenskünstler - Telgte, Germany   tomheller.de
Wolfgang Gläßer   Lagerleiter - Germany  
Kat Marie Moya   artist - Ohio, USA   www.katmariemoya.com
Martin Bernal   Professor, Cornell University - Aurora NY USA  
Ann-Kristin Ebert   Paderborn, Germany  
Martin Hennig   Student - Dresden, Germany  
Anna Kuhl   Zahnmedizinische Fachangestellte - Germany  
Michael Spies   Artist - Germany  
Edi Heinrich   retired - Bad Langensalza, Germany  
Peter Stridde   teacher - Jena, Germany  
Diana Gerbec   Electronic Communications - Sydney, Australia  
Manuel Wischner   Gießen, Germany  
Bianka Wolf   Dortmund, Germany  
M. Wolf   technician - Dortmund; Germany  
Laura Walker   Reutlingen, Germany  
Reggae Arena Radio   Kreis Coesfeld; Germany   web
Michael Zuern   Unternehmer - México  
Jessica Ellersiek   Erzieherin - Germany  
Dan Noel   Platonic analyst - Costa Mesa, CA, USA   global-platonic-theater.com
Moritz Clasbrummel   Germany  
Ron Magoc   paralegal - Natrona Heights, PA USA  
Matthias Aberle   Filmmaker - Berlin, Germany   www.matthias-aberle.de
Denys Horgan   San Diego Catholic Worker - USA   www.catholicworkersd.org
Brandon Gottung   Biologist - Tucson, AZ, USA   madiiax.livejournal.com
Bernhard von Trzaska   Anif - Austria  
Corrinna Hinrichs   Unternehmerin - Düsseldorf, Germany  
Daniel Walder   Andernach, Germany  
Masami Inagaki   Visual Artist - Philadelphia, PA USA   tattoosbymasami.com
Heike Pflaumbaum   Dipl. agrar. Ing. - Berlin, Germany  
David Walter   Student - Rottweil, Germany  
Lars Detering   Student - Bochum, Germany  
Björn Steinmetzler   Student für Kommunikationsdesign - Germany  
Frank Weber   HLS Monteur - Schweiz   briefmarkentausch.ch
Hermann Rathert   business - Enger, Germany  
Werner Alf   Berlin, German  
Patrick Lafourcade   Architect, cabinet maker - Puducherry, India  
Pascale Kahlhoefer   Pregassona, Switzerland  
Alexandra Hübner   teacher - Bremen, Germany  
Johannes Krämer   Heilerziehungspfleger - Würzburg Germany  
Daniel Nußbaum   carpenter, student - Lemgo, Germany  
Andreas Wetzig   artist - Bielefeld, Germany   www.krawalli.de
Sirri Cihat Kulas   retired - Germany  
Hartmut Barth-Engelbart   Schriftsteller, Musikpäd., Kabarettist - Gründau, Germany   barth-engelbart.de
Michael Gilmartin   Programmer/Analyst - Newnan, GA USA  
Gerhard Reinig   Roboterprogrammierung - Freisen - Germany   www.reinig-robotics.de
Bertram Murbach   Musician - Rendsburg, Germany   www.slideout.de
Siegfried Manz   retired - Schwedt, Germany  
Krisztina Orosz   student - Cluj, Romania  
Maik Hennig   engineer - Berlin, Germany  
Walter Böcker   retired - Coesfeld, Germany   www.boecker1.de
Blaine Stevenson   Sociology professor, Central Michigan University - Mt. Pleasant, MI USA  
Alexander Hofmeister   student - Munich, Germany  
Nikolai Strecker   Braunschweig, Germany  
Zauberer Magic Dean   Magician, teacher - Flawil, Switzerland   www.magicdean.ch
Barbara Wetzer   elderly care nurse - Germany  
Holger Loch   self-employed - Sachsen, Germany  
Eugen Wilhelm   IT Solutions - Kaiserslautern, Germany  
Daniel Hoffmann   artist - Budapest, Hungary   www.freevector.com
Dirk Aleksic   ceramist - Berlin, Germany  
Tim Dlusniewski   Student - Münster, Germany   www.proasyl.de
Dr. Rodrigue Tremblay, Ph.D,   Prof. em., University of Montreal - Canada   thecodeforglobalethics.com
Logan Wilms   Lowo Sonnenlift GmbH - Wolnzach/Ingolstadt, Germany   www.lowo-sonnenlift.de
Jurica Romic   spokesperson - Cologne, Germany   www.crodict.com
Thomas Engl   Healthfood Store - Bregenz, Austria   www.engltom.at
Dana Buske   educator - Berlin, Germany  
Jan Schulz-Gericke   Freiburg, Germany  
Dr. Florian Ilgen   Magician Entertainer - Munich, Germany   www.magicdinner.org
Harry Riley   Computer Technician - Stamford UK  
Nicholas DeVincenzo   Northvale NJ USA  
Terri Forhell   tiler - Horn, Switzerland  
Rainer Lungershausen   Music - Heidelberg   website
Mehmet Ornek   Istanbul, Turkey  
Franziska Köppen   Artist - Wuppertal, Germany   www.rockmelon.de
Florian Meier   Coesfeld, Germany  
Pat Xavier   retired - Toronto, Canada  
Susi Hornig   writer - Berlin, Germany   www.susanne-hornig.de
H. Samer   Cologne, Germany  
Heinz Pötz   retired - Regensburg, Germany  
Jost Budde   artist - Düsseldorf, Germany  
Dennis Schröder   Wiehl, Germany   Supportershirt.de
Ricarda Hänsch   student - Rosengarten, Germany  
Christoph Bausinger   Bausinger Productions - Sydney, Australia   www.bausinger.com
Alexander Engelbrecht   Student - Leipzig, Germany  
Sarah Lasenby   retired social worker - Oxford, England  
Karen Neumann   Berlin   www.jkandei.de
Rita Bock   retired - Berlin, Germany  
Matthias Buske   network administrator - Berlin, Germany  
Arno Hilke   student - Dorndorf-Steudnitz, Germany  
Tobias Busch   kaufm. Angestellter - Bad Homburg, Germany   www.vermoegensteuerjetzt.de
Bernd Höfler   Elektro-Meister - Weinheim, Germany  
Frank Weber   Heizungsmonteur - Bärau, Schweiz  
Dominic Hittl   Freidenker - BaWü / Germany  
Dominic Shenher   Scholars For 9/11 Truth and Justice - Chiba, Japan  
Wayne V. Coleman   Connecticut, USA  
Christof Lehmann Psy.D.   Psychologist, Human Rights & Peace Activist - Aarhus, Denmark   Web
Bedir Bebek   Kassel, Germany  
Christina Weber   gardener - Rheinau, Switzerland  
Marshall Vogt   Kellner - Tustin, CA USA  
Siegfried Stahl   Salzburg, Austria   besserdenken-leichterleben.at
Falko Schwarzelt   businessman - Berlin, Germany  
Timothy Stewart   Syracuse, New York USA  
Lawoffices Tieben & Partner   Cologne, Germany   www.mth-partner.de
Jared Bedecarre   college student - Clayton, CA USA  
Nikolaj Baynov   engineer - Stuttgart, Germany  
Frank Polakowski   artist - Berlin, Germany   www.polakowski-online.de
Karla Fetrow   Head Editor, Subversify Online Magazine - USA   www.subversify.com
Sheesh Wo   Student - London UK  
Michael Härtle   Ingenieur - Oettingen, Germany   www.pc-edv-technik.de
Michael Czech   Berlin, Germany  
Martin Titz   PCB Designer - Klagenfurt, Germany  
Chris Kalitzki   Student - Frankfurt am Main - Germany  
Cornelia Rieger   policewoman - Neunkirchen, Austria  
Dino Legovich   Sydney, Australia  
C. Pielage   retired - Alkmaar, Netherlands  
Sonja Lichte   Paderborn - Germany  
Norbert Heuer   specialist for wood - Eystrup, Germany  
Christina Bartilla   Panketal, Germany  
Klaus Huber   Panketal, Germany  
Tim Baumgartner   Softwareentwickler, Friedrichshafen, Germany  
Martin Schott   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Rita Bartilla   Freiburg, Germany  
Melanie Kahl   graphic artist - Germany  
Atle Johan Løvaas   Homeopath - Norway   www.atlejohanlovaas.com
John Sommers   Waste oil recycling - Tenerife, Spain   www.reciclarcanarias.com/
Niels Olesen   Denmark  
Lysan Curiel   Radcliff, KY USA  
Mildred Grossman   artist/writer - Las Cruces NM USA  
Carlos O Santacruz   locksmith, zen master - Miami, FL USA  
Dietrich Hyprath   Dipl.-Ing. i.R: - Sant Josep, Ibiza, Spain  
Ana Barbara von Keitz   craftswoman - Berlin, Germany   http://www.keramikvonkeitz.de
Gerd Schunck   Belgium  
Taco S. Smit   Aeronautical engineer (retired) - Fontenilles, France  
Klaus Dick   Ravensburg, Germany  
Alfred Karl   Oberfranken, Germany  
Johannes Fischer   Student - Germany  
Viktor Müller   Achern, Germany  
Sahin Uysal   Student - Duisburg, Germany  
Erez Elul   Berlin, Germany   is-with.wikidot.com
Mandy Rüdiger   Jena, Germany  
Christian Maeles   recycling museum - Leipzig, Germany  
Marcus Werner   selfemployed - Eschwege, Germany  
Swenja Ritchie   Student - Berlin, Germany  
Aika Hollander   Student - Emden, Germany  
Malte Albrecht   Student - Duisburg, Germany  
Per Olov Olsson   Växjö, Sweden  
Bert Kalus   retired - Wildau, Germany  
Ralph Boleslawsky   lawyer - Eberswalde, Germany  
Diego Morelli   Schriftsteller - Berlin, Germany   facebook
Kurs Valut   New York City - USA  
Dr. Steven Hummer   dentistry - Columbus, Ohio, USA  
Paul R Firth   Retired Engineer - UK  
Klaus Hennig   Prof. Dr. a.D. - Pirna, Germany  
Thomas Nahrstedt   selfemployed - Berlin, Germany  
Michael Henriques   Civil Construction - India  
Michael Aydinian   writer - England  
Moncler Doudoune   Boston, Massachusetts, USA  
David Jeremiah   Peace Activist - Selangor, Malaysia   buyerbeaware.blogspot.com
Dieter Both   Stuckateur - Gera, Germany  
Steven Hummer   dentist - Columbus, Ohio USA  
Marcus Gerngroß   Glas- und Gebäudereinigung - Germany  
Romain Nguyen Van Yen   Physicist - Berlin, Germany  
Angela Thaler   secretary - Graz, Austrie  
Slke Weber   Langnau - Switzerland   briefmarkentausch.ch
Thomas Bolton   Clown - Stuttgart, Germany   www.clowntombolton.com
Dipl.-Päd. René Gräber   Preetz, Germany   renegraeber.de/
Luise Molling   Berlin, Germany  
Sharon Jones   concerned citizen - Houston,TX., USA  
Christel Buchinger   Berlin, Germany  
Thomas Kresse   Sozialwissenschaftler M.A. - Neuruppin, Germany  
Alexander Wegmann   Student - Frankfurt, Germany  
Lukas Kaserbacher   artist - Austria  
Janke Swaantje   Heidelberg, Germany  
Walter Friedmann   Bühl, Germany  
Julius Franzot   writer - Trieste, Italy   www.juliusfranzot.com
Immanuel Schirge   Lauenhagen, Germany  
Maila Danic   Freelancer - Heidelberg, Germany  
Anne Kroeger   Solingen, Germany  
Clown Murphy   clown, magician - Cologne, Germany   www.the-clown.de
Kerstin Ritz-Hinderks   Allrounder - Horben, Germany  
Gerhard Hanenkamp   Dipl. Volkswirt - Surwold / Germany  
Flemming Lee   architect, 9/11 researcher - Copenhagen, Denmark  
Ted Burkert   author - NRW, Germany  
Jutta Burmeister   retired - Bielefeld, Germany  
Karin Turner   Washington USA  
Andrej Lützelschwab   Basel, Switzerland  
Christian Kröhl   clown - Cologne, Germany   www.the-clown.de
Bob Neveln   Prof of Math and Computer Science - Chester, PA USA   web
James Lawton   - UK  
Tom Duval   magician - Duisburg, Germany   www.tomduval.de
John Katz   writer - Israel  
Jackie Navarro   Chandler AZ USA  
Metissia   singer, author, composer - Berlin, Germany   www.metissia-art.com
David Suter   Konstrukteur - Switzerland  
Malte Illing   Konstrukteur, Dresden, Germany  
Ewald Müller   Künstler-Verzeichnis - Mannheim, Germany   www.kuenstler-empfehlung.de
Nasrin Parsa   Publizistin, Filmproduzentin, Soziologien - Berlin, Germany  
Emily Nalven   Peace & Freedom Party - Oakand, California, USA  
Nigel J. Watson   freethinker - St Petersburg, Florida, USA   Webseite
Sebastian Schlögl   Webdesign - Weißenburg, Germany   www.inranking.de
Karen Rosenkilde   Denmark  
Anita Wedell   Nagold, Germany   Weblink
Skye Ryan-Evans   Poet, Author, Artist - Peterborough, Canada   Website